Motorola Milestone XT720 Shows Up on Cincinnati Bell Support Site



Last time we heard news of this particular Motorola Android phone heading to Cincinnati Bell it was still going by the name Motoroi. A name change later, the Milestone XT720 now features on its very own section of the Support page at the Cincinnati Bell website. Attempts by subscribers eager to get their hands on the phone to dig up more details via Cincinnati Bell’s Facebook page have proven fruitless, but a full-blown support site definitely raises the possibility that this phone could be landing on the carrier very soon.

[Thanks to Nate for sending this in!]

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  1. Thanks Nate! You’re awesome!

  2. Unfortunately, they have support sites for a lot of phones they don’t (and may never) have – like the iPhone. They actually provide support for adding other carrier’s phones to their network (unlike other carriers) as long as they’re unlocked.

    Also, a quick call to customer support (and a request to speak to a manager) revealed that they have no intention of adding the phone, despite providing a $100 rebate if you purchase it on your own. (http://www.cincinnatibell.com/shared_content/pdf/wireless/rebates/smart100_083110.pdf)

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