Samsung Galaxy Tab Retail Packaging Unboxed and Itemized


It’s a bit hard to keep track of when and where the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be available with a new pricing or release date popping up in some country or another nearly every day. Germany seems to be one of the first places to begin seeing retail-ready Galaxy Tabs moving into the hands of consumers, and Carrypad has got their hands on one and done the unboxing honors.

Detailed in the unboxing of the Tab are the items that will ship in the box, including your standard adapter/USB cable as well as a set of headphones with in-line mic. Of course, a good selection of other accessories will also be available for the Tab as it begins to roll out around the world.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  • G8D

    Looks pretty nice.
    Tablets aren’t my kind of device but it’s still looking pretty good.

  • Jac


  • pimpstrong

    Giv meez the WiFi’s only pleez.

  • mikeeeee

    the TAB and a good flip cell phone with great signal grabbing qualities are going to be any road warrior’s dream team.

    a 7″ ANDROID dashboard device and a good thumb dialing cellphone.

  • MT3G user

    wow learn to spell first

  • Inspiron41

    looks pretty great. i’m still waiting for notion ink adam though :)

  • PeDe7

    i would replace my laptop for a tablet as soon as there are 100gb+ models

  • Chris93036

    @mikeeeee yeah.. that phone can be bluetooth for the tablet when making calls!!

  • Chris93036

    and i didnt like that struggle he had on the youtube browser.. i guess ill have to wait for a faster processor. something exactly like the blackberry playbook. but with android of course. `

  • Simon

    Is there a £600-shaped hole in the box?