Maria Sharapova Unboxes the X10 Mini Pro

Aside from the fact that it’s quite obvious she studied a Sony Ericsson-drafted fact sheet before shooting this video, Maria Sharapova’s unboxing of the X10 Mini Pro is still very enjoyable. No, not because she’s a good looking tennis star holding a gadget (although that’s a very big plus), but because I can’t help but laugh knowing that she probably wouldn’t know the difference between the X10 Mini and Mini Pro if someone held them up to her side-by-side.

It’s not the greatest of unboxings, but Sharapova’s presence definitely makes it one worth taking a quick look at. You can find the video above.

[via Androinica]

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  • Jared

    My wife is hotter and smarter. My wife would also not allow herself to be associated with a Sony product… but she sucks at tennis

  • jo

    so let me get this straight.. so your wife DOES suck?? She’s already better than my wife.. well, ex.

  • John

    I watched only because it’s Maria Sharapova. Not too excited about the Sony phones.

  • Mark

    well if only maria un-boxed herself……..

  • 3 Phones Jugglin thanks….Maybe if this was unboxed on a beach chair and Set on Serenas Ass i would have ran and got this right away.

  • Alex

    Love tennis and android, so great idea. The video is too raw though.

  • Vlad

    Masha’s the sweetest tennis star ever. My full size X10 would definitely like to get close with her cutie Mini. Let’s just hope my wife doesn’t read that on her HTC Magic ;)

  • DroidATX

    Adrianna Lima was not available? :(

  • Alvin

    they should have come up with a better lighting, to the very least…

  • Ali

    so they’re making a fetish out of unboxing smartphones now? pretty sad…

  • MikeyG

    Unboxing videos are already the ultimate in geek entertainment, now add a nice looking woman and our pocket protectors are snapping in delight!

    This must be what it’s like when a gun nut sees a video of a babe in a bikini shooting a tommy gun!

  • gnugu

    They guy with the camera looks like he’s from a porn industry. Those closeups and the sound…

  • phoenix

    oh god, it does. the whole video was really creepy. i half expected the guy to go, “ok, well, i’ll leave you alone now so you can get comfortable and get undressed. just go ahead and get started and do whatever you’d like”

  • need to twat a lot?

    i do get a hard on..

  • http://phandroid jozek

    she is so hoooooooooooooooooooooooot

  • Simon

    Worst unboxing yet. Sorry to be critical, but feels like I’m watching the intro to a porn clip, only she never takes off her clothes.

  • Hampteezy

    @JARED _ Yeah, O.K., keep eating subway poonah

  • Mobbjack

    For you guys seeing resemblance to porn when a girl is unboxing a phone on video: this is probably more indicative of your internet habits then this actual unboxing video.