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Remember when we speculated that the Amazon Kindle app for Android would see its release in July concurrent with the Samsung Vibrant? This is one instance where we are happy to admit we were wrong, because “coming in July” just turned into today, as in the Amazon Kindle app can now be found in the Android Market. A pretty pleasant surprise for those that want to take advantage of the voluminous number of books available through Kindle. Go grab it in the market now.

[thanks to Scott for the heads up!]

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  1. Once again, Amazon has partnered with Android against the tyrannical forces of Apple.

  2. It’s not a bad app at all, there are some features from Aldiko that I’d like to see in the Kindle app (better control over font and layout, for instance), but otherwise it is very similar to the Kindle app on my iPod Touch. Books can be purchased using the Android browser and then sync’d back to the app, there is no in-app bookstore. Bookmarks and furthest read in my Kindle books was brought over with no problem.

    BTW, it’s Scot with one ‘t’ on the hat-tip up there. :)

  3. Yeah!!!!! I was definitely waiting on this! Downloading now.

  4. Amazing to me that Kindle’s out for Android already, but the B&N nook-compatible app isn’t, considering the nook runs Android. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good nook-related site? Just got one for my birthday on Friday, and it’s nice, but I’d like to be able to do a little customization like I do with my phone.

  5. Cool. Now I get my Kindle-Library on my
    1. Kindle V2
    2. my PC
    3. my EVO

    And The bookmarks follow each, thanks whispernet

    ….now i just wish i was a ‘reader’ :-)>

  6. This makes my week!!!

  7. Fantastic. This was the one app I’ve been waiting for since switching to android from the iphone six months ago.

    Works well at first glance too.

  8. ugh, it does not find this app on my phone which is 1.5! ~motorola cliq xt

  9. I will stick to my actual Kindle

  10. Cannot find the app in the Market for some reason .. did a manual search + Scanned the QR Code. *sigh*

  11. Too bad I can’t download this on my Cliq (1.5). Can’t wait to get my EVO!

  12. works like a charm. this will certainly help boost mobile reading and business revenue for amazon :)

  13. Anyone else struggling to actually get to the store from within the app? Just redirects to an error page.

  14. books are gibberish on my G1! Can’t figure out why, is it cause of the modded rom?

  15. it’s about time!

  16. Nice, looks about identical to Kindle for iphone/itouch. Better than the real Kindle which has no backlight. I often read a book at night on my ipod touch. Will be handy to sync the books to my phone also so I can read a chapter or two in downtime.

  17. My Moto Droid is having the corrupted books issue as well. I run CM5 with apps to SD, so I figured that might be the problem. Moved the app and reinstalled the books – same issue. Anyone work out a fix?

  18. I’m having an issue as well with the Droid.. corrupted..displays random words and odd symbols

  19. Been looking forward to this. Thanks for the heads up :)

  20. My Nexus One with CM 5.08 is having the currupt text issue as well. It could be an issue with custom roms, but I doubt it.

  21. Turns out it is a bug with CM 5.08. An official fix is in the works.

    In the meantime there is a hot fix for Nexus One owners.

  22. Great! Now lets get this app ported to the Nook. Oh, and how about B&N and Amazon NOT send cease and desist orders to the authors, so we can begin to have something resembling an open market for ebooks.

    I always love to point this out. In the US if I find an ebook for the Kindle which I can’t buy elsewhere and I own an eReader that is not the Kindle, I only have two choices if I want to read that book on my eReader.
    1. Buy the book from Amazon for money. Break the law trying to crack Kindle’s drm on the book so I can read it.
    2. Download the book for free off a torrent site. And break the law in the process.

  23. this does not work with android 1.5 devices…not sure about 1.6, can anyone confirm?

  24. I too had trouble getting to the store from within the kindle app. I use dolphin with the user agent set to desktop. If I change the user agent to android, it works.

    I hope this helps.

  25. Works perfectly and without any delays or problems on my Droid running 2.1 update 1.

  26. @bel

    I applied the patch to my Nexus One and the text is rendered properly now.

    The fix will be in the bug fix release of CM

  27. @bel i had the same problem, i removed CM5 and used SuperbadCM5 instead. Fixed the problem for me

  28. can’t find it on Nexus One, i have the official OTA Froyo update

  29. @Alex
    There has been a Kindle app for iPhone OS for a very, very long time.

  30. The CM5 issue seems to be a font issue. I swapped in DejaVu Sans and it looks better (no more chinese characters) but still alot of boxes.

  31. Its going to be great not having to pirate eBooks anymore.

  32. Double Post, but I can confirm that the link Brandon posted does include a G1 (And other phones) fix for the problem. It’s listed about halfway down the thread.


  33. This App looks great on my EVO!

  34. Best of both worlds?

    So…can I hack my Nook to run the Kindle Android app? What version of Android OS is Nook running (1.5??), so not yet anyway since the app requires (or says it requires) 1.6.

  35. Anyone else have an issue with the screen blacking out? I’ve read one book but while in the middle of my second my screen went black and I can’t see the page, but the main screen where I pick mybooks is just fine. Please help me if you can.

  36. Same here my android king
    Del app went black and no longer works

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