Nexus One Starting to Show Up in Third Party Retail Outlets


Google hadn’t given us a solid time frame for when we could expect to see the Nexus One in third party retail stores when they announced they’d be shutting down their web store, but there appears to be a little-known third-party site giving us the first indication of that transition.


i Wireless – an authorized T-Mobile reseller – seems to be one of the first outlets in the United States to offer the Nexus One at their own subsidized price and for their own terms. For $299.95 after a rebate and a 2-year commitment, you can purchase the T-Mobile compatible device and use it however you see fit (there are a lot of plan and upgrade restrictions if you purchase the device subsidized from Google themselves).

We still don’t know if either AT&T or T-Mobile themselves will be carrying the device on their own site or in-stores yet, but at least we can take from this the hint that Google may finally be preparing to close up shop for their own phone distribution outlet.

[i Wireless via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Due to the frustratingly slow Android OS update process, release a Nexus Two with a 4+” screen and maybe I’ll go back to T-Mobile.

    I wish Verizon would get the Nexus phones (better 3G footprint than T-Mobile).

    Anyone know the reputation of this iwireless.com outfit? They have NO brick and mortar stores in my city.

  2. According to the image the “Suggested Retail” price is $699.95, but according to Google it is $529.00. Even after buying both docks it is still only $629.00.

  3. ONLY $629?

    Hell I’ll buy a nice laptop for that and get a mid-range Android from AT&T “sometime” this summer at a subsidized rate.

    I’m ready to get off the Blackberry as my ATT contract has expired but I mean – c’mon? $629 bucks for a phone?

  4. Wow… they jacked up the “MSRP” by $170 to $699.99 and then claim a $350.00 “discount”. This phone should be $179 on contract. What a rip-off.

  5. Webby, the iwireless in question is a regional carrier in parts of the midwest that uses t-mobile spectrum for roaming and stuff, so if you are outside of iowa and nearby states, that’s probably why you have not seen any stores.

  6. @webby
    because of the slow update process, you would want a nexus one, because it would be the phone to update first.

  7. Look for the t mobile nexus one around the 17th of june. I was in a store and they told me they had no idea if they would even get them in but they have a mysterious meeting one day where all the employees are all scheduled to work and they think it could be for the nexus.

  8. Ok i have a very important question. Im planning on getting a nexus one in the middle of June. if Google closes their store before then, i cant buy an unlocked nexus one and the only place i can get an unlocked nexus one is eBay am i right?

  9. Why would anyone pay $300 and sign a 2 year contract with ATT’s crappy service, when you can pay $200 for a similar deal from Verizon and get the HTC Incredible. Does everything about selling the Nexus need to be mishandled? Oy!

  10. @Will – I hope it is for the Emerald Project they will be working for. If that is the case maybe June 17th will be in my calendar for visiting a T-mobile store!

  11. @boxy, that would depend on whether the carrier or Google would be responsible for the updates. If it’s the carrier, he could wait forever once newer phones come out. Carriers are interested in servicing their newest and most popular. We G1 and MyTouch owners are still waiting to get even Eclair.

  12. @sxnook321 – I am in the same predicament! Nexus One is currently my targeted favorite phone (T-mobile’s 3G coverage in my areas is great), but I’m quite worried about my prospects… I’m not sure whether we consumers can expect better or zero opportunities to purchase an unlocked N1 in the next few months! Does anyone know whether unlocked N1’s after the Google store shutdown will be (A) available, and (B) perhaps more competitively priced?

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