Would You Buy the Motorola Charm Without a Contract for $250?

Well look what we have here. The Motorola Charm seems to have charmed (puns!) its way onto Best Buy Mobile’s website and is being listed for $249.99 and “coming soon”. We can’t imagine this would be the two-year agreement asking price: the highest of high-end smartphones these days don’t go past $200 when you sign a contract (and T-Mobile’s looking to throw this into their back-to-school specials as a free phone alongside Samsung’s trio of feature phones).


There’s no indication on Best Buy’s site whether or not this will be subsidized, but take this early listing for what you will. All I know is one thing: $250 is very attractive regardless of how low on the Android spectrum you think it sits. Would anyone buy this phone for $250 outright?

[via Engadget]

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  • C

    If I could unlock it to AT&T, maybe.

  • Jonattan

    Heeeeelllll nooooo… Are you crazy?? That price is for may be a pay as you go and still…

  • Aeires

    If I was 13 and had a filthy rich dad, maybe.
    Blackberry style keyboards are outdated, looks too much like a kids phone. Can’t see paying that much for it when there are better phones for much cheaper prices.

  • High End

    Why get this when there is waaaaaaaay better high end phones out there!? Is ugly as hell and this is the reason why so many cliq owners are still stuck in android 1.5, this phone sucks!

  • Adam

    No. This phone is fugly!

  • Aiden

    Yes. it’s so cute.

  • http://blog.trinition.org Brian J. Sayatovic

    Absolutely not. I have Motorola Cliq. I wish I didn’t. I paid $400 for it outright with the belief that it would be upgraded from Android 1.5 to 2.1 “very soon” — back in March. Since then they missed their Q2 date and I fully expect them to miss their Q3 date. Whether it’s MotoBlur (which would affect the Charm, too) or a mysterious driver from a 3rd party vendor doesn’t matter. While the Charm is already at 2.1 (with MotoBlur), Motorola has demonstrated their incompetence both at upgrading their phones and in communicating meaningful information about delays. I do not recommend ANYONE by this phone.

  • JakeMG

    I think, corporatewise, some businesses wanting to go Android might be attracted by this…

  • timmyjoe42

    I wouldn’t say no to it, but would rather pay for something different.

  • Chris

    Yes, It’s perfect for my fiance due to her nails, will get her off the blackberry. With T-Mo pricing structure you save hundreds of dollars buying outright since they charge $20/month more for service with a 2 year contract.

  • su2lly

    I’ve stated before that I would buy this phone for my son when I get him his first cell phone. There is a big need for phones that run Android but aren’t offering the latest and greatest features. It’s phones like this that are also going to introduce third world countries to Android and smart phones in general so bring them on I say.

  • Steve

    For a kids phone running blur? Are you nuts?

  • Sam I Am

    For $250 outright? I’d think about it.

  • Sam I Am

    Just looked at the Best Buy site. The phone comes in two (gross) colors, bronze & cabernet. It’s $250 for the bronze and $100 more(?) if you want it in cabernet.

  • Dave

    No freaking way… Love my Moto Droid, but probably upgrading to Droid X soon… or maybe collecting on that Asurion guarantee…

  • ari-free

    Motorola Charm is like totally the coolest phone. Like, I mean, I was out partying at the club and I saw this phone and it was like so cool. I mean, it was so cool, you know?

  • ari-free

    Seriously, this looks like Motorola’s version of the Behold 2. You’ve been warned…

  • rags711

    After leaving the cliq the the last thing on my mind is not a fat chance!

  • mark


  • adam

    hellz no

  • ardichoke

    Wow… apparently there’s a lot of people that on Phandroid that don’t understand the difference between the subsidized cost they probably paid with their contract and the real cost of a cell phone. For $250 outright, it’s probably a pretty good deal. If I wanted a Blackberry form factor phone I’d definitely consider it. I already paid 550 to get my Nexus One after all…

  • http://www.mensahwatts.com MensahWatts

    ahhhh hummmmmmmm

  • JAG


  • Mitko

    OK, if you compare it with other high end smart phones, it really looks silly, but my sister likes such a form factor, and this Motorola is much, much better choice then Nokia C3, don’t you think?

  • Dogoglfer

    This would be a great replacement for the Mot Q phone which still has the best keyboard out there to date.

  • jbcliq

    Stay far away from Moto Phones. you have been warned …. Run!!!

  • Deng

    Maybe, if I can root it. I wouldn’t want BLUR, but I’d like to have a decent keyboard phone. Something along the lines of a blackberry 8700 running FroYo. I’m very happy with my N1 but I still miss a keyboard sometimes. Oh and if they changed the name to Chum I think it would really broaden the appeal. Right?!