Google’s Nexus One Forum Going Read-Only on November 1


nexus_one_forumThe march towards the dark abyss continues for the Nexus One as Google has just announced that their official Nexus One forum will be switching to read-only starting November 1st. All current topics and discussion will be archived for the benefit of those with N1 questions and concerns, but if you have any pressing issues you best get on over to discussing them before it is too late. Of course, the AndroidForums Nexus One discussion won’t be ending any time soon, so you could always just head over there and curse Google quietly under your breath as your life with the Sexy Nexy goes on as normal.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. thats so gay… updates are still coming, I HOPE

  2. Getting ready for their next Google phone forums? I hope so because I’ve been pampered with the Nexus and I don’t want to downgrade any time soon. Also I even consider the Mytouch 4G a downgrade because of slow updates and expresso.

  3. …that’s depressing. I really wanted the nexus one to go to sprint. but they cancelled it because of the EVO. don’t get me wrong, i like the EVO, EPIC, and HERO (which i own) but i would have loved to pick up a nexus one instead.

  4. so lame… on the flip side, let’s only hope it’s because the nexus two is right around the corner…

  5. That blows. I really hope nothing goes wrong with my phone since I’ve gotten so spoiled by it. It also makes me leery of a google tablet. If they did make one they would probably abandon that too.

  6. Well that was quick.

  7. I would love to see another pure android phone from google. I’m sick and tired of these carriers polluting the software. I’m the type of user that gets a new phone every 6 months and at month 9 right now I see no reason what so ever to replace my Nexus. The G2 came close but they have that stupid non root chip. I’m also worried that the new MyTouchHD is going to have the same non root chip and some sort of silly skin. The pure android is the biggest issue because I don’t want to wait for my carrier to release the latest version of android 6 months after it comes out.

    In conclusion all I want for Xmass is phone with pure android, a front facing camera, 8MP back camera, latest chips, and a compromise of a 4 inch screen. 3.7 is to small and 4.3 is to big. Can the manufacturers please deliver!!!!

  8. I don’t understand the shock here. The phone is getting long in the tooth now nearly a year after release and several months after online sales were discontinued. There is better and more powerful hardware available on every carrier now.

    Also, they have already announced that there will not be a follow-up to the N1.

  9. This sucks. Nexus One was an awesome project and a great phone. Really upsets me the phone didnt get popular but atleast it ushered in the new era of Android with powerful devices and app makers more interested in the platform.

    It has done a lot of good. I cant wait to get my hands dirty with Gingerbread.

    Btw, Samsung is developing the Nexus 2 with Google. Its a dual core device with Gingerbread pre-loaded. Releasing in December with TMobile.

  10. hah. suck it. enjoying my droid x!

  11. Why did everyone start complaining about Bing on their phones when the Samsung Fascinate came out with it. The picture of this phone under the article shows bing and, if I’m not mistaken, The Nexus 1 came out before the fascinate.

  12. I think something nearly as bad as phones sold for specific carriers is the idea that a year-old phone is “old.” At $500, a phone should be good for at least a year. People have a far too disposable attitude about phones which buys into the manufacturers’ pitch.

    Then, again, I believe in buying and owning a car for at least 8 years instead of turning around and getting a new one every 2-3 years.

  13. #12, completely agree.

  14. @ #12 – I’m quite happy with my N1 and see myself using it for another year at least. I only got it around mid-2010, and by that time, there were already phones with so-called better specs released or about to be released. However, since I’m (1) not really into games or videos and wouldn’t die if I didn’t have a separate GPU, or a HDMI port; (2) wasn’t really into video-chatting and didn’t need a FFC; (3) generally don’t use my phone in a way that would really tax the Snapdragon CPU, my view was that the pros – (1) first to get updates from Google; (2) no real bar to rooting; (3) no crippling of OS or the Google apps – far outweighed the cons.

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