T-Mobile to Offer Tethering Plan for $14.99 Starting November 3rd


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When you run out to grab up the new T-Mobile myTouch come November 3rd you can expect a new option to be available for that two-year contract. T-Mobile will begin offering their “Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing Add-On” at a cost of $14.99 a month on top of a data plan of $19.95 per month or higher. You will need a 3G or HSPA+ device to take advantage of tethering on the magenta network, but the feature will be available to both contract and Flex Pay customers. You can read all about it over at the BGR report at the source link below.

[via BGR]

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  1. What about us with the Nexus One who have had free usb/wifi tethering for quite awhile now….

  2. first…

  3. I’m rooted so no need but half the price of Sprint and Verizon…go T-Mobile!

  4. N1 users are fine…it’s just for T-Mobile phones that have the option.

  5. Everyone File a complaint with the FCC! You fill out the first half then jump to number 5 on the 2nd half and state your paying for 5gb and your being charge twice. Copy and paste this LINK to all sites you visit we have to fight! The FCC will Look into it if you complain. This is a double charge!!!! You’re paying twice for the same 5gb DATA~!!!


  6. Really why so now they can disable all other tethering programs so they can be a cash cow???

  7. and how is PDAnet not an option?

  8. My N1 just became invaluable and irreplaceable

  9. One question….can it be circumvented with an app? :O?

  10. I switched to Sprint because T-Mobile started throttling my data over 5GB down from 3mb/s to 60kbps! Totally unacceptable! Hope they enjoy trying to get my last months bill and early termination fee! I was a T-Mobile customer since 1997!

  11. @bigmerf I think its been that since January thanks to greedy manufacturers and carriers.

  12. @Matt – So what will you do if Sprint throttles or starts overages??

    @John – What the hell? You are getting your 5GB…you are paying for the application to share it to other devices! Sprint and Verizon are $30! Don’t see any problems from the FCC.

  13. Why are data plase in the US so incredibly expensive? When I read the headline I thought that 15$ was a lot for a data only plan. When I read the article I was shocked. D:
    We get 19GB for 15€ with free tethering included.

  14. please tell me how T-Mobile will know if you are sharing your 3G connection over WiFi or USB? What hints are sent through their network to spot if data is being sent to one screen or another through a single IP address? Really, I would like to read that article!
    My perspective on the announcement? Another $15 a month to phone plans that already hover around $100 with taxes and fees? Thanx…
    I see some saying this move is warranted or expected. How? Should you charge an extra $5/month to use the phone’s accelerometer or an extra $10/month to use an app? How about $0.25 for every time you use A-GPS? The ‘A’ means cellular network assisted, right?
    Scenario: my mom pays $30/month for “Unlimited Data” (note the quotation marks), but uses only 1gigabyte does it matter if 300megs of that data went to her computer screen instead of her phone screen? Two Dancing With The Stars Videos in HD on the bigger laptop screen for an extra $15? She is allotted 5gigs per month! Why should she have to pay extra (when she didn’t even come close to her cap, mind you) to still be limited to 5gigs a month?
    Is this also not a breach of contract in some way? Her HD2 has a wifi hotspot app BUILT INTO THE OPERATING SYSTEM and that device IS SOLD BY T-MOBILE! They never told her she could only use certain parts of her phone when she signed away 2 years of her financial commitment.
    Finally, if prices increases, fees, add-ons, clauses, exceptions, caps, limits, and conditions keep happening on [currently] America’s most reasonably priced large carrier, then what reason is there to stay? If you are going to be upcharged and limited, why not switch to AT&T and buy an iPhone or to Sprint and buy an EVO? Build quality is higher on both than the competing myTouchHD. Why not then choose a carrier with better coverage and an actual route to LTE?

  15. @robbert because when it comes down most Americans are lazy and all they do is complain about prices but they still end up paying for it at the end. Oh and thanx to our wonderful government and lobbyist we have very little competition outside of the big 4 that can compete.

  16. Shame on you T-Mobile!! Most people, myself included, don’t use anywhere near their data allocation so regardless of how we choose to use it, we should be able to use it at NO EXTRA COST!!!

    Well, I guess if I’m going to get robbed, I might just as well be robbed by companies that offer top shelf phones.

  17. This is basically half the price of competitions tethering.

    But after reading that article it seems it will apply to all T-Mobile plans starting November 3rd unless I misread something.

  18. I’m assuming this is only for phones sold directly through T-Mobile

  19. Browsing the web on a 4 inch screen is not as enjoyable experience that browsing the web on a laptop’s 15 inch screen is, so you’re going to use less data on the 4 inch screen. If you can hook that 4 inch screen up to a 15 inch screen, there’s a good chance that you’re going to use more data.

    By the way, future versions of Android will probably be reporting to T-Mobile (and other carriers) that they’re transferring data to another device, if they don’t already do it now. I think I’ll be rooting my Nexus One soon.

  20. Yes @john the government should always step in; especially the FCC.


    Why not root your phone and circumvent the process first? It does suck that t-mobile seems to be adopting more and more evil business practices, but you should vote with your wallet and let capitalism work without government interference for once.

  21. @charlie: spoken like a true Socialist! :) The whole thing reminds me growing in USSR where people hack everything and make do while complaining about the government and rising prices :)))))))))))

    Yes, the problem in America is laziness. The only thing that will make companies change is THE LACK OF CASH FLOW :) with customer base in millions, I doubt a small percentage of educated Android users switching will ever make a dent in the massive body of Coca cola brain frozen population.

    GO PREPAID !!! why pay $100/mo for all this service to get overcharged? use wifi where it’s available (it’s way faster anyway), check voice mails and return calls via wifi. Only use minutes when there is no Wifi. Total monthly bill = less than $10 :)

  22. How do you go prepaid on one of the big 4?

  23. Wow, Tmobile is acting like they are on par with its competition. Im so embarrassed for them. Everyone knows tmobile has terrible, just miserable coverage compared to its competitors. Tmobile has the worst selection of phones of its competition, free tethering was the one thing they had over their competitors other than decent prices, an advantage they seem determined to toss out the window. Id love to hear tmobile explain to me why i shouldnt bolt. Because I was very close to leaving as it was. yet another in an endless line of poor decisions by tmobile. I think the last decision they made that was NOT detrimental to them was to carry the G1. I mean they havent even released the the MyTouch 4g, it was dated back when it was announced, does it have a single feature the Evo does not? Its so pitiful how out of touch tmobile is. I wonder if they are just really, really slow at making their poor decisions or if they actually think they are offering competitve devices…All down hill since the g1.

  24. I can’t wait for the day when Wifi coverage is so great that I will be able to use an internet application as a phone and not the other way around. I used to get 10gb a month before being throttled by T-Mobile, now they’ve cut it in half and also want to start charging $15 a month to reduce the speed. This just isn’t a logical purchase for a customer. From here on out I will only purchase devices that can be rooted to avoid their surcharge. After all isn’t customization what Android is all about!

  25. I just spoke to a T-mobile rep and she even asked her sup about this. Neither of them have heard of this, and said it’s probably a rumor started up by another company which happens all the time.

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