Froyo for Galaxy S Apparently Leaks, We Await Benchmarks, Link, and More Proof


Samsung Firmwares has come through again, but this time we’re treated to a leaked Froyo-based build for the Samsung Galaxy S. There’s not much to say here, though, because the main thing everyone is waiting for has yet to come: Quadrant, Neocore, and Linpack goodness. Unfortunately the leak has yet to actually surface, but it’s a lot easier to trust a two-year member of XDA than it is anyone else in these types of claims. We’ll just be waiting along with the rest of you to see when (or if) he’ll actually deliver.


Of course, we can’t take the above screenshot with 100% certainty due to how easy it is to fake these things, but we’re holding on to hope!

[XDA via Samsung Firmwares via Engadget]

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  1. I installed this update on my SGS I9000 and have to say it’s excellent for a unofficial Froyo build! Flash player is working nicely and everything is smooth.

  2. I hope this is officially released for all of the Galaxy S phones in early September rather than late September. I really like my Captivate (after rooting, removing bloatware, installing Launcher Pro, etc.) and will be picking up an Epic 4G for my wife tomorrow. If the fix the I/O performance it should blow everything away on Quadrant.


  4. The Epic is already pretty fast with the Hummingbird, 2.2 will really make this phone FLY.

  5. The update is available through the Kies test mode; details on how to get this can be found at.


    Can confirm (from the past 8 hours experience) that the phone is nice and snappy, there are minor UI alterations and the GPS finally appears to work something like you’d expect. Haven’t tested it in the car but used viewranger to track my path while out walking and it was spot on. Saw 10 satellites at several points and was apparently able to use all of these to establish a fix. Sweet.

  6. Perhaps the phone may fly, but unless it fixes the GPS, it will be lost. Anyone know if this release fixes the GPS issues?

  7. @ben, it depends I guess on what youtube reviews you look at but most of the videos say the GPS worked with no issues and did not have the bugs like the ATT/Tmobile versions.


    at 5:40 a question is asked about the GPS and on his Epic it worked.

  8. The gps will be fix damn. People really think samsung isn’t going to fixs that kind of problem?

  9. I installed the JPC firmware this morning, and it works fine. It’s not a huge improvement over the previous version speed-wise (Quadrant score is slightly below 1000 instead of around 800 on my phone). There was a rumour stating that the JIT wasn’t active in this build, so that might be the reason.

    Apart from that, as far as I can tell it’s Froyo all right. The Exchange client seems more full-featured, as it asked me to permit the Exchange server’s administrator to be able to remote-wipe my phone (scary!!), text input now supports placing the cursor through a new widget (a little blue dot that can be dragged around), a few tweaks here and there – that’s it on the surface. The market is new, of course.

    Neocore scores are identical (still 59fps). I didn’t check Linpack.

  10. @Ben
    Read one post north of yours. Andy says the GPS is working flawlessly. I’ve never seen my Vibrant lock onto more than 2 sats. But if what Andy says is true, then I am tickled to death about the upcoming update. I don’t care about Froyo as much as other people do. I just want my GPS to work. And I want my phone to quit freezing when I open Google Maps.

  11. @cwalker
    People should not have to expect samsung to fix this problem because they should have tested it before releasing the phone in the first place. I for one am glad to hear it is being adressed since i miss this function alot compared to my old Tytn II.
    I really hope it arrives soon. been waiting for 3 months now for this.
    Heres hoping!!

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