Love that Android Squishable? How About these Angry Birds Plushes



When we gave away a big, fluffy Android Squishable earlier this week the response was overwhelming. Based on the love people have been giving that geeky stuffed item in combination with the huge success that Angry Birds is off to on Android, we have no doubt you will love these upcoming plush versions of everyone’s favorite titular birds. Sadly, we don’t have any of these to give away at the moment and there is no word on when they will be available or how they will be priced, but wouldn’t they look great next to that big green pillow of a ‘Droid?

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Got to get them.

  2. Funny lol. Ever since the game they have got a lot of attention.

  3. Where are the small Angry Birds squishables? I want to launch them with my slingshot!

  4. I’m getting a complete set for my young son, he loves that game.

  5. Why don’t they have any of the pigs?! Boo!

  6. In my opinion, this would be even better than a green robot – you have an excuse to throw it at people! Angry Birds: Birds vs Humans edition.

  7. What a great idea. Use these for real, live games of Angry Birds. Hours of fun.

  8. Yea, I want a pig with a pot on its head.

  9. This good a business opportunity for these companies. The game is on fire.

  10. That’s awesome.

  11. So if I purchase the blue one, will I get 3 of them?

  12. Watch out… the black one explodes if you touch it!

  13. My son would love to get those guys. =)

  14. Thats great…I hope they will be available soon

  15. I’m In!

  16. My little guy would love these ,, Hopefully they will be out for XMAS…

  17. Now add or build your ownn structures with the green pigs and start kicking swine backsides

  18. I want the Red one and the yellow one, and the blue one should come in threes! :)

  19. My daughter would love the whole set :)

  20. I love them! I want a set. Likely, there will be limited quantities of them, so I hope to catch them when they’re released so I can get them all. Or should I lie and say “My kid would love these! I want to buy them for him!” like quite a few of the posters in this thread? *chuckles* Its okay if you want some Angry Birds plushie toys for yourself, they’re cool!

  21. I want these for my husband. He plays this game all the time! Get them ready for XMAS!

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