Unrevoked 3.2 Provides 1-Click Root For 2.2 Sense Devices


Have you upgraded to the official upgrade to Android 2.2 on your EVO, Droid Incredible, or HTC Desire and are bummed because you can’t find an easy way to root your phone again? Don’t be, because the folks behind unrEVOked are back with version 3.2 to bring you guys up to speed again.  It’s just as simple as any 1-click-root method out there, so be sure to head on over to unrEVOked’s site to get started (note that the HTC EVO 4G update has been pulled due to an unspecified issue but should be back up shortly).


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Seems they all have been pulled.

  2. As Shiney said… I have heard the same! There must of been some issues. Can’t wait until a stable build comes out!

  3. Yay!

    Now, to wait on the fix for the EVO.

  4. Stupid question….
    I know what rooting is. Not that.
    My question is, once rooted, what app should be used to enable WiFi tethering without Verizon’s add on plan?

  5. You gotta love closed source! Last one wiped users 4G so hopefully this one isn’t as bad but hey thats the risk you take running something that you have no idea what it does right?

    No thanks!

  6. @DadzBoyz Wifi Tether Free on the Market or others too…..

  7. Love everything about 2.2 on my Droid Inc. except all the apps I didn’t install that run in the background that I can’t uninstall.

  8. what is the difference between a 1 click root and a regular root??

  9. Auto-pilot vs. manual. It does the work for you. End result is the same.

  10. is it safer?? like i cant screw it up or something, i wanna root my evo but am scared ha.

  11. Any idea when the fix will be in place? Anxiously awaiting…

  12. Brandon, root your phone, get Titanium Backup and then you can uninstall ANY app you want.

  13. @jacob I don’t know if it is “safer,” just easier. I rooted my EVO through terminal with no problems, read on XDA that there were problems with unrevoked so didn’t even look into that method.

  14. what is the easiest, best root for Dinc, that can be unrooted just as easy?

  15. im originally rooted on my incredible on 2.1 and am running 2.2 with CM6. is it worth unrooting, installing the official 2.2 upgrade, and then rerooting?

  16. While their team seems to be made of good people, I have never had anything but problems with their root methods. I rooted fully with Toast’s method and never looked back. I feel bad for those who installed the latest Evo update as it made rooting harder but it still requires no dumbed down smoke and mirror solutions as long as you aren’t afraid to spend 15 minutes and copy some commands.

  17. Im just scared to do it..I dont think id be smart enough to do it, it seems you have to be quite intelligent..

  18. Look at some of the posts on these threads from people who have rooted their phones. You still think you have to be quite intelligent? =)

  19. @oneheadlig: Don’t unroot to install stock froyo. The current process for rooting froyo is to downgrade to eclair then use the root methods for 2.1. You will just make things unnecessarily harder for yourself.

  20. @oneheading, if you want the ota just install one of the roms that use the official ota.

    @Pure87, the current method for rooting froyo is using unrevoked 3.2…the thing this article is about :/

    check out android forums dot com for questions on rooting and roms

  21. Update sucks! My phone now keeps
    Turning off and apps I don’t want and
    R always running. Wtf

  22. So this is the first time I am rooting my phone, i got the driver installed but I am confused about the comments made on the unrevoke site. My incredible has been upgraded to 2.2 can I will root with unrevoke2 or do I need 3 when it comes out?

  23. Anyone have any idea when they are going to put Unrevoked 3.2 back up? I had to wait for them to make the program, not thanks to 2 stupid evo users I have to wait for them to look thru it again? B.S.

  24. Yea 2 stupid evo users have sure made your life a mess haven’t they, there are other methods to root your phone but obviously your too stupid to do it on your own without an automated process.

  25. Still waiting for unrevoked to release 3.2 to root my evo…………………….

  26. Its not cause of evo users (for which you think are stupid) its cause they don’t want any problems with bricking phones so calm down Tim V

  27. Be easy on Tim V. where’s the darn 3.2 version. i want it NOW!!!

  28. Ke$ha just called me and said, i like your beard!

  29. When will it Be available

  30. I’m sure Tim V is just anxious for them to rerelease it so he can compare it to the one click root program that HE created and extensively tested.
    He didn’t create one???
    I could swear given his spectacular grammatical and communication skills that he had the cerebral wherewithal to accomplish it…

  31. It seems like there should be a way to get this 3.2 version from somewhere, since it was available for download at one point. Can someone upload it to a sharing site, and give us the link? For us Incredible users.

  32. What’s the best root method or can someone send me the site they have successfully used. Have on rooted my Pre in the past. Not ever my Evo cause i was sketch but too many apps look good and i am gonna need to send mine in any way cus its cracked but works perfect..so i wanna test dummy to see how valid somethin I pay 10 bucks a month extra for can be a return on my money dumping at least by having tether. Thanks

  33. works like a charm make sure to

    first install the hboot drivers if on windows

    then run it and let it do its thing

  34. Dam come on now I paid alot of money for my HTC evo and your site is down.. look fix it plz cause we all need help. P.s why do we have use 2.1 and not 2.2

  35. i rooted 2.1 and accepted ota update for 2.2 b/c i didnt want to jack around with radio upgrade…. ive got the bootloader driver installed when my phone is in bootloader and it says adb when its in its regular phone mode but i keep getting error flashing recovery image. i cleaned up my su.apk files from before… and still no luck. using win xp. thanks yall.

  36. So… I have the following phone and versions… does the latest release (v3.21?) work? Is there a “LAMO”/Newbie step-by-step available if it does?

    HTC EVO 4G (Sprint)

    Hardware Version: 0003

    Android 2.2

    Baseband version:

    Kernel Version:
    htc-kernel@and18-2 #11

    Build Number: 3.29.651.5 CL252548 release-keys

    Software Number: 3.29.651.5

    PRI Version: 1.77_003
    PRL Version: 60670

    My goal is basically to be able to modify the roam functions since I do not get good sprint inside the house however get excellent version (roaming) signal. Also I would like to tweak additional settings to increase battery life along with tethering without the absurd monthly cost.

    Can anyone provide helpful detailed direction for me?

  37. I read the entire post and i was wandring if the unrevoked download for the evo that is that the 3.2 that roots 2.2
    ps im 15 and right now i have a hero im geting the evo in two days and to root the hero i used the androot app to root the hero i know you cant use it to root the evo

  38. I have 17 HTC evos for my company that I would love to Root. I have tried and failed on 3 of them. One was sync’d with the downloaded software. That did not work. Then I changed computers and have been unsuccessful there on the 2 others. Unrevoked says to have enabled usb debugging and connect but to not have the HTC Sync installed. It comes standard on the phone and was updated by sprint in Aug 2010 before they sold them to us new. How and what can be done on this issue. I have tried all ways. Anyone want to shed some light on this issue?

  39. I have an evo and everything works with unrevoked 3 except that when it is in the last stage of installing the recovery it aborts and says unsupported radio version. Any ideas?

  40. I have successfully rooted my wife’s Viewsonic G-Tablet, and my prior EVO 4G (one month old). It got lost, and the replacement model seems to be a newer REV. and refuses to root with Unrevoked.

    Is their a new version coming soon, that will root the latest imprisoned Sprint Android OS?

  41. Wildfire?? :(

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