ViewSonic Showing off Dual-Booting Android/Windows Tablet at IFA


ViewSonic’s most recent tablet plans look to bring a slate that lets you have your cake and eat it too with a new 10-inch design that will dual-boot Android and Windows. No other information on the device has been released, but the company will be showcasing the new tab at September’s IFA. While ViewSonic hasn’t been known for high-caliber portable devices, the idea of getting two for one with your operating systems well makes up for any less than stellar hardware. If it looks anything like the below-pictured 7-inch GSM Android tablet slated for the fall, we won’t be disappointed in the aesthetics, at least.


The dual-boot concept isn’t exactly new, but there has yet to be a truly awesome device that offered the feature. I hold reservations to the idea that ViewSonic would be the company to change that. Give me a dual-booting Android and OS X tablet, and then we are talking. Yeah, I’d like to see that happen.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. This is the first thing I’ve seen that’s made the idea of a tablet even a little tempting.

  2. Hey dual-booting WinMo & Android isn’t so bad, doing it now with my HD2 and it’s pretty awesome. Having the option in a Tablet would be cool. Now will it be actual Windows or Windows Mobile?

  3. I am REALLY, REALLY wanting an android tablet soon, so I can read ebook PDF’s I’ve downloaded without having to sit at the computer, and having a bigger screen than on my phone….


  4. @chrisrj28
    One site tells me Win 7… but I am sure more info will make the rounds for confirmation. Win 7 has been touch screen “capable” from the getgo, so I don’t think it’s a stretch.

  5. The idea of Table seem odd to me still. With computers things seem to go up, More features and better hardware. Desktop more hardware option , laptops are mobile and do the same things as desktops and Smart phone do most the stuff of laptop and call people. Tablets seem to be a device like a ipod or e-reader. Why not get e-reader or ipod? Cheaper and they do once task well which seems to be there point.

  6. I would buy this at the drop of a hat if it is Android/Win 7.

    I can do 95% of what I need in Android, but I still need Windows for the occasional thing. This would be great.

  7. There is a distinct disadvantage to doing this although I can see the logic of it.

    Windows will unfortunately drive the cost of the unit upward and will overall target Business Users and the market of those maybe curious about Android but not ready to jump in with both feet.

    The idea of the Android OS and it’s Open Source base is by design intended to remove that overhead, so…

    I would like to see the table offered with the ability and corresponding drivers needed to operate within both environments, but have a choice of which to install prior to purchase. Lol, the best of both worlds you might say!


  8. Lame. No interest in paying for a Windows license.

  9. This has already been done. It was done with three operating systems. Ubuntu, Windows ce, and Android. Look it up on google.

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