Sprint’s Latest Playbook Flaunts Epic 4G, Lists Motorola i1’s Release as July 25th

Unfortunately, Sprint’s latest Playbook didn’t reveal anything new regarding the Samsung Epic 4G (like a release date and price), but the lesser-anticipated Motorola i1 seems to have gotten a final retail date. According to the calendar section of the magazine for third-party authorized Sprint dealers, its launch is said to be happening July 25th, 2010.


Previously, we’d heard that July 20th would be its launch date, but the mobile phone market moves fast and changes can be made faster than you can say “Dear Sprint: when are we going to get a release date for the Epic 4G already?” (if you haven’t figured it out, I was trying to kill two birds with one stone there).


[via SDX Developers]

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  • Seriously

    I am soooooo sick of waiting for a release date for the Epic 4G……Why the secrecy?….Do you guys think that T-Mobile has some kind of exclusive deal with Samsung for the Samsung Galaxy S for a few weeks or months?….Have the release dates for the Verizon Fascinate or AT&T Captivate been announced yet?…..I just want to figure out how long I have to save money for my Epic 4G so I can get it on release day :) ….Hey Sprint, if you could just give us the release date on the Epic 4G that would be great….Oh, and I’m going to need you to come in on Saturday since we are a bit behind schedule on the T.P.S. reports……LOL……PC Load Letter? WTF!

  • bonezy

    @seriously rofl O.S. references ftw

  • Nexteluser

    Are u serious!!, this is like the 8th release date I heard that this Motorola i1 is coming out. I believe it will probably never be out. Thanks Sprint!!! for ruining what Nextel had.

  • mario bros

    To all loyal nextel customers, just call customer service and ask to make a complaint on the sprint/nextel CEO, seriously!!