Samsung Galaxy Tab for AT&T Gets Spotted, Three Other Phones to AT&T Before December

Not even half a day removed from the original report of the Samsung Galaxy Tab going to AT&T (and America’s two biggest CDMA carriers), the tablet/phone hybrid for the iPhone-loving carrier has been spotted. We’re treated to a shot of the device with a back cover branded with an AT&T logo. Engadget – the leaksters – also hear that it’ll be sold alongside three other new AT&T-bound Android handsets before Christmas heads our way. As for those three phones, Dell and AT&T’s had quite the relationship lately. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the trio of Dell phones leaked a while back turn out to be what we’re hearing about today.


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  • Ace Curry

    So it IS a phone? News to me.

    Also, don’t believe the 3 phones before December thing. Its lies. We were supposed to have 5 before the end of 1H 2010. Its lies.

  • Aztec

    Imagine putting that to your face lol
    And AT&T is seriously not playing the android game as good as they could be…

  • The_Omega_Man

    It is a phone that you use a bluetooth headset or other bluetooth devices with to make calls. Also don’t forget the front facing camera for video calls.

  • droid

    They better offer this thing off contract who in there right mind really wants to carry around this thing to make calls

  • Justin

    Its as much as a phone as a radio equiped netbook.

  • 3 Phones Jugglin

    Cant wait to see how they gimp the device. Ill take the Sprint Version please. Not chargin me out the ass for this type of device on AT&T

  • The_Omega_Man

    @droid – Probably someone who doesn’t wanna carry around a phone and a tablet device


    This is the best news I’ve heard from AT&T all year long. Just wish they could do this with their crappy phones

  • jaes

    Stupid ….!!! Stupid …….stupid ……!!!!
    Why at&t …….? They have the ipad …
    Why not T-Mobile ….!!! Stupid…!!! Stupid ..!!!

  • barry99705

    The At&t version will probably have the front facing camera removed.

  • Ivan

    Will this be as easily unlocked as the galaxy s series?

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    Pity this device had so much potential but few people will pay 199 – 399 on contract with a 30 dollar data plan rate. That’s just insane. What the should have done was offer a wifi version for 299/399 (16 gig/32 gig) the a 3g version for another 100 bucks with prepaid data model. Epic fail samsung

  • tati

    AT&T, where Android devices go to die.

  • Mark

    AT&T is better than verizon guys, atleast AT&T doesn’t replace google with bing as default lol

  • william

    didn’t at&t replace google with yahoo on a device? i think overall, they are more gimp-prone than verizon.


    Galaxy Tab vs iPad on AT&T, BEGIN!

  • barry99705


    They did that to one device. ONE!

  • copr165

    @ Mark. You have to be kidding me. AT&T better than Verizon did I read you correctly. AT&T absolutely SUCKS!!! Horrible coverage and customer service. If they were only carrier I guess I would go phoneless.

  • Mensahwatts

    @copr165…Mark is just on ATT so he feels that he has to lash out at the biggest and best carrier lol

  • Dennis

    Let me begin by saying.. I’m on T Mobile for my cell phone. I do however have AT&T for landline and Internet. I really have to wonder about all the hate directed at AT&T. I have had zero problems with the services that I have with them. I have called them twice. When I ordered the DSL 7 years ago, and again a few months ago when I moved.. other than that I also did a speed upgrade online once.. all of these transactions went off without a hitch.. and in 7 years I have always had service when the power in the house was on.. Contrast that to my experience with cable TV which had many outages before I dropped it.. So I gotta wonder if their mobile service is really that bad, or is it more of a word of mouth thing.. So many talk crap, so that even people who don’t have a bad experience, also talk crap.. As I said, I haven’t used their mobile service, is it really that bad ?

  • samsung galaxy tab accessories

    ^-^ galaxy tab choose tt&t way let’s go hope smooth

  • Ace Curry

    I am a former Verizon user and current AT&T user who has been much more satisfied with AT&T (the freedom of GSM is nice). Dealt with tech support for both, never had a problem with either. No real coverage issues with AT&T. Only gripe about AT&T is shitty phone selection. Tho all of Verizon’s phones are also pretty gimped (Bing searches and locked bootloaders. Only phone on Verizon I would consider is the Incredible). If I ever do bolt, it would probably be for Sprint.

  • JohnnyUtah

    Verizon put Bing on the fascinate over google. So they are just as bad as at&t

  • samsung galaxy tab accessories

    accessories from samsung galaxy help user for work cool

  • Brian

    Oh please dont take out the phone functionality… it’s gonna be pointless without that!

  • xpunx

    Samsung really screwed this up… Especially since their device seems to be one up on Ipad… NO PHONE on the US version… Such a dumb move… NO PHONE NO DEAL…. I don’t need more shiny toys… Just ones that are replacing and combining the ones I already own… NO PHONE… get real Samsung… You’re way behind the times, especially when us business users are all looking for better devices that are functional on the go. Bluetooth, phone, computing and accessing the net… way to go… I guess I will have to wait until DELL comes out with what I really need… No matter how expensive…