Best Buy Confirms the White-Backed EVO 4G That Vic Gundotra Showed Off Last Month


Even though some of our readers reported they’ve successfully been able to pre-order the white-backed HTC EVO 4G, Best Buy hadn’t come out with an official statement confirming as much. It’s official now, and there’s not much more to it: on July 11th, you can pick yourself up a white HTC EVO 4G.


Same pricing and eligibility conditions still apply, of course. This is the same version of the phone that Google’s Vic Gundotra was holding at his Google I/O Keynote speech that no one seemed to realize (that can be found near the end of the keynote video which can be found here, right at the 43-minute mark). Are you going to spring for one of these instead of the black version?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Ordered mine. It was easier to order that the black one.

  2. If it was all white and not just the back. Idk why they mix and match with stuff. Be your own and compete. That’s copying the iPhone. I would rather see an all white one. The new iPhone doesn’t even mix and match anymore. They have an all black one and an all white one later this year. The all white would compliment the screen. I would stick to black.

  3. is the front of the phone white also? or is only the back?

  4. Oh yeah thats right cause Apple came up with the different colors on phones also..

    I’m sure glad the iphone came along and showed us all touch screens and different colored handsets so everyone else can copy them.

  5. @matt you truly are ignorant. colored phones have been around for years. htc came out with the evo before iphone 4. touch screens predate the iphone by at least a decade. troll somewhere else.

  6. @Brandon
    I believe Matt was being sarcastic replying to Nate88’s comment. If I read it right.

  7. Ordered mine today instore. It’s only $50 upfront instore, but if you do it online you have to pay the full $199 upfront.

    @Brandon, you might want read things a little more carefully before making an a** out of yourself.

  8. Same issues that the black one had?

  9. I’m sorry but why would you want a ‘white’ phone. Does the word DIRTY come to mind? Give me the black it has more class.

  10. Brandon- Look up sarcasm in the dictionary moron!!

  11. hahahaha, go gently guys… everyone makes mistakes! (Brandon) lmao… And oh, for the White EVO, IDK if it’s good or bad, but one thing is for certain, it is going to irritate the hell out of Jobs for sure! I can see him running now looking to see if Apple owns a patent on White phones so that he can sue. lolz all the Fan Boiis are gonna be confused too. Gotta Love it! :D

  12. At Brandon n Matt> Catfight!!! Are you guys married? Reeeeeeehhhhrrrr! LMFAO!!!

  13. Whats wrong with black and white? What do people really want? A bright red phone? A yellow phone? Yeah, those are teenager devices. I am a grown up, I don’t need some pink p.o.s.

  14. While the white vs. black debate is always a fun one… I’m thinking I might grab this phone and just throw one of those gel cases on it….

  15. Oh joy, white, for all the 17 year old girls. Have fun with that, ladies. /thread

  16. @TOM haha dude thanks for the laugh. This phone better have a full white casing cuz i wanna rock out. oh and @chomsky1…keep on hatin

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