Motorola i1 On Sprint Will Release June 6th

Earlier today we got out eyes on an image touting the iDEN-ready Motorola i1 getting priced at $149.99 on contract for Sprint. This wasn’t all that surprising, as Sprint was actually what everyone expected before the Sprint-owned Boost Mobile went and got the word out that the pre-paid phone carrier would also be offering this one up.


Now an internal screenshot by way of Engadget is giving us a bit more info on exactly when we will be seeing the i1 on Sprint, and it is looking like as soon as June 6th. This is when the phone will be available by direct ship, anyway. On June 11th the phone should be available in store.

For whatever it may lack in power and specs it makes up for in the “should be totally hard to destroy” category. I kind of want to get my hands on one just to beat the crap out of it and then go “Hey look! It still works AND it runs Android!”

[via Engadget Mobile]

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  • ShaunD

    What happen to June 20th?
    Damn. lol

  • Sal

    Is it going to have a sctratch proof screen and scratch proof border? Also, whats the price going to be with out a 2 year contract. And what will the price be if you have had your phone for 1 year and want to get this phone?

  • a

    2 year contracts take off 150$. After 1 year you qualify for 75$ off.

  • neeka

    on boostmobile its priced at $349 just check on

  • Tim D.

    Got mine last Friday 5/22/10 from Southern LINC. It does seem pretty sturdy. For those of us on iDEN this is a long time coming, maybe WiDEN will come someday? I’m not going to take any chances though, went ahead and put on a screen protector I got from eBay. With LINC it was $199.00 with $75 MIR with two year contract and $29.99 data plan. I got a little different deal due to being a Southern Company employee.

  • indycar

    somes questions… why the picture says motorola i1 bold ??? and the device will lauch in JULY 11 not june 11.

  • phoneresearch

    neeka the pricing for best buy is not the set price that BOOST has chosen, they are still undecided (just go to their site) if you allready have a number with BOOST you should be able to get it cheeper.

  • Average Joe

    Well today I was told that the date has been pushed back to July 25th, 2010! How ya like them apples? Well an Apple iPhone and ATT is actually starting to sound good after the Google harvesting all that info with their drive-by camera cars! Now it makes me wonder what is all the fuss about the Google Android OS and what does it harvest….our call logs and the calls themself? Now it is becmoing more clear as to why they need all the data centers across the country! lol
    Maybe I will go back to the simple days without a cell phone when I could actually get work done! 20 years of putting up with Sprint and Nextel’s games…I’m feeling so done with them!