Yahoo Basketball and Hockey Apps Round Out Android Fantasy Offerings



Earlier this fall Yahoo released their Fantasy Football app for Android to allow users to mage their teams and leagues on the go. It doesn’t provide all the functionality of the desktop equivalent, but it has sure come in handy for tracking my teams progress as sit perched at the top of M&T Bank Stadium watching the Ravens dominate. Now for those who dabble in Yahoo’s other fantasy offerings, Basketball and Hockey fantasy apps are now available in the Android Market. If you play in a Yahoo league and these apps are anything like the Football version you won’t want to go without downloading them.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Baseball? They better have an app out by next season.

  2. @Jonathan…why would they waste time making an app that wont be useful for a good half year? by that time the app would be waaaay outdated. be patient, i’m sure they will release one a few weeks before the baseball season.

  3. Hey, at least he didn’t ask for the 2014 World Cup Fantasy Football/Soccer app. ;-)

  4. Glad to see this. I am changing from an iPhone to the epic 4g and I have been looking for these apps on the App Store but they don’t exist.

    Just another good reason to leave my iPhone 3G. :D

  5. It’s a horrible app. It’s basically their mobile web. They need to put something out like they have on the iphone. This was a terrible effort.

  6. The yahoo applications are really good……i am a regular user of this application….

  7. Will it be available for iPhone?

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