Google’s Introducing New Market Purchase Options; Pay For Apps Alongside Your Monthly Bill?


It’s nothing new for a carrier to enable “order now, pay later” options for their consumers on Android: T-Mobile’s been allowing this for quite some time. Recent changes to the Market Developer Distribution Agreement, however, have been made to make way for new payment options in the future. There are two key changes Google‘s made:


  • In Section 13.1, “authorized carriers” have been added as an indemnified party.
  • Section 13.2 is new in its entirety, covering indemnity for payment processors for claims related to tax accrual.

These changes are basically saying “Carriers – who we define as ‘authorized’ – will be allowed to foot the bill for app purchases made by their users in the market.” While Google hasn’t officially or fully acknowledged that these are the options they’re introducing, the changes to the developer agreement insinuate just as much. Perhaps more people will be willing to buy apps if they know they can lump the expenses into their cell phone bill at the end of every cycle (usually monthly).

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I wonder if this change in purchasing processes is the first step in side-stepping the barriers of operating Google Checkout in a lot of countries, thereby opening up paid apps to the rest of the world…

    One can hope anyway!

  2. When oh when will the bring paid apps to the rest of the world? I live in Finland and find it very frustrating to have to rely solely on free apps. Google, wake up!

  3. hopefully there is a way to block that “feature”. I can see some devs abusing it like Jamster and those ringtone things 10 years ago.

  4. The last time I purchased an app, at least a month ago, the market already gave me the option to add it to my bill…

  5. I hope they allow this to be blocked or not enabled without the user having to go to their online account and accept the terms on their own for this. People can now abuse the market by adding it to the bill. Whos at fault if your phone is stolen and they charged $100 of apps you, google or the carrier? To many loop holes.

  6. The rest of the world needs the paid apps, its really hard to live just on free apps. Would be great to purchase apps and pay thru our respective telcos/carriers. But first, please bring us the paid apps!!!

  7. They need to allow app gifting as well so I can buy my girlfriend some apps she is too cheap to buy herself.

  8. @C
    “They need to allow app gifting as well so I can buy my girlfriend some apps she is too cheap to buy herself.”

    With Froyo and marketplace on your pc you will eventually be able to but it online and it automatically downloads on the phone. Google showed it off @ their conference.

  9. why not paypal? i want paypal options in the Market Place…

  10. I still think buying gift cards like the itunes card is the best way to buying apps because you can buy them at the store avoiding identify theft online or unwanted charges on your credit card.

    I really do hope google changes the market place so developers could make more money.

  11. @BBoyswoosh87 – I believe you can do that by buying a Visa Gift Card (or some other credit card company’s cards) and loading it onto your Google Checkout account. I haven’t tried that yet, but that’s what I was planning to do.

  12. I’m in America and live soley on free apps ;)

  13. Great…1 more thing for people to call their carrier for & complain…”Theres no way I could have gone over my minutes!!” “Theres no way my son sent THAT many text” “Theres no way I downloaded all those Google Apps!!” Whatever, people…take responsibility for what you do on your own cell phones!! Pre paid is the way to go for purchases!!

  14. this is definitely great news for android developers and will broaden the audience who can buy apps

  15. @s4mb4

    Because PayPal is a direct competitor to Google Checkout :-P

    What I want is app prices in my local currency! When they are priced in euros or dollars my bank charges me £1.50 for the conversion. Often more money than the app itself.

  16. @OFI Ask your MP what is UK plan about joining the EuroZone ? Also ask them why are banks is the City are feeling & hebaving like in Tax Haven (or even heaven, as the gov has given them money when they sunk), if brit’laws are said to be soooo strick with banks. Also ask them why the same (gov saved/founded) have then attacked the government central banks thru the forex market to make to sink their saviors ?Just ask them, the answer might be very very “funny” indeed … :P

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