I Bet You Wanted to See some Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories


It’s easy to get drowned in a wealth of information, impressions, and hands-on videos about the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but some people want to know one simple thing: what kind of accessories will be coming with this thing? This isn’t the first we’ve heard of these accessories, but now they’re official and clear as day.


They include a Docking Station with an HDMI-out port for connectivity to your high definition television, a car dock to be used while you’re on the road (ideal for GPS usage), and a full sized QWERTY keyboard to do some serious typing on. It’ll also come with a sleeve that doubles as a kickstand for setting the device up in portrait mode.

That’s only what’s described here, though. Samsung offers up a bunch more to be had so be sure to check them out at the official Galaxy Tab site.

[Update]: The wording in my original article suggested some or all of these items would come shipped with the Galaxy Tab. I meant to say they’d be offered alongside the Galaxy Tab when it finally does launch. My apologies for any confusion.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. QWERTY keyboard thank you! This might actually be a good device to keep around at school :)

  2. UH…Like these will ever be available…They are still out of Stock on all Galaxy S accessories. Boooooooooooo! I want my home dock!

  3. Yeah, they won’t ever go on sale. Just like the Galaxy S items John mentioned.

    I’m not impressed with Samsung at all anymore with their good hardware, crappy software, non-existent support for their devices.

  4. Go look at the promotion under the “design” tab.
    I looks to me like they are trying to sell bicycle baskets to women!

  5. Why would you want the home dock? It’s not like it’s got an HDMI slot. That seems like a horrible oversight.

  6. @Charles: “Docking Station with an HDMI-out port” What part of that says that it doesn’t have an HDMI port?

  7. That stylus looks interesting, just wondering how well it will work. If it’s responsive and allows you to draw and take handwritten notes, I’m in.

  8. O wow! Its a big samsung galaxy s! except it has a lower res camera and no super AMOLED!

  9. They need a keyboard dock that has HDMI out so I can use the keyboard while hook up to my external monitor via HDMI. Other wise this thing looks like a winner!!

    Have one you want to give me?!? ;)

  10. Great, Samsung Tab in a car without a functioning GPS. We all know how the Galaxy S GPS works. Can you spell auto accident?

  11. I love the Galaxy S in the car dock, showing a portrait mode navigation screen!

  12. Lets have Samsung fix all the buggy software issues they have right now with their Galaxy S line, then maybe we will get excited about an oversized Galaxy S with no Super Amoled screen. The Proprietary data connection/charger port is WHACK!!!! Stop the Apple Shit! Thats why we use Android. FAIL

  13. If your a Midget you already have a Samsung Galaxy Tab..LOL!

  14. This will be a very nice setup as a car GPS-type unit. I see these tabs being used in cars as a beta testing setup. This seems to be a nice, first time item on the market for most of the US (which will be soon). I really want to see slimmer, 8-10″ models using a dual core with up to 64gb support or more. Xmas will be nice to us (i hope)

  15. The image of the Nav screen in the car dock is in portrait mode, instead of landscape. Photochop fail, Sammy.

  16. i dont know but am i the only one who thinks that the navigation is humongous and would block a drivers view big time. it would be funny to see someone with that.

  17. @angelo

    this is absolutely no different than a double din 7″ touchscreen in car stereo.

  18. LOL! i started laughing my ass off after seeing that car dock it looks funny as hell, its illegal to hang something from your review mirror yet they show this brick in the middle of your windsheild like thats going to be ok.. roffles

    i dont think im going to be sticking a tablet on my windsheild lol

  19. @1:sooner or later ur gonna realize u need a contraption to hold that screen from accidentally falling off the keyboard slot. maybe a device with a hinge too so that u can fold them against each other and carry them conveniently as one piece. oh wait, that kind of device has been around forever, it’s called a laptop!

  20. @Robert with the new leaked firmwares the gps works just fine =) one can wonder why they don´t realease one to the public though?

    I broke my screen and when I got it back from repair I had a new firmware =)

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