Android 3.5 (Honeycomb) to be on Samsung’s Next Generation of Tablets in 2011


Before we can even finish building our gingerbread house, Samsung’s already looking toward the future at Android 3.5 (otherwise unofficially known as honeycomb). Speaking at a Q&A session following the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s official unveiling, head of Samsung Mobile JK Shin commented on a question about future iterations of Android on their current offering. He confirmed that we would be seeing Android 3.0 on the Tab after the upgrade is available (but didn’t mention any timeframe, of course). He did state that Android 3.5 would be the underlying operating system for their next generation of tablets as a bonus answer, too, stating we’d see those sometime in 2011.


While I’m excited that Samsung’s looking to be the first out of the starting gate with honeycomb (it’ll push other manufacturers to keep up to speed, as well), my attention is still focused on devices still needing an upgrade to Android 2.2 (and 2.1, for that matter) as well as the yet-to-be-detailed Android 3.0 (gingerbread) that we should be seeing released sometime near the holiday season..

[via IntoMobile]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. God, I hope Google uses “Honeycomb” for their next codename. It would be kinda awkward if they announce a different codename for gingerbread’s successor.

  2. I’m really interested to see what innovations gingerbread will bring. I know their will be UI improvements but I wonder what else Google is going to dream up.

  3. Honey Comb’s big! Yeah, yeah, yeah! It’s not small…no, no, no!

  4. @ Spartacus. I don’t know. Having it code named “Humus” wouldn’t make it any less tasty or androidy IMO.

    I am still glad to see that they are thinking forward and so is Android/Google.

  5. @ Spartacus. I don’t know. Having it code named “Humus” wouldn’t make it any less tasty or androidy IMO.

    I am still glad to see that they are thinking forward and so is Android/Google.

  6. New OS for new products… I’ll be impressed when they keep their current Galaxy line up-to-date next year.

  7. well hummus isnt’ a dessert, they go with dessert names.

    So maybe Halva? something non-english?

  8. Jesus! Gingerbread hasn’t even come out yet!
    c’mon Google I don’t have any more saliva to drool

  9. @ Matt, how ’bout Baklava? Or Creme Brulee’? :)

  10. What my question is, is updates for Samsung galaxy tab will be able to have 3.5

  11. My guess is 3.0 will run on most high end phones and tablets. But 3.5 will be geared for high end tablets alone maybe?

  12. Why not just name is Jesus. That would probably offend all the religious nuts. That would be cool!

  13. This is going to be at the end of 2011 because Google said after Gingerbread the updates will be only once per year so look for Honeycomb one year after Gingerbread.

  14. Is Samsung going to leapfrog Gingerbread? The way they handle their upgrades on their smartphones it seems they may…Galaxy U.S. phones don’t even have Froyo yet!!!! It seems that with the TAB coming out and all the attention tablets are getting, the Galaxy smartphones will be put on the backburner. : (

  15. See. Early next year is a way better time to buy an Android Tablet. The stuff coming out by the end of the year is based on now Tech and the companies are looking to be the first to tackle the Android Tablet market. They aren’t seriously trying to build the most awsome machine to hit the streets yet. Let them pump these things out and then the 2nd round will have all the good stuff you could dream of. I’m tellin you.

  16. *yesterday Tech actually

  17. @Paul T
    They are going in alphabetical order as well.

    Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb….

    Here’s some speculation:
    Ice Cream, Jello, Key Lime Pie, We could go on and on.

  18. @MT…
    Wow, I can’t believe I’ve never noticed that. I feel like a dumbass!

    Hmm.. how bout straight up Icing.. or Irish Creme… Jam or Jelly… Kahlua…

    I think it’s time for lunch… :)

  19. hold your horses Sammy lol

  20. @Juan Contreras, Samsung isn’t that dumb. They’re selling Galaxy phones like crazy, with new ones coming out. No, I doubt they will relinquish the smartphone market in favor of the unproven, niche market of the tablet.

  21. I’m ready for Android 4.0 (Icecream).

  22. @Wilco, with Samsung’s track record (Behold II) we don’t know what they will do. If the Froyo update does not come this September they will have many unhappy U.S. SGS owners up in arms. I’m an owner of a Vibrant and anxiously waiting on Froyo; let hope you’re right about Samsung.

  23. @Justin, I’m waiting for Android 5.0 (Jelly/Jell-o) ;)

  24. 12 @Rob, Because uncle Jobs may come after you because his iCrap is unofficially known as the Jesus phone :o).

  25. 12 @Rob – Be careful, uncle Jobs may come after you because his iCrap is unofficially known as the Jesus phone :o).

  26. So much for the promise to slow down on the OS releases.

  27. @Droid ours is the GODroid

  28. I’m worried that the continued fragmentation will mean the developers jump ship. It would be good if everyone would keep up with the latest SO releases.

  29. @Pimpstrong…that is if tablets even take off at all

  30. I just love these names Google keeps coming out wonder who’s idea to thought it up.

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