Could Droid be Adding Prepaid to the List of Things it Does on Verizon?



Along with a slew of feature phone and Blackberry devices, it looks like Verizon’s lineup of Android phones could be getting the prepaid treatment if some recent screen captures are any indication. VZW seems poised to launch a full-blown prepaid portion of their wireless service, and if the device list holds true users will have some pretty impressive options including everything from the original Motorola Droid up to the yet to be released Samsung Fascinate.

The Droid 2 and Droid X are also up for prepaid, as well as the HTC Droid Incredible, the Motorola Devour, and the LG Ally. That just about covers all of the Android phones Verizon currently offers.

As far as prepaid pricing, it looks like data will get a flat $30 per month fee for unlimited usage, plus a voice plan at an undisclosed price on top. Altogether we’d imagine the prepaid package would run about $60-$75 per month at a minimum for unlimited data and a voice plan. Not too much of a steal when you consider these phones on prepaid plans won’t get the same low-cost subsidized treatment of their kin being shipped off with two-year contracts.

[via Engadget]

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  1. When is this happening?

  2. They may not be a plan that will save you money but it will make these devices available to people who have bad credit and wouldn’t qualify for a 2-year plan otherwise. They are just covering their bases. People might have to shell out a whole lot for those phones but to some, it will be worth the investment. (i aint paying 500.00 for no phone)

  3. Or, instead, you could do this right now on PagePlus, which uses Verizon’s network and you’d have no need to buy Verizon’s overpriced data package, and could just do pay as you go, using wifi for most of your data needs.

  4. I second the Page Plus deal. With Froyo, you can turn off mobile data at will and use wifi. Beautiful!

  5. I have to say paying my monthly bill is a bit painful…(granted paying more for the best makes sense) prepaid doesn’t look so bad at times…but the question is is it truly cheaper?

  6. Damn this is sweet, just 8 hours ago I called verizon to try and get my droid on prepaid and they said no, I had to get a one year contract even though I own my phone what nonsense I’m glad there changing it cuss that’s a rip off.

  7. I was gonna get one on ebay & make it a prepaid does anyone know how to do that? I would love to know!!!

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