Honeycomb to be Codename of Post-Gingerbread Update?


Before we can get solid confirmation that the next version of Android will be named Gingerbread, we’re already moving on to the Hs. I’ve heard the name “Honeycomb” thrown around before, but mainly by forum dwellers and commenters speculating what could be the name of Android’s next big step up. According to sources of TechRadar’s, that will definitely be the name. No other details to be had, but it’s suggested that Gingerbread will bring to Android the components it needs to play nicely with tablet devices, and Honeycomb could further expand on that being a 3.1 or 3.2 upgrade.


But what does anyone really know? We still can’t confirm anything regarding Gingerbread, so let’s just keep our focus squared on that, for now.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. My vote: Hagen Das.

  2. anyone know the hardware specs for android 3?

  3. They don’t need Haagen-Dazs to sue them as well as Oracle!

    …maybe they should call it coffee cake to rub it in about Java when the case gets thrown out.

  4. @suyi: I seem to recall the minimum specs are about what you’ll find on the Nexus One and HTC Desire — I could be wrong but think it was 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM and 480×800 screen res.

  5. I think Google denied and said there were no minimum specs.

  6. @Tad, I don’t think Google is allow to use a register trade mark brand as its codename.

  7. @suyi: Yes, it will run Android OS 3.0

  8. thanks for your responses

  9. Boy, you got to love the names these guys over at Google throw out for an OS. I don’t think they’ll get in trouble if they were to use the name because Honeycomb is an actual thing, it’s not a creation, it’s a sort of food besides it’s two different types of businesses (tech and food). But I’m no lawyer so who really knows…

  10. MAN!! I just want to bite into that thing! Looks delicious!

  11. I would wait until Google gives it a code name. I recall everyone considered it a give that “F” was for Flan and Google called it Froyo. “H” could be Heavenly Hash.

  12. Honeycomb is really delicious… I’m for it.

  13. i wonder what 3.2 is going to be called, what desserts start with an I ?

  14. Honeycob, Honeycomb, me want Honeycomb!

  15. @WolverineGuy that could be a possibility, but I’m sure Google won’t want people to get that kind of hash mixed up wither another certain type of hash.

  16. Honeycomb’s big! yeah yeah yeah!

  17. Uh hello … ICE CREAM are you serious yu cudnt figure that one out

  18. Gosh, can we get Froyo first, my head is spinning!

  19. man…one idiot posted nonsense about ‘minimum specs’ and we still have to refute it.

  20. I think, though admittiedly can’t come up with anything else, ‘Ice Cream’ seems too obvious for the Goog. “Eclair” and “FroYo” are kinda off the beaten path of known desserts.

    But yeah, let’s get FroYo rolled out to everyone before we get too far ahead of ourselves…

  21. Honeycomb with hot milk, mmm…

  22. I don’t know about Honeycomb. It’s sweet but not a desert. Halva is pretty yummy stuff. ;o)

  23. Steve Jobbs just read this and made a call to Post Cereal Company to strike up a lawsuit… Nah just kidding


  25. hassenpfeffer!

  26. – Cupcake

    – Donuts

    – Eclair

    – Froyo

    – Gingerbread


  27. Lol french toast..probably will be a new update…soon

  28. Hot Fudge > Honeycomb

  29. And then there’s carmel…

  30. Does anyone know why it is named Gingerbread? Any significance? thanx!

  31. I am looking for buy the honeycomb like the picture,anyone can tell me where i can find out to buy and price?
    Thanks for your help!

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