HTC Sync 3.0 Will Automatically Sync Your Media

HTC just updated HTC Sync to version 3.0 to add a Media Sync feature which will – you guessed it – sync your media to your phone whenever you plug it into your computer. HTC states that the feature should work with most popular media players for Windows-based machines, but didn’t list anything specifically.


The new version only works with the HTC Wildfire for now (they’re getting all the goods lately) but other devices will be supported “very soon”. Ping HTC’s site now if u wish to download it.

[via Android Community]

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  • G8D

    I’m guessing the Hero is a no-go?

  • Squatter

    Using it right now with my HTC Desire, with no problem at all.
    You just cant download it on the HTC website unless you have a Wildfire, but you can find it somewhere else on the net ;)

  • hazzgard

    still no support for mac users…what a shame…

  • Bobby


  • Tills13

    “Ping HTC’s site now if u wish to download it.”

    Woah, what the hell is this? This is a blog, not a MSN conversation. Jesus…

  • TimT

    I tried “ping” but I still don’t have HTC Sync 3.0.

  • Big Dane

    Why not just mount it as a usb device and do away with all of these crappy “sync” programs?

  • Marc Hong Kong

    I live in Hong Kong, have an HTC Desire and a Mac so HTC Sync (any version) does not work with my machine (yes I know about virtualizing, etc). But, I found a solution in Salling Media Sync.

    It’s not free but coming from an iPhone to Android, I have gazillions of iTunes playlists and Salling syncs them all really rather well. Shame there’s no player on Android that works as straightforwardly as the iPhone’s iPod media player. The closest is DoubleTwist but it doesn’t categorize podcasts so well, nor does it sync to Mac. They promise it but it’s been ages.

    So, Salling for sync and DoubleTwist for playing it is (at least for now). They’re a good compromise.