Verizon Bringing VCast Video to Its Android Handsets on Monday



Philadelphia-area VZW rep Sheldon Jones tweeted away that Verizon will be bringing its VCast Video service to their Android smartphones starting Monday, June 7th. Verizon’s mobile video service has been surprisingly absent from their now dominate Droid lineup, even though it exists on practically every feature phone Verizon offers.

The viewing experience should be stepped-up on the beefier hardware of the likes of the Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Incredible, and its hard to imagine their bright and clear screens won’t do the videos justice. Incredible owners should even be able to plug their Droid into their TV and get access to VCast shows and clips on their television sets. Pretty good if you’re into mobile video; last time I checked VCast had a decent selection to choose from.

[via Android Authority]

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  1. Greatttt…. =(

  2. Great! I use to be jealous of my friend who had verizon and vcast when I had an iphone. Now that i have a Droid I can enjoy this pretty cool service. So glad I dropped AT&T for VZW.

  3. Does this cost anything extra?

  4. It’s Verizon, everything cost extra ;)

  5. Just looked it up $10 a month. Not worth it for me for the few channels they offer. $3 a month and I’d get it.

  6. Well, I would rather have the option to pay for it and have it than to have no option at all. You get what you pay for fellas

  7. This is awesome, 10 bucks for 1 month and you can watch the world cup on your phone.

  8. Its always great to have options. Kinda the reason we all here have android phones. I may get it, depends what they have on tap.

  9. I want a Netflix app.

  10. Yes Netflix app would be nice

  11. already paying for it, about time it works on my Droid! :))

  12. i have a moto devour, ive had access to vcast since i got my phone 2 months ago. must be that the android phone branded as droid did not have it so its not all vzw android phones.

  13. Verizon site has one month free trial
    perfect time for world cup =)
    cant wait

  14. Waiting for the slingbox app…

  15. I do not have the option for VCast in the android market under the Verizon tab, what gives? Moto Droid

  16. VCast video doesn’t show on my Android Market

  17. Same issue as Jason: no V Cast in the Market.
    Droid Eris running 2.1

  18. I called Verizon twice! I first had them add vcast to my droid. and the second call was because it never sent me a notification. The tech told me you can have it added to the services today but the app is not available until June 11, 2010.

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