Droid X Experiencing WiFi Connectivity Problems?



Shortly after Verizon has confirmed that some Droid X phones have shipped with defective displays, reports are swirling around that the new superphone from Motorola also suffers from poor WiFi connectivity. The story goes that the X has a bit of trouble connecting to a WiFi router in some cases, and once a signal is locked performance is typically sub-par. A few quick fixes have been found, including changing your network’s encryption from AES to TKIP and using the 802.11g standard rather than 802.11n. Is this problem only affecting a small group as with the faulty displays or is the issue wide spread? Let us know what your experiences have been like with the Droid X’s WiFi.

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  1. I have had no bad experiences with this phone, its lightning fast, especially considering i am coming from the htc eris, but i must admitt the 3g service sometimes goes down, but thats a verizon issue

  2. Mine will connect to my network but wont load any sites im so bummed!! we need a fix asap!

  3. Apologies at first i couldn’t see my posts, and i was wondering if it was a problem but after u post u gave to click on the title to makesure ur posts r there

  4. It sounds like the Droid 1 has passed on it’s dirty little secrets. Droid 1 has the same issue.

  5. I’m VERY glad to read this. I’ve been having wi-fi continuity problems since I got the Droid X. Hopefully it will be fixed in an upcoming update.

    Simple work around:
    put a Wi-Fi toggle widget on your home screen and toggle it off and back on….that’s what I’ve been doing. However, today it got so frustrating that I just shut the Wi-Fi off and used the more consistent 3G signal in Boston.

  6. I couldn’t connect at first to my home network at all with my X. I have a D-Link N150 router. I played around with the security settings and discovered that the X doesn’t like the WPA/WPA2 security level on my router for some reason. I switched it to WEP and it works like a charm now. It connects instantly every time I hit the WiFi toggle switch and I keep a strong, consistent connection with speeds MUCH faster than 3G. If you’re having problems, play around with your security settings, and that might do the trick.

  7. It’s “you”, “your”, and “are”.

    Very good results here; I’m using a DLink DIR-655 (b,g,n) router; I’ve locked it at mixed B/G, and it’s already using TKIP.

    If there’s a problem with older N WAP’s, I wouldn’t be surprised, since the standard was only finalized in 2009.

    Generally speaking, unless you really need the performance (which most people don’t), it’s really a good idea to keep the “N” part of your router turned off. N uses a lot more spectrum than B or G, and it’ll have more of an impact on your neighbors. Wireless signals can interfere with other wireless signals for more than twice as far as you can use them. So if your usable range is 100′, your “interference” range is more than 200′.

    It’s also a good idea to use something like NetStumbler to see what WiFi frequencies are in use around you and set your router to an unused channel.

  8. I have a WIFI issue I connect to my apple airport 802.11n network and then the signal drops and I can’t load pages. It seems there is no auto switching to 3g when wifi signal is weak. I will not use the slower 802.11g as an solution. Motorola needs a fix.

  9. What? Phones aren’t perfect? LOL

  10. No wifi issues on my x! Just more phandroid sensationalism.

  11. I have been experiencing this issue using wpa with tkip on my wrt54g running tomato running in mixed b/g mode. I still find wifi too be much faster when web browsing and it is far better for vnc (locally.) I too have been toggling wifi off and on which fixes the problem for another 30 minutes or so.

  12. wifi issues on the DIR-655 1.35 firmware when using only WIFI N, which gives you much better performance in range if you only broadcast in N only mode, but unfortunately the DIR-655 does not support TKIP in Wifi N only mode, amongst other features on the X, I traded mine back for my Incredible, screen is so much more gorgeous on the Incredible than it is on the X, plus I got root and free wifi tethering so the extra screen size on the X is like a “my screen’s bigger than yours” deal, which i have no use for that large of a screen, but instead of sending the X back, my friend bought it from me since he can’t get rid of his Omnia until January which its a piece of junk. just my .02

  13. never had a problem on the two i own with either!

  14. I’ve had the same issue with my Droid (1). When I talked to Verizon they said there were no known issues. Toggle wifi off and on fixes it for a while.

  15. Nope..I’ve downloaded several Blockbuster movies and no issue.

  16. As far as I know, my wife and I have had no issues with our DXes. I’ll pay more attention, but I figure if I have to go looking for the problem then it’s not really an issue.

  17. I am having similiar issues with the Vibrant. I was on the phone with t-mobile support twice today. The first time they had me factory reset the phone…that fixed it for about 45 miunutes…but now im having the same issues. I called support again and they told me to exchange the phone.

  18. Our 2 droid X’s work just fine on wifi. no problems.
    running wpa2 / AES encryption.

  19. I am using an N network and have not had any issues. Me and my wife both got Droid X’s on release day and thankfully neither of us have had any problems at all.

  20. Definitely having problems connecting to WiFi. My husband’s Incredible hooks right up. My X says “waiting for WiFi” for HOURS then will randomly hook in

  21. Quick newb question. Is it better on battery life assuming speeds are near-equal to run wi-fi when available or use 3G all the time? That is as long as VZW let’s us keep our unlimited plans.

  22. Have had my Droid X since Friday afternoon around 3pm. Had NO problems connecting to my wireless network (Wireless N, WPA/WPA2 PSK), and as of yet I have not had any issues with this phone. Display GREAT, wireless GREAT, NO dropped calls, can hold however I wish. Extremely fast processor, great apps, WHAT MORE CAN MAN WANT?? This dang phone is like a McDonald’s and Burger King commercial all rolled up into one, I am having it my way and LOVIN IT!!

  23. I have been very surprised reading that owners are having any issues with the Droid X. I picked mine up on launch day and have had absolutely no issues with the phone. It connects easily to my Cisco/Linksys WRT110 running 802.11g and WPA with AES.

  24. I have major problems with wifi and my Droid X. I also keep switching wifi on and off but it is a bit of a pia.
    I wonder if there is a software upgrade that can fix it and soon please.

  25. wow… Now im loving my Nexus One right now…

  26. Its good to know that VERIZON and MOTORLLA will confirm the have those issues, not like other companies

  27. your holding it the wrong way…… lol iphone 4 joke

  28. I’ve had this issue with my DLink DIR-655 (set to WPA – TKIP) I left the WPA setting and changed it from (g, b, n) to just (g, b) and this seems to have helped quite a bit.

  29. i had the same issues with my droid 1. had to return 2 before i got one that worked.

  30. Have had no problems with my X at all. Using wifi now. Switched from the original droid and have no regrets at all.

  31. I have a similar issue…

    I cannot connect to 3g. The wireless service simply will not appear on my phone and the phone shows the wireless data to be “disconnected”.

    After talking to Verizon today, they told me that some people who purchased a droid x (only that phone) and who also ported a number from another carrier (I ported two numbers from AT&T to a single account with Verizon) have this issue.

    Currently, they do not know why some of these folks cannot connect to the data service.

    My brother also purchased a droid x. He had an iphone on AT&T. He has no such problems.

  32. Poor wifi connectivity is only one of many many bugs with the Droid X. At work i’ve got 802.11n, at home 802.11g. Home works ok, most of the time, but at work it drops connection constantly. My boss is having the same issues. This is in addition to broken Exchange support, and a bunch of other little things here and there. This phone has been one disappointment after another. Oh, and this is after installing the patch that was supposed to fix wifi. I need another Google experience phone, not this blur garbage.

  33. OK. Let me start by saying I’m not an expert but I may have found a solution. Go to wi-FI networks and go to wireless settings. Then click on options hard key and choose advanced. then choose Wi-Fi sleep policy and set it to never.

    So far so good for me. Let me know if anyone has any luck.

  34. I had issue too. Connected with no problem, can use internet for awhile, then all sudden, the page can not be loaded, or Youtube video can not be played with a connection error. Sometimes it can stay on for more than 10 mins, but eventually stalled. Turn off/off wifi does allow you to reconnect. But it is frustrating that you have keep doing that and don’t know when it will drop the ball. I have since been just using 3G for a consistent connection. It definitely sounds like a software issue. I also have no problem connecting to the wifi in starbucks for extended period of time. Maybe they just have 802.11g wifi?

  35. Droid x has wifi sleep policies in the settings, but despite the fact… I set mine to never sleep and I’m still having problems… I’m only using wep and my wifi turns off when it wants. I’ve tried to toggle the widget but wifi doesn’t respond. The only way I can get it to respond is by going into the wifi settings and watching it auto connect again and pick up an ip again. I’ve also been toggling airplane mode in some cases.

  36. Droid X working great here. No Wifi issues at all, and I am on WiFi 80+% of the time. The phone is snot fast and the screen is gorgeous. I’m a happy camper.

  37. No problems for me, I had the faulty display. It went dead, but on the way to the Verizon store to return it, it went back to normal and haven’t had a problem since!!! Awesome phone, I’m glad I got it.

  38. Everything works fine on mine. I got a post launch droid. I originally preordered mine and then they promised to ship it next day instead so I would get it friday instead of thursday. Its been working great since. My wife now has my droid. I guess I got lucky having them want to cancel my preorder :-p

  39. Definitely been experiencing these issues. My iPhone 3G will connect and have a stronger signal than my Droid X in the same location. The Droid X will also drop the connection. :\

  40. i have had my droid x getting hung up on 3g. all of a sudden no service at all for up to 5 minutes at a time. i had to shut it down twice. never had this with droid original until i dropped it in the toilet.

  41. Love my X..jus works super and no problems..had a Incrediable but it had issues…wifi works great ,really fast,great screen,video and pics..jus needs 2.2…hint hint verizon..pls update us and thanks for the Moto X :)

  42. I do have wifi issues. I have problems connecting at home, but cannot connect at work. I can use my iPod Touch at work with no problems.
    Also, intermittently I have issues with the USB sync cable. The phone does not charge or give me ANY options when I plug in to my PC. I have to turn the phone off and back on again for my Droid to connect and even charge.
    Last night I also noticed a kind of feedback when in a phone call. Every time after my buddy stopped talking I heard a faint blip or something. After the time I heard it, it became very annoying.

  43. Is this because of the locked bootloader?

  44. Correction: my X will connect at work, but I can’t receive any data

  45. This is absolutely an issue for me. I debated whether or not to return the phone over it. Instead, because my house is wired, I bought a second router placed it in the part of my home where I use the phone most often and now I have full coverage. Unfortunately most people’s homes are not wired and absent that or using a repeater, which I have found challenging in the past, this remains an issue.

    This appears to be a software issue and hopefully Motorola will find and issue a fix.

  46. @mike

    What is your droid X set for when entering the security key. I could replicate the issue but only when my security on the device was set to auto on the droid X itself. If I set to WPA/WPA2 it does not have the issue. The default is auto BTW.

  47. This is simply a driver issue, people. I’m sure the radio is solid. My older laptop has issues with a newer router until I updated drivers on. The point is… even old hardware can work well with new drivers… Hoping for a fix as well.

  48. I have also experienced extremly poor wifi reception on the wifi. If I am very close it is a knock out of the park at 65 meg or more, but if I have any distance it sucks.

  49. My issue is Verizon is ignoring that there is a WiFi issue…called them a couple minutes ago and they igonred it. I told the rep of all the complaints I’ve been seeing online and some of the reports on Gizmodo etc. I guess I don’t know how else Verizon recognizes a problem…seems like Applelitis to me/

  50. I think post #33 nailed it. I (like many other people on other forums) have been having a problem with my wifi disconnecting frequently. It mainly seemed like it was after the screen had been off a couple minutes. I changed the settings, and now it’s working like a champ. I’m using it at work and my office is running 8 access points so luckily I don’t think I’m having an interference problem. It was just timing out or not recovering from sleep mode.

  51. Same problem here with a Cisco WAP4400N access point in (n,g,b) mode. Changed it to G-only and it works fine. Bummer. Can’t see any way to force the Droid to select G if it’s available (i.e. turn off N), so I’m stuck running my whole home network on G.

    BTW, I switched from AT&T/iPhone for the supposed better coverage and reception. Turns out Verizon is no better in my area.

  52. I have a problem with the WiFi with this phone. I have a Linksys B/G/N wireless router. My phone see’s the SSID but when I put in the WEP Key it says unable to connect to network. I also have a problem were the phone will no longer ring on incoming calls. It vibrates and that’s about it. Called tech support and they are sending me a new phone which does not ship until Aug 3rd.

  53. Droid X connects to the G band of my wifi fine. Doesn’t even show the N band as an available connection and I have broadcast on. I also have the latest software update from Verizon. Can’t connect to the VPN server at work with it either. Haven’t noticed it losing the G band connection though. Verizon might be saying no know issues, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. I know for fact there are. Hoping for a 2.2 fix.

  54. I have a LInksys N router. I was having a problem connecting to my wi-fi with my Droid X. I changed password type on my router from WPA2 to WPA. I was then able to connect correctly to my router with my Droid! Hope this helps :)

  55. @Vince

    That’s great. I will definitely try that when I receive my phone (tomorrow).

  56. My biggest problem with WiFi is signal strength. My computer and ipod touch say “Excellent” but my X hovers between fair and poor. I’ve just been using the 3g and have given up on the WiFi.

  57. Mine.works.great you have a issue exchange it. Don’t hate on it. N and bg awesome

  58. I spent on hour on the phone with Verizon last night trying to activate my new Droid X (purchased online through Sam’s Club/Simplexity). Verizon was unable to get it activated and they finally gave up. I’m not sure if this is a phone issue or some internal paperwork snafu at Verizon. In any case, I’m the proud owner of a $200 brick. Oh well, at least it’s lightweight and looks cool.

  59. stupid phone

  60. I’ve had the same wifi connectivity issues described by many posters here: the phone connects to the wifi network, but doesn’t seem to be able to remain connected or pull data rapidly when connected.

    I have a good broadband pipe into my home, and an Apple Airport wireless router (802.11n); my other wireless devices have no problem connecting or getting data.

    I have been able to connect to other (non-N) wifi networks without a problem with this phone.

    I have a replacement Droid X on its way from Verizon. If this one has the same problems, that will suggest that it’s a widespread problem.

    I’ll post again when I’ve tested it.

  61. No problems on my Droid X so far. I’ve been connected to a WRT54G(G), E1000(N), and a few Starbucks locations (probably G). Quick load times and stays connected. However, I’ve never used it for more than about twenty minutes strait so I can’t be 100% sure.

  62. bought two Dx on launch day. both drop wifi signals and wifi toggle switch will not turn wifi on. i have to go to settings to enable wifi on.

    it is not the router. i have multiple wifi locations (more than six and lost count) with the same results. called verizon tech support who sent me to motorola support who recommended i return BOTH phones.

    neither company acknowledged this is a wide spread and seem surprised.

    i have tried taking out the battery and a hard reset. it is not the routers because i have gone to so damn many with the same results. there is no simple solution.

    wifi is not this freaking difficult. my palm t5 wifi card works….tx….dell axim….old hp tablet….apple g4….imac….but not my Dx!!! WTF!!!!!

    Hope it works for you- Droid X/ D-Link DIR-615 mixed b/g/n with tkip/aes cypher WPA security. MAC filtering on top of that. That’s the mode most people across the forums are useing mixed mode that have the issue. Its also the most secure home settings for the newest/most common 802.11 standard. I was obtaining an IP and properly connecting to my router, which would disable the Droid X’s 3G. Good so far, but the Droid X would nottake the leap out into the internet- or any of the network devices I have.

    So with those details that will help someone fix this out of the way, here goes:
    I like a secure network at home. Call me paranoid. I disable UPNP (universal network plug ‘n play service) on my router. I enabled it, rebooted the router, and used the “wifi on off” by CurveFish widget (just remember widgets are not in the app list, but used by a long tap on the home screen then selected from the android widget list). Poof- the WiFi came right up. I used this widget specifically because another forum post had sugested the issu is caused by the 3G not turning off, but I think the UNPN thing sugests that is not the cause. Hmm.
    So I have UPNP disabled on all my computers (the windows boxes that have it anyway). Ask the guru Steve Gibson at GRC.com why UPNP is so bad for your box and find the solution at the same time… http://www.grc.com/unpnp/unpnp.htm
    I am not afilitaed with GRC.com or Steve in any way besides listening to his podcast. He jst does good work and I appreciate that.

  64. My X will lock up on me and I can’t make a call, use any apps, etc. I got my phone the first day they were available by ordering online. Yesterday it went totally bezerk for about 15 minutes with things flashing all over the screen, calls came in and I couldn’t answer them. Today it just locked up on me where the only thing I could get was the Droid symbol on the front, then it finally unlocked on it’s own. Anyone else with these problems?

  65. I have the problem too that my Droid X won’t connect to my home wifi (though a friend with an iphone 3 had no probelms). I don’t want to go to a less secure router setting of TKIP from AES. Any suggestions?

  66. Having issues with wifi dropping as well. I’m using a hotspot so I can’t be sure of the settings. Changed the setting to’ never’ like #33 said and we’ll see if that does the trick.

  67. Yeah. It seems that around 10:00 p.m. CDT, i lose service on the 3g side of the network. Only thing that fixes it is a shutdown and restart. No problems with the wifi though. Yet, then again, i haven’t exactly tried to push this phone to the limits.

  68. Love Love my Droid X
    ..but can anyone tell me when it goes in sleep mode and then someone calls me I can’t answer the call I press the green phone, but it doesn’t let me answer. Anyone can help me? Sorry if posting this on wrong site.

  69. My droid x wifi connection strength is very poor. Here is my setup:

    Linksys wrt54g router
    WEP 128
    mac filtering (mac added to acl – tried disabling mac filtering ; no help)
    G forced

    Can connect and then get knocked off within a few seconds.
    Downloaded an app called wifi analyzer and the signal hangs out around -85 dBm (just about the weakest signal meeter reading avail) My thinkpad and my wife’s inspirion both show very good to excellent connection strength. I literally have to be within 10 feet and visible view of my router to see an excellent reading of around -50 dBm.

    This is really really disappointing. If I am only using WEP not sure what else I can do at this point. Does anyone know if there is a legitimate fix on the way or should I just return this and get the incredible?

  70. Definitely having issues with Wifi on an N network with WPA2/AES. As others have mentioned my phone struggles with transitioning between 3G and Wifi as well.

  71. NetGear G mimo router with WPA TKIP security. Droid X was connected but not receiving data. Changed the security to WPA2 AES and it works like a charm!

  72. I have experienced some wifi issues with the DX as well. I switched my encryption to TKIP and the DX maintained the connection better but signal strength and performance aren’t optimal.

    I have an Archos 5 Internet Tablet for work. It has a similar (and slower) OMAP processor but the browsing is much faster than the DX right now.

    The suggested workarounds are only good if you have control of the network to which you are connecting. Motorola needs a fix soon. Hopefully the rumors about the VZW Droids getting Froyo next week are true!

  73. I’m owning Samsung Galaxy S I9000 and found there’s problem with very unstable WIFI connection with my Dlink Dir-655, but there’s no problem connecting to my parent’s China brand router and office’s Buffalo router.

  74. Just got the X yesterday, and yes, wifi problems. Finds and say it connects but nothing comes through. No internet, no facebook refresh, no blockbuster, no nothing.

  75. Ok, I have been able to find that at least on MY X, it’s not resolving DNS when on wifi. If I have the IP address of the site, it work fine, but if I try to resolve the DNS it says it can’t find it. This is both at work and at home.

  76. Created a DX case online with Motorola (specifically for my wifi issues) the same time I posted my comment to this forum (#69). Received an email notification reply saying that someone would contact me within 24 hours. That was about 50 hours ago. I’ll post any relevant info if they decide to support this device.

  77. I had the HTC Incredible and decided to trade it for the X. Wow what a difference! The incredible worked flawless. Was smooth, fast and never froze up. Then there’s the X…. Wifi freezes up but shows connected. Programs freeze. GPS programs are buggy. I love the large screen and the feel of the phone, but it is starting to feel like a brick. Good thing I haven’t returned the incredible yet. Will hold on to it to see if update helps. I would love the X if they can work out the bugs like HTC did!

  78. I have had the issue that my phone says that it has connect but when i try to update email it has connection issue and i can’t go anywhere online. I had to turn my phone off and on three times in one hour to fix this problem. I want a permanant fix.

  79. I have some intermittent wifi connect problem. That is until I read other forums which suggested using TKIP instead of AES. Now I dont have problems connecting but i don’t think im connected at an optimal speed. Also on AES, when I did connect it would drop the wifi signal as soon as i tried to pass data especially video.

  80. Both me and my brother have wifi connectivity issues on our Xs, have to use 3G in my home to access the Internet. Hope a fix is coming!

  81. hi im new to the android world but as of now im not liking it at all. im constantly having wifi problems and sometimes my 3g connections does what my wifi connection does. it works for like 5mins and then it just stops and wont load any pages at all. wont let me use my gps either. constantly losing gps signal. i dont know why but i really hope motorola fixes this problem or else im returning this phone back within 30days. motorola please fix this problem because i dont wanna have to get a iphone 4 and have signal problems because of the way i hold my phone. thanks and if anybody know anything about fixing this problem please let me know asap. thanks again.

  82. I’ve been reading every forum I can find on this topic. Common thread: fix the settings on your home router. Great. What about using other wifi networks. Isn’t that kind of the point? I can link to some wifi networks in my company buildings and not others. I can’t link to Starbucks and other public networks. I’ve had Palms and Blackberries and I’ve never seen this problem before. There are 84 pages on this topic in the forum on Motorola’s site and so far no acknowledgement by them of an issue. I love everything else about my Droid X, but I’m seriously thinking about taking it back.

  83. Ok, so here is my wifi issue, once connected to ANY access point the my DX will lock a signal for about 5 mins. then web pages will stop loading and then my phone will reboot and get stuck on the Droid Eye boot animation. I then have to pull the battery and reboot the phone, once rebooted the phone remains connected to Wifi. I have tried this at different access points, not just my home, so I know this has to be an issue with phone. Lucky for me Best Buy in my area still has the DX in stock and I’ve had mine for 16 days :-)

  84. #69 & #77 – UPDATE on my WIFI case that I created with Motorola…other than the initial auto email (case creation) acknowledgment on 7/27 , I have received no response from Motorola. I guess this means I Motorola still refuses to acknowledge that an issue exists.

    I am so tired of reading all of the comments on these forums which point to modifying your router’s config. Sorry, I don’t have admin rights to modify my local DD’s wifi setup.

  85. FIXED IT! had this problem…what a pain in the ass… while browsing through my router settings to set it to wireless g, i came across the “check for upgrade” button…figured i’d give it a whirl before downgrading. What do you know? I can now connect to my home router. All it took was a firmware upgrade. Check your routers guys!

    (oh on a side note the upgrade for netgear had to be done manually for some reason…)

  86. Just tried using DLNA with my TV with WiFi, and tried watching video from websites through my WiFi. PROBLEMS!!!!! It maintains no fidelity of the connection. The DLNA stream is ALWAYS interupted.

    Additionally, I have problems with my WiFi hot spot feature that I pay $20 a month for. I keep getting my connection dropped after 2-5 minutes! I posted this on the owner’s forum on Motorola’s website, and they are aware of the problem, but there is nothing promising at the moment. The Motorola reps monitoring have been of no help either!!!!!

  87. …at home I am using a time capsule. No Updates (I have the latest firmware). Still problematic!

  88. I didn’t have any problems at first, but now it won’t even show my home network on the list of networks to connect to

  89. Returning my droid x today within my 30 days. Here is the reply I received from Motorola:


    It basically instructs how to prevent wifi on the droid x from going into sleep mode. This does not completely address my problem. Try it out if it fixes your issue – good for you. My issue as I explained in my Motorola incident is that the signal is horrible while I sit next to my laptop and my wife’s laptop which both obtain excellent signals in the same physical location. I literally have to have my droid x within visible view of my router to obtain a good signal. Unfortunately at this point I lean towards a hw design issue here :(

  90. I posted a while back (#60) that I was waiting for a second Droid X, on the chance that I had a bad device. I didn’t — the new phone had exactly the same behavior.

    Since then, I’ve identified a work-around for the wifi connectivity problems the phone has with my Apple Airport Extreme router: switching the network encryption type to WEP from WPA allows the phone to connect reliably. This isn’t ideal, since WEP is easily hacked, but I couldn’t find a way to get WPA to work reliably with the phone.

    I hope that’s useful to anyone struggling with the same problem on the same hardware combination.

    More to the point, I hope Motorola gets their act together and fixes the problem.

  91. This may not be a serious problem for web browsing, but it really sucks when streaming music to my Xbox. My Xbox refuses to allow me to load up a playlist from within a game, and going to the dashboard is not an option during an hour-long on online game of Madden.

    So I guess I will try some of your router security recommendations. But, does anyone have any ideas how to improve performance streaming to the Xbox?

  92. I am experiencing the same problem which is I am bale to connect to wifi but after 5 mins or so internet will stop responding over phone even though connected to the wifi.
    If I disconnect and reconnect works fine for <5 mins. and then again same problem.
    May be need to change wifi setting to TKIP. Will update after test.

  93. Just got my Droid X last night. I have a Linksys e2000 routing with a WPA2/PSK wireless network using AES encryption. It will not connect to my wireless network. I’m getting a new one for another issue though.

  94. Here’s how I fixed my WiFi issue:
    1. Updated Belkin router firmware.
    2. Set up “guest” access at 5Ghz, 802.11n, 20 Mhz
    Have been connected now for about 2.5 hours, YouTube videos, the works.
    Hope this helps someone else!

  95. Had Issues connecting through my Apple Time Capsule.
    Setup my old 802.11g 2wire router and it seems to work alright. If I let the phone sit too long, it seems to set the network to sleep and it does not reconnect unless I manually turn on and off the wifi. It then works perfectly until the next time.

    I am still unable to reliably connect to any 802.11n WPA network. I have tried 3 different 802.11n networks and all of them would allow me to connect, but then randomly disconnect me within minutes.

  96. I’ve had my Droid X for about 3 weeks now – can’t connect to my home wifi network (802.11n/WPA). Also have an iPhone 4 and it connects flawlessly. I’m not going to change my router’s security settings just to accomodate my mobile phone.

    Judging from the responses in this thread, I don’t think calling VZW/Motorola at this point will be of any help. Only hope is that 2.2 Froyo fixes? Ugh..

  97. Can’t connect my Droid X to my home network using Linksys WRT54G router, v.1. However, it works fine at Starbucks and other public sites. Also worked in my home with a DLink DIR-655. If froyo doesn’t fix it, I’ll get a new router.

  98. my droid x has the wifi problem and it pisses me off. it also has 3g problems 1 minute full service the next no network. hopefully this will be fixed asap or this phone is going out the window.

  99. I am having this exact issue with my Droidx. Initially it would connect to my wireless router using N, but the speed was slow. It went from being slow to intermittently not working at all. Switching to b/g has seemed to remedy the problem today, and I’m continuing to monitor.

  100. to qualify my last statement, my router is running a version of N that predates the officially released standard, so there may be an inconsistency there between the pre/post draft standards that affect the Droid/Droidx.

  101. First of all, Verizon and their customer service reps were useless in helping take care of my wi-fi issues. My issue was, my phone would stay connected only for a few seconds, disconnect and then go into scanning mode, but would only do this at my home; It was fine everywhere else. I come to find out Droids and D-Link (models DIR-615 and Dir-655)routers don’t necessarily work well together

    Changing my networks encryption form AES to TKIP seemed to solve the problem, but TKIP, from my understanding, is less secure than AES

  102. Same issue here. wifi slow and constantly disconnects. The Verizon rep said that there are no known problems with the phone, but suggested that I get the $20/month wifi mobile 3G service to resolve the problem… Really, Verizon? WOW! Anyway, after checking connection speeds, even when wifi works, the wifi speed is on par (~ 2MB/s) with 3G speeds in my area, so I don’t bother with wifi. However, when 2.2 comes out the problem better be fixed, or the phone is being returned!

  103. They are called “Phones.” I wish the engineers would make “talking and hearing” a priority!!!

  104. I have a airport router and have connectivity problems with my droid x. Switching to g speed didn’t help. A more radical solution that fixed the problem is to disable all passwods and have an open network. You also what to hide the broadcast signal so moons can pick up your open network. Only way to connect is to no the name of the network. Also i live in out in the boon docks and my closet neighbor is not with in my signal range. Anyway after going to an open network i have absolutely no wifi connecting problems. My be a temp solution for some else

  105. My droid 2 is having connectivity problems as well. It’s very buggy and turns off and on repeatedly when ever I leave a building and enter another on campus, but once I do get connected, it’s fine.

  106. I have WiFi issues. I run both WPA2 + TKIP. Droid just doesn’t handle ENCRYPTION well it seems. It has the same problem with VPNS! WTF?! I am not going to disable encryption or change over to weak ass WEP just to get this PoS device to work. The phone should adapt to OUR networks not the other way around! And to think I moved from an already crappy phone, iPhone 3G, but at least the security settings worked flawlessly!

    –Angry DROID user.

  107. I have solved my wifi issues, mabey this will help some of you
    I had to switch my router from WEP to WPA/WPA2 PSK
    Once I did my Droid X was cruising.
    Just go to your router’s webpage and modify the type of
    Security. Goodluck fellow Droids.

  108. I am having problems with connectivity. The mobile hotspot service will simply turn itself off for no apparent reason. It does seem to to be connected to an incoming text message. If I get a text the connection drops.

    Is there a way to block all incoming calls, and texts while surfing?

  109. I had what I think was a different wifi issue than described above but did not read all of the posts. Before I activated the Droid X with Verizon the wifi worked great from my home network, I charged the phone and connected to my network without a hitch. I could get my email and gmail but of course no phone yet.

    Then I activated the phone through *228 the wifi would scan, find my router (open as i also live in the boonies) but when I clicked to connect the network connection said ‘remembered’ but the wifi would go from ‘connecting’ right to ‘disconnected’ and indeed was not connected.

    I tried ‘forgetting’ my network, taking out the battery, manually adding the wifi connection but nothing. So then I did what I should have done from the start but did not think of since the wifi worked fine before activation. I unplugged by router and voila wifi on the phone. Hope this helps someone else with this issue.

  110. Thanks for this post. I just got the Droid X yesterday and was having major trouble keeping signal on my Wi-Fi network at home. I changed my network to 802.11g and now my X holds signal and is super fast.

  111. I’ve green having terrible problems with wifi not connecting to wifi at all its terrible

  112. I got my phone with 2.1 installed and had no problems with Linksys router and WPA2 for three weeks. Today I got 2.2 and have had nothing but constant connecting and disconnecting without end. I’m ready to send it back for a refund. This updated keyboard is way slow too.

  113. I had the same thing happen. On 2.1, it may have been lagging at times but never dropped. Updated to the 2.2 and now, it just drops all together spuradically. I called Verizon tech support, they were clueless. They said they have not seen any known issues. Going to bring it into the Verizon store this weekend. They will probably just change it out which really does not fix the problem. They suggested doing a hard reset. I have not done that yet. I might try that before I bring it back. I have heard other people doing the hard reset after the update and things run much better. Of coarse though, everything is refreshed so it will.

  114. Also I have been using wireless G, WPA tkip. Every where I need to use it, that is what is being used. Not changing back to WEP, it is not as secure as WPA.

  115. I am looking at the Droid 2 and Droid X. I like the X but I’m concerned that it may be uncomfortable for my small hands. I currently have the env2 with the physical keyboard, but will I really use it once I get used to the touch screen? I may use this a bit for work, emails and if available word documents, is one better for this over the other? I’m going back and forth, X or 2??

  116. The droid X is a big phone no doubt. The keypad on it is bigger and makes it easier to hit the right key. With out the case it is not that bad. I have the body glove case and it does put on some extra material and make feel even bigger. I suggest going into the store and holding one and see how it feels. Also with the droids, there is a feature that you can push and you can speak your text message and put in what you said so there is no typing. You can’t speak many words at one time, perhaps 8 words at a time give or take a few. I almost sent my droid x back cause of the size but thought, I will give it a try. I am glad I kept it although I always get kidded about having a laptop attached to my belt. You can always put it in your purse though. Get the screen protector for it though.

  117. I did see how on both you can talk and it will text for you, which is awesome. I went to the store again today and held the two phones. Both are bigger than the one I have now. I’ve heard from many that have the droid x, they love it. I don’t know of anyone that has the droid 2 though. I’m still torn. I guess its just a matter of the size and the keyboard to me. The size is a plus due to easier use of the touch screen, but a negative because I won’t be able to put it in my pocket. The keyboard is a plus, because that is what I’m used to now, but could it be a negative if I end up not using it? Could it be another thing to break on the phone. This is a tough decision!

  118. Well the good thing is like with Verizon, if you don’t like it, you can return it in 30 days and get something else. Although I think there is a restocking fee. Droid 2 is the same as the previous one in size and shape except the newer one has a faster processor which is better of course and I think has more memory in it. if you want you can write me off line from here.

  119. I was having similar wifi issues and found a solution.

    1) Be sure you are updated to 2.3.15 (Android 2.2)
    a) Settings > About Phone > System Update

    2) Then go to Settings > Location & Security

    3) Ensure that ‘Use Wireless Networks’ is turned on. It is turned off by default (yes an oversight)

    4) Also turn on ‘Use GPS satellites’ and ‘Enable Assisted GPS’ while you are in there.

    5) D R O I D

  120. I have been connecting to my Netgear WGR614 v4 (802.11b/g using WPA2-PSK) with my Droid 2 without a problem except for weak signal strength in the furthest corners of the house.

    Today I hooked up a Netgear N600 WNDR3700 and was able to immediately connect with my laptop using WPA2-PSK [AES] but my Droid kept establishing signal and then losing it about two minutes later (immediately if I tried to run the Youtube app) even when I was sitting next to the router with 4/4 bars on the Droid. I wanted to keep WPA2-PSK for my laptop so I set the router’s b/g/n and a/n Guest Network settings to WEP and was able to establish and maintain a strong connection. So I tried WPA-PSK [TKIP] and was likewise able to maintain a strong connection on the Droid and have ever since. I’m loving the signal strength and speed I’m getting on both devices.

    I landed at this forum because of the Droid + WPA2-PSK [AES] issues I was having. I hope that my resolution will help others in the same predicament.

  121. I, too, am having WiFi connectivity problems with my new Droid X. When I first got the phone, I had absolutely no problems connecting to my household WiFi router, it worked beautifully. When I upgraded to the 2.2 software, I experienced problems with the phone. I did the factory resets that were listed on the internet, and now everything works great again except for the WiFi connection. I’ll try going into the security settings but for some reason, I don’t think thats the problem since it worked fine on the 2.1 software.

  122. I bought a Droid X from costco on 8/29 phone had 2 dead pixels(red in color)I tried fixing them with pixelfixer, no luck. I then tried to exchange it. every time I tried, sorry out of stock. 2 weeks later i returned it. I bought another one at the verizon online store(they had them in stock and would be easier to exchange). first thing I noticed was a dead red pixel. it was right in the middle of the “contacts” logo head. staring at me like a Terminator Cyclopes. My verizon certified replacement phone was perfect! no issues what so ever. THE END..dew do do da do…ffw, Hay isnt 2.2 great I can now see all of those cool floating advertisement and and,. hay the internetS stopped working. wait,whats it doing.(droid x) “scanning “, “connection detected”, “connecting”, “connected”, “scanning” “connection detected”, “connecting”, “connected”, “”scanning” . So onto my next verizon certified droid x. light green pixel is so cute. much nicer to look at then the red.I figured that I should just make a keeper out of this one. Besides, it seems to work good enough, right? Lets get that 2.2 update running and see what it can really do! AWESOME! works so fast! the battery is like.. wait, what is it doing(droid x) “connection detected”, ‘Connection Detected”,” connection Detected”,………………
    good by my friend. it was great while it lasted but now its over.

  123. Oh, FYI. First time verizon has ever experienced this type of issue

  124. I was having problems trying to figure out what was wrong for a couple days, but eventually I found a way to make my phone connect to my dlink Xtreme wireless N gigabit router. I went to the advance tab at my router’s webpabe (IP address = and clicked on the wifi protected set up. I disabled the wifi protected setup and saved the settings. The router rebooted, all my encryptions are still enabled which means my password and stuff is still set, and now my phone can connect to wifi. I hope this helps other people!!! – Penn

  125. I have the wifi issue. I will get the connectivity for the wifi to be connected but I wont be able to browse or anything that I would normally be able to do with the 3g, but as soon as the wifi is shut down I can browse again.

  126. I just purchased a DroidX, when I brought it home I enabled WIFI and joined my home network (according to the phone that is). When I tried to do anything on the internet, nothing. When I logged into my router, the IP that the phone said it had was not listed as a connected IP on the router. I had to change the connection to 802.11G only and change my security to TKIP, not TKIP + AES. Is this just a crappy WIFI card in the phone?

  127. I bought a new Droid X with the purpose of using the 3G hot spot in my house. After a couple of days of flawless use, I found that it would repeatedly disconnect during the high peak times i.e. (Monday morning and Friday afternoon). After calling and getting the runaround from Verizon, they finally opened a ticket after the claimed it was not a Verizon issue. After showing the tech the above page and the numerous issues that users were having, they said they would investigate. In other words do not expect to hear anything back. By browsing the information on the internet it is clearly a Verizon problem that they do not want to acknowledge. Of course they say I can return the phone and pay a 35.00 restock free and get a refurbished one for my brand new one. I can pay up to 350.00 to cancel the service or I can do like many in this thread and fix it myself. There are a couple of channels that the Droid can operate on. Some suggest if it is set to channel 11 that you will have problems. They suggest changing to channel 8. It would be nice if Verizon was smart enough to understand they need to know the product that they are selling. The phone is great when you don’t have to hassle with the WiFi issues.

  128. I have the Droid 2 (work phone) and it will not stay connect to our wireless. It will join and get a dhcp address then after I “awake” it from sleep the wireless had dropped. I’m the systems network analyst and manage a little over 1400 computers. We have been testing 20 iPads with our administration and they work great. We just implemented a wireless solution this past summer to handle all of our users. On a day-to-day basis have around 500-600 clients at any given time using the wireless system.). We are about to roll out netbook carts so each student 5-12th grade will have their own netbook. So we know our wireless is not the problem. I personally haven’t tried any other android devices. Here is a list of mobile devices that we have successfully connected to our network and use every day.
    -iPhone 3G, 3Gs, and 4
    -iPod touch
    -HTC desire & incredible
    -Cisco 7921 VoIP wireless phone
    I have been reading where I could change the connection to 802.11G and that may fix the problem but I really don’t like this idea. We have 0 wireless G clients and I have band steering setup so everyone is forced to use the 5Ghz wireless N side. I have also read where this was not an issue until the 2.2 update??
    It’s really a pain having this problem. We ordered 15 Droid 2’s for the administration. And they all have the same problem. They will connect & I am able to surf the web and do a speed test. As soon as I awake the phone from sleep the wireless is gone. I have to go into the network settings and re join every time.
    Anyone have any tips?

  129. same problem my wi-fi isnt working right lost the signal frequently how do we fixed that

  130. Droid x works pretty will though had problem with 3G when Wifi was on. turned off Wifi and 3G started working again.

  131. It’s not just sensationalism! It’s infinitely frustrating. My home has special low-e metallic insulation inside my roof. It blocks cell signal inside the house. I have to pay for a land line so I can make and receive calls inside my house but now I’ve paid all this money for my Droid X and I can’t even surf the web inside my home because the wifi doesn’t work. It shows a full signal but won’t connect to the internet. That means no voip or skype either. I had an HTC Droid last year that worked perfectly and my boyfriend has the slide Motorola Droid with the same 2.2, and his works perfectly. This tells me that the problem is specific to the Droid X software. Droid must be aware of this problem and they NEED to fix it. I’m not dumbing down my home wifi to try and make it work, which I’m told doesn’t always fix the problem and will likely be too slow for some of my applications regardless. Plus my boyfriend’s phone works better on the current signal so why should he have to sacrifice?

  132. Having the same issue…which means that the blockbuster app is basically useless…watching movies on the phone like an iphone without having to be pirate them or jump through hoops was a major reason why I went with this phone instead of the Iphone….very frustrating…may return the phone tommorow.

  133. Just plugged in my Wireless N (Netgear WNDR3700) router and started having issues on my Droid X. I didn’t have issues intially but my router was set at 50% power. I changed that to 100% because my new house is pretty big and since then I have had issues.

  134. I have been experiencing this issue using wpa with tkip on my wrt54g running tomato running in mixed b/g mode. I still find wifi too be much faster when web browsing and it is far better for vnc (locally.) I too have been toggling wifi off and on which fixes the problem for another 30 minutes or so.

  135. I had a Netgear WGT624 v3 router and the Wifi on my Droid X worked fine. Then I upgraded to a Netgear WNDR3700 N router to have a better signal range and now I am seeing the “Connection detected” message ever few seconds and the connection connects and disconnects over and over again.

  136. I maybe found “a” solution….so far, so good. Anyhow………

    Ok, struggling with this wifi issue, been researching on several forums, etc. this one, another one….I may have found a solution…in fact I have , so far for a half hour. I did what I did below because of the site listed below, which came up in a search:


    Basically, how to find your mac address. I now see this is where a kernel number is located for the phone also. (I saw kernel mentioned somewhere….).

    Anyhow, I then hardwired my laptop to my router, connected with

    ***Warning: Don’t put in MAC address, then selecting “Allow”. My setup needed “Disable” to be selected.

    Some of my settings from my router are listed below:

    My setup: Belkin Router/ Gateway Laptop/Droid X

    MAC Address
    – – – – –

    1. f8:7b:7a:35:70:01

    Other settings on my router are:
    1. connection type: Dynamic
    2. broadcast SSID is checked
    3. WPS is disabled
    4. Firewall is enabled
    5. 64 bit WEP
    6. Wireless>used as access point>disabled
    7. Firewall=Enabled

    *****Warning: Initially I entered the MAC address from my phone(see above webpage), then selected “ALLOW”—**THIS SCREWED UP MY ROUTER CONNECTION WITH MY LAPTOP, PHONE, ETC. I spent 1 hr with Belkin customer service who helped me get it straighted out.

    I then checked my phone and NOW MY DROID X IS CONNECTED WIFI TO MY LAPTOP. I went back to the router settings(see above) and the one thing I noticed DIFFERENT was that under “MAC address control”, my mac address was now there(because I put it in earlier) but DISABLED was now selected. (I’d made that change with the cust. Serv. Rep from belkin).


    My non-professional opinion. I hope this helps someone……….. Kent

  137. I had the same problem and just figured it out myself. Called Verizon and they couldn’t figure it out. They got Motorola on the phone and spent an hour trying everything possible. No solution.

    I had a connection with my wireless router, but no internet. In other words, I had a verified connection to the router and could even access the router setup page via….a connection to the router, but no internet. Both Verizon and Motorola was stumped. Since I had a full connection up until about 5 days ago, it just didn’t make any sense.

    I decided to check my router permissions. I found that all of my other devices (laptops, Ipod Touch, etc.) all had full access. Somehow the website, email and all other access permissions were shut off (via check boxes). The router did this automatically after allowing it for over 2 weeks. Anyway, I just changed the permissions to allow access and it completely fixed the problem.

  138. Obviously people there is a “known issue” or so many people wouldn’t be having problems. One of the big issues that I’ve seen to be a common theme is the d-link 650 or 850 using WPA or WPA 2 w/AES are having major issues. I have Droid X and cannot maintain a connection. I have it under mixed mode all universal, and it should not be an issue just because of an N-type? Those who post their’s works great with these settings, needs to post what type of router they have w/settings. This will help a lot of people fix their issues. MY D-link router only supports WEP or TKIP mode..Less safe.

  139. New droid X for the holidays! YAY……not. Wifi is bumming me out, So is the 3g connection(cant talk and browse web at the same time. What?). So with the wifi, my neighbor doesnt even have security enabled its still cuts in and out. Ive tried WEP/WPA/MAC adress filtering/ different channels/Static Ip/Dynamic ip….It’s very unreliable. I was thinking i had a bad phone, but with 100 + posts on here im guesssing not. Hey Moto! do something!

  140. I also am experiencing problems with Wi-Fi on the Droid X. When I try to wirelessly use AirSync with DoubleTwist, it will find the phone, connect for about >5 minutes, and then drop the connection. The only fix I have found is to turn off the phone’s wifi and then turn it back on…but even still, it won’t sync longer than 5 minutes or so…I want my time back Motorola!!!!

  141. both my and my husbands are having problems with the new router…our old one was 10 years old and our phones worked fine with it….now it connects and then disconnects itself over and over

  142. Heather – is your new router a Netgear WNDR3700 by any chance? I’ve had issues with the WNDR3700 but not my old router.

  143. Won’t work w/ a Dlink DIR-615. Connect, drop, connect …. Useless. Motorola claime you have to turn of N band but this won’t work w/ the Dlink. Wouldn’t work in the Verizon store; but Verizon technical support continues to claim there are no wifi problems.

  144. Upgraded to a new Droid X 2 weeks ago and the wifi worked for just over a week, then stopped. They told me they knew of no problems and let me exchange for a new phone (X). Just got home and it won’t connect either.

  145. I was having intermittent wifi disconnects as well with my DX. I have a Linksys N router, WRT120N. I did as #33 stated,changed the sleep polcy to never and then I installed (from Apps) the Wifi On-Off widget and it’s been about four hours and so far I haven’t had an issue. This seemed to have started whe I updated to Version 2.3.340.MB810 I’ve only had this thing for about a week and I think it rocks. My wife has the D2 with the original Version and it was doing the same thing. The above fixed both wifi issues…

  146. All three members of my family have droids. One Droid Incredible and 2 Droid Xes. The Incredible and one X connects to our home wifi with no problems, but mine X won’t. It keeps trying but fails.

  147. Bought two for 99, these phones are sick, my just had a problem connecting and my gf is not very tech savy, well she figured it out in two minuets. Very happy.

  148. Hi all…

    I just bought a Droid X. I’ve been experimenting and it seems that turning airplane mode on, then turning on wifi, then turning airplane mode off seems to keep my connection from dropping.

    Try this and good luck!

  149. ok here is my experience with Droid X wifi problems. I am not an expert at any of this. Just returned to a Wyoming winter after spending time with family in California and New Mexico. My Droid X wifi worked perfectly while traveling, logged on to their encrypted home networks easily and held signal – all worked well in multiple locations. These were all secure networks. After arriving home, attempted to log on to my home secure wireless network which I had not done before but used Verizon 3G only, and started having the same problems everyone else has been referring to. Connect-disconnect-connect-disconnect etc. I use a Linksys WRT54G router, older model, version 2, encryption was set to WEP. What I did that appears to have resolved my problem is as follows: I did a firmware update to latest for the router which I had never done. It is not for the faint of heart – be certain to backup your settings or you will have to get your internet provider to provide them for you. (Done under administration, config management) I then turned off the encryption and my Droid X locked on immediately. I noted all the encrypted routers I used while traveling used WPA encryption so set the encryption to WPA Personal and Droid X continues to work perfectly. So in my case, firmware update and switching to WPA encryption seems to have worked. I wish I had turned on the encryption and tried logging on before updating the firmware since that would have suggested the encryption was the problem.

  150. Last sentence should read ” I wish I had turned OFF the encryption – – “

  151. When I enabled wifi at home, my Droid X would restart continuously. After 2 months of frustration, I resolved the issue by changing my router settings from WEP with mixed b&g to WPA/WPA2-PSK with g only. Haven’t experienced any issues since. I wish I’d discovered the solution sooner.

  152. Network Analyst says … WIFI with G only and WPA/2 and TKIP works. Wireless N is an issue, most likely has to do with drivers and or Older “N” routers.

    AES is an issue; I saw a note about using TKIP and since changing to that it has been flawless. Going back to WEP is pointless false security, might as well run “OPEN” WIFI.

    And that is how I earn a living.

  153. I too, am having problems w/ my ‘X’ and WIFI. It seems it loses connection at random times when I try to browse. Just doesn’t hit the sites. The difference here is that I have to reset the Router (WNR834Bv2) in order to resync. Toggling WIFI doesn’t do it, or even power cycle my X. After reading this post, I’ve changed the router’s security and encryption to WPA-PSK+WPA2-PSK. So far so good… This is especially important for me, since I have only the $15 VW data plan. I’ve turned off the 3G stuff.

  154. I also have experienced ‘lockups’ on my X and the only way out is the remove the battery. I hate that, since I have a silly hard shell and have to remove it in order to remove the batt.

  155. I own the Droid 2 Global.. and have the sonicall TZ200N at work. The phone was connecting using WIFI but could not load any web pages/ no app was able to go online. The router radio was set to b/g/n mode. was using the WPA/WPA2 security. Tried rebooting the router and the phone so many times and didnt work.


    I changed the radio on the router to b/g mode and it started working like a charm.

    My laptop connects now and earlier too.. so i guess there is some issue with the phone when it sees an n enabled radio.

  156. Ditto I did this:
    “I have solved my wifi issues, mabey this will help some of you I had to switch my router from WEP to WPA/WPA2 PSK
    Once I did my Droid X was cruising.
    Just go to your router’s webpage and modify the type of
    Security. Goodluck fellow Droids.”
    For my HTC incredible and it works fine so far, it connected 1st try after this tweak which it would never do to my Att U-verse 2-Wire wireless modem.

    1. That did the trick…thanks!

  157. definatly a problem! could not connect even once to my wi fi at home. talked to verizon and got a clueless rep following prompts on the computer and got nowhere with it. still have not connected once!

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