ESPN’s Fantasy Football App in the Market Now


Yahoo beat everyone to the punch with their fantasy app for Android, HuddleHub is set to bring one of their own out soon with built-in ESPN and Yahoo support, but ESPN’s not going to sit by while their fantasy users are left in the dark. Their fantasy football app is now in the market (search ESPN or just scan the QR code below).


It comes with everything you’d expect out of a fully featured mobile fantasy experience these days, including the ability to add and drop players, look at stats and projections, news, game previews, matchups, and more. Unfortunately, those who don’t like to spend coin won’t be happy to learn that the app is $4.99 to download.

If that keeps you from downloading, be sure to keep an eye on HuddleHub as they’re looking to provide similar functionality for the low cost of free for both Yahoo and ESPN. If you can resist a value meal for the day, then be sure to go and download it now in the Android market.


[via Droid-Life]

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  1. Overpriced considering every other major Fantasy business is offering their app for free…ESPN fail.

  2. This is ridiculous. I could see a couple of bucks, but five? Yahoo just released its Fantasy Football app and it’s free.

  3. I’m not seeing it on my Droid X, not that I am really gung ho about spending $5 on this thing.

  4. Who “likes” to spend coin, especially $5 on something that your competitor offers for free?

    I am switching to Yahoo fantasy next year only because of this…

  5. yeah… I won’t be buying this. I just created a bookmark to the mobile site and that will work just fine for me. 4.99 is crazy, it should be free.

  6. The CBS fantasy app is also free.

  7. For $0.99 maybe but $4.99 is too much.

  8. Plus, this is the app for the 2010 season. I’m sure there will be a new app for the 2011 season that you’ll have to pay $5 for too.

  9. Yahoo was free, I will just bookmark my ESPN. Crazy free it up.

  10. Its not an official app. Compare the publisher with the scorecenter app and you’ll find that they are different hence the high price.

  11. Those saying CBS is free is wrong. You pay $150 a season to use CBS’site. Yahoo is the only fully free option.

    Personally, I think $5 for a season of football is fine. I paid for it and am going to enjoy an app that I’ll check daily for the next few months. $5 over 3 months is pennies.

  12. I think some of you fail to realize the difference between the free Yahoo and this one. And perhaps the author should’ve pointed out the differences. I have both and the Yahoo leaves a lot on the field. There isn’t any difference between using the Yahoo mobile and their app since you cannot view message board, do any type of player scouting or keep up with your own players ever changing news. Yahoo is very basic and this is a case of you get what you pay for. ESPN app on the other hand allows have these extra functionality which I couldn’t find even on their mobile fantasy site. Yes it sucks that it’s $5 per year, however it does offer you control over you’re fantasy league that the ESPN mobile site, Yahoo mobile and app does not provide. Its up to you to decide if those extra goodies are worth the cost of admission.

  13. 4.99 is way too much to pay for this. The full fantasy website works perfect on my vibrant galaxy s. I jus bookmarked it and put the shortcut on my homepage and its free! Ill pass on this app

  14. Exactly 4.99 means I will NOT be getting this App. ESPN fail!

  15. @ Sizzler, that’s why you have a web browser. To scout and get updates on a player’s status. Besides, I never rely on just one source for my info. I like to congregate all my information and then make a decision based on all my findings. Also I have no use for messaging boards. The main purpose for me is to be able to edit my lineup, add/drop players and get frequent updates. I just don’t see $4.99 as a feasible price for what I need it for.

  16. @Shawn1224 – Like I said you have to decide whether the price of admission is worth it for you. Trash talking is heavily encouraged in my fantasy league so our message boards are on fire with some pretty creative and funny stuff, so to ME it’s nice to be able see that information along with add, drops by others and player news. I’m on the road a lot so this why I have a smart phone, so I don’t have to tote around my laptop looking to hotspots. Also with 1st gen Android phone bookmarking the full website is painful to use. This app is snappy on MT3G. Huddlehub has just been release for those who do not like to pay of apps.

  17. Why the hell can’t I find the yahoo app in the market? I’ve looked all over and even scanned it in from phandroid’s barcode and it can’t be found. Is this because my shitty MyTouch is still on 1.6? Does it only work on 2.0 and higher?

  18. @Sizzler, it has nothing to do with not wanting to pay for apps, it’s a protest against ESPN who apparently feels they need to rape people $5 for something that should be free or $2 at MOST.

    Especially when they’re going to charge it again next season.

  19. You can use the Sprint Football App and it’s free on there.

  20. cant find the espn app on the market…can anyone help me as to what i should be typing in the search bar

  21. Not seeing the app in the market place, what the hell?? Using htc desire running 2.1….

  22. I payed the $5 and I like it. It’s more convenient than going through a phones browser. It all come down to if you want to spend money or not. Five dollars isn’t much but it should be free if it’s free on the site. Makes no sense really.

  23. I can not find this app in the market as well.

  24. Anyone who is using yahoo should be using the free app Fantasy Guru. Way more functional than the official one, you can do everything you can do on the website.

  25. Can anyone answer why the app is not in the market place on my phone??? is it only available on 2.2 or something?? Im running 2.1, not sure why it wouldn’t be there

  26. has launched a web, IPHONE, and Android application that allows user to manage their ESPN and Yahoo teams from 1 app.

    Users can:
    and Live Scores.

    Best of all IT IS FREE!

  27. The fact that people complain after dropping tons of cash on these phones is beyond funny. Especially people who buy a new iPhone every year

  28. complain about the price of a app I mean

  29. I was dumb enough to pay for the app, and after updating my OS (Vibrant), I cannot find the app. It’s not in my downloads, it’s not to be found on the Marketplace. BOGUS. Stay away.

  30. Just bookmark the ESPN mobile fantasy football site. It works just fine.

    MESSAGE TO ESPN: Get your thumbs out of your a$$es and fix it.

  31. Up until now, I have had no problem with the $5 I spent on this app for my Droid X. It has worked well, and provides a lot of info at a glance. However, although I spent the money for this app, a recent “update” of the app includes ads – GEICO, GMC, etc. that load just fine, but the rest of the info – scores, player cards, etc. – don’t load at all. Their ridiculous ads seem to load just fine, but I was under the impression that paying for an app kept us safe from all the other spam! If everything worked just fine, but there were discrete ads somewhere, that would be one thing, but the whole reason for the app is negated by the fact that the ads load and the rest of the info does not.

    Don’t waste your money until ESPN pulls their head out of their butts.

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