WinAmp For Android is now in Beta

WinAmp – the popular desktop music player that’s been around since, well, forever – is headed to Android and has just entered public beta. Many are satisfied with the default music playing experience, but WinAmp may just have enough features starting out to pull a good chunk of you away from your comfort zones. In this initial release, the biggest standouts are the ability to sync the library on your desktop to your phone over WiFi or USB and scrobbling ability. Everything else is business as usual, but more features are in development, says WinAmp. Responding to a comment regarding SHOUTcast streaming, they had this to say:


SHOUTcast and other features are in development. Stay tuned :)

We’ll definitely be tuned in for what’s in store. For now, go ahead and give the beta a spin for yourself by scanning the QR code below. You can also find it by searching for “WinAmp” in the Android market.


[WinAmp via AndroidPolice]

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  • Iwamoto

    UI looks nice, downloading now.

  • Alexander

    Was just about to tip this, lol.
    It works well except the music starts breaking up if you’re doing something else like browsing the netz at the same time.

  • tim

    will be awesome once shoutcasts get integrated with this

  • mikeyd

    I tipped this first thing this morning (UK). :D

  • chaos

    Very nice. I can’t wait until it gets shoutcast.

  • chaos

    Is there any music app that has multiselect? This simple but lacking feature drives me up the wall.

  • will

    too bad it still uses the Android core audio. Moto really broke the AAC support on the droid 2.

  • iLHaN

    Nice!.. late but better than never. Hope below features to be added in short,
    1- app2sd support
    2- equalizer
    3- browse and play folder contents
    4- “enqueue in winamp” context menu option (this is one of the most useful options in the desktop version)

  • iLHaN

    Astro Player Nova is still/presently the best one so far

    >Chaos> Not sure what you mean wth multiselect, but try Astro Player

  • TF

    Great news… now just waiting for the last few songs I bought on iTunes to go DRM-free, and I’ll be able to break free of the shackles on content I purchased…

  • Inco

    “It really whips the llama’s ass!”

  • Dustin

    I’m curious why is it so hard for for app developers to make a good music app that can access the internal memory card on the incredible?

  • Brad

    Oh WOW!!! I never thought I’d be excited about Winamp ever again, but DANG this player is awesome. It blows DoubleTwist out of the water easily in terms of the user interface. And this thing has one killer feature that NO other third-party player I’ve ever used has had (maybe some I didn’t use have this), which is lock-screen audio controls. In fact, it doesn’t just embed in the lockscreen, it actually pops up a full-screen overlay with album artwork and audio controls in front of your lock screen. DoubleTwist has no lockscreen controls at all, so I’m dumping it right here and now.

  • AndroidToy

    I scanned the Barcode and got a “Page not found” with a floating dead rock fish :(

  • asqwerth

    I’m more eager for a program that installed more media codecs than is currently provided by default in the Nexus One. I had a whole lot of wma files, which I had no problem playing on my Hero because HTC provided the relevant codec. However, with the N1, I now have many files in my SD card that don’t show up as playable. I understand about licence fees, and wouldn’t mind paying for the app if the price was a reasonable one.

  • AndroidToy

    Btw, that launch noise on the app is super annoying. How do you disable it?

  • Simon

    I’m not even going to bother because I’m well aware of how poor music playback is on Android. I’m getting an mp3 player.

  • Balthazar B

    Does it support gapless playback? If not, it’s a FAIL…

  • observer

    This is almost just like any other player out there.
    winamp should stick to winamp PC interface. The stupid art image taking up all of the real estate is completely useless. Put playlist on the main screen !!!

  • rickstone

    Meh…syncing is (obviously) not supported on linux (what about Mac?), no browser selection (meaning you can’t browse to a specific folder and play all tracks in it, such as Meridian does – without better playlist/syncing support this is crucial) and the super obnoxious startup sound is offensive.

  • timmyjoe42

    It really whips the llama’s ass.

  • Alexander

    Offensive? That’s been Winamp’s signature intro since, like, forever!

  • SteveE

    Loving it so far. Nice clean easy UI. Could use more features, but I think they are awaiting non-beta

  • Artem Russakovskii

    Small technicality – it’s actually Winamp, not WinAmp.

  • timmyjoe42

    I’m a little disappointed so far, but it has some real potential. 1. My embedded cover art isn’t displaying. 2. The widget is too big and overlaps the clock in WidgetLocker. 3. Why do we need Last FM installed if we like using Simple Last FM to scrobble?

  • Daniel

    Wow, that is surely a simulated image!

  • David

    i just downloaded this app!!! i love winamp

  • TheLaughingMan

    xiialive is an official ShoutCast.Radio media player with an excellent interface. I still use Winamp on a daily basis on my PC. For my droid I been using xiialive for 6 mounts, and I find it a great replacement for Winamp on android. If you want ShoutCast then you really should give it a try. P.S. I have no affiliation with the software or company.

  • Joshua

    Always been a fan of winamp its all I used back in the day!

  • MSF

    @Balthazar B

    I don’t think a developer will be able to implement true gapless playback until Google adresses. I think it is included in the OpenCORE project;a=summary

    Pretty lame that it isn’t available yet.

  • Anthony

    Just installed the beta on the HTC Wildfire. Run great, still some issues with the small screen size. A bit cramped, but what isn’t cramped on the Wildfire. I’m sure they’ll work this out during the beta.

    This release of Winamp for droid really reminds me of what an mp3 used to be. A lightweight piece of software focused on playing music. Overall, great!

  • ACR

    Can’t wait till they have porn channels on this.

  • Thomas DeLand

    Innovative? No. Get real. WiFi sync? USB portability/sync? Please. I’ve been using that with Syncables for a while now. This is an aged desktop music player that is fumbling in the rapidly changing mobile space. Syncables will sync so much more than just music, and I can collaborate with co-workers on a local network while also having instant access to my entire music collection on any of my computers.

    Perhaps I am an extreme pessimist, but I am not sold on this app. Too many other, more useful software products out there that do much more than this.

  • Joaquin

    Been using this a few days now, it’s easily one of my favorite music players which is saying a lot for a beta.

  • Body Cleanser :

    i just wish that mp3 players could also have some 10 band equalizers and bass boost functions”.:

  • USB to Serial %0A

    those generic mp3 players that are made in china are really cheap but i still prefer to use my ipod ,:*

  • dondon

    very nice! much better if there’s an equalizer & preset eq. thanks!

  • Satsu

    Shoutcast was added in the mid-Nov release

  • bolski

    As far as gapless goes, they should be able to. Look at what Rockbox has done. For years, Sansa told owners of their MP3 players (like Clip and Fuze) that gapless playback was not possible. Well, it is and they’ve done it.

    The developers of Rockbox are also working on a version for Droids, so eventually, we WILL get gapless playback. Just wish it were sooner than later.

  • bolski

    Well, just downloaded WinAmp Beta and it is doing gapless for me. At least, when I listen to AC/DC If You Want Blood You Got It, I hear no “skips” between the tracks.


  • bolski

    Oops. Winamp doesn’t provide gapless playback on droid. However, Rockbox does. You can download an APK from the Rockbox website here -> http://

    Be forewarned. This is VERY alpha, but it DOES work. It does gapless as well as crossfading.