EVO 4G Pre-Orders Beginning Later This Month At RadioShack, Coming Soon To Sprint Stores

Now that the launch of the HTC Droid Incredible has finally fizzled down a bit, the HTC EVO 4G is ready to make its round of splashes in the coming weeks. We’ve already seen the phone spotted in stores, on Oprah, and we’re starting to see some promotional videos popping up, as well (even if they are the least bit desirable). Now, the juicy tidbits are beginning to make their rounds right onto our plates.

An anonymous tipster just checked in with us and – to our surprise – came through with some nice information regarding the HTC EVO 4G’s release date. Specifically, the tipster grabbed a shot of RadioShack’s internal employee information system showing that the EVO 4G would be available later this month for pre-order. No other information could be extracted at the time, but if “later this month” is to be believed, then that means our June 6th or June 13th date is all the more likely.


What’s more? Some of our awesome forum members at AndroidForums.com claim that Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G advocates would be getting their phones in at the middle of the month. For those that don’t know, Sprint chooses one employee per store, per phone to use before it launches to the public (my guess is so that they can properly train their team on the device and more effectively communicate its details to the consumers). User ‘dcdttucreated a thread updating us on his friend’s store that chose an advocate earlier today.

Sprint chooses an ‘Advocate’ for each new phone when it launches, giving a new, not-released phone to one employee to learn the month before the launch. My friend works at a store, and today they decided on their Advocate. My friend said that the Advocate is always decided within about a month of its release!

Another forum user – by the name of ‘Rebella‘ – suggests that Sprint will begin training at their store for the EVO on or near May 24th, with June 6th indeed being pegged the launch date. This information was spotted in the EVO Rumors and Speculation thread.

I work for Sprint and met with the HTC people today and they showed us the EVO. Man what a cool phone. They said the EVO advocates will get the phones on May 17th and be trained on them May 24th. The EVO will go on sale June 6th.

You can continue reading that thread here for more updates from Rebella. Of course, we have to take all of the forum posts with a grain of salt, but the information gathered from the internal screenshot via RadioShack seems to line up quite elegantly with what these users have been saying. As usual, we’re going to keep on top of the “Android gods that be” and try to bring more information to you the moment it’s available.

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  • Jonny

    They better release this with 2.2 before WWDC hahahahhahahaahaha

  • Jouten

    I’m getting this phone. No if, ands or buts.

  • http://google wop

    I can’t wait its on.

  • Jaime

    Bye bye Verizon and your overpriced rates.

  • Andrew

    Apple’s announcement of the next iPhone at WWDC will steal the hype from this phone. Sprint and HTC, if your watching just know that there are a lot more Apple fans then Sprint fans. Might want to consider changing the release date!

  • Ben W.

    i already called tmobile and got all the info i needed on cancellation ($50, since i’ve only got a few months left on contract).
    it’s official. i am all over this phone like a bag of fritos.

  • Inebri-HATED

    I love you Evo. You will be mine!

  • http://na BF

    Why don’t they just come out with a release date already! Every day they wait is another day customers are jumping ship to Verizon for the Incredible.

  • webby

    I’m the owner the EVO has been waiting for.
    The EVO will be my third Android phone.

  • TX.Android

    Don’t forget us over at Best Buy… We will be looking forward to the pre-sale to help service our customers…

  • 3 Phones Jugglin

    Nobody gives a Shit About the Iphone & AT&ts overpriced rates. It wont make a difference. EVO will sell. Oprah Told your Daddy Steve Jobs to go fuck hiself. To think Hesse worked for At&t.

  • jdizzle

    My friend works for HTC and she said the it will be released with android 2.5 LOL

  • CSIShadow

    Ben W.

    Is thems the Chili Cheese Fritos, Scoops, or your good old fashioned “originals”?

    I will agree, I’ve been drooling over the prospect of owning this phone. I’m not one to ususally jump on the “high tech top of the line” but this one’s had my attention from the word: “HIYA!!!!”

  • http://www.mycheaptech.net GM From My Cheap Tech

    Already a fan of similar models so the 4G and MiFi features pretty much seals the deal the for me.

  • DD man

    One ad seems to mention hotspot, does anyone know the phone will actually be able to be a hotspot for couple laptops?????

  • swazedahustla


    Yes you would be able to give access to up to 8 wireless devices.

  • Michelle

    I am still using the 1st gen Iphone, I can not wait for the release. BTW, if the iphone was not free I would have returned it in a week. No one with any real computer skills can stand all the walls and rules Apple shoves done on thier customers. YEH Andriod & Sprint.

    BTW would pay any termination fee to get my hands on a real “smart phone”.

  • jdog

    HTC just said that the next update past 2.1 will be released in May 2011 hell yeah!

  • http://gamingbygrace.com Hampteezy

    This phone is the end all be all, I gotta wait till August for my upgrade, but when I do get this phone it better be available on employee pricing! Im glad everyone is exciting to get their hands on the Evo, gonna makes me some money on the Evo and then buy the Evo. Yay Sprint. :D

  • Rick

    Can’t wait for this phone … makes me loose my breath!

  • Rick

    The fact that Sprints data plan is included the everything plan ALONE makes the company stand out … AT&T has loyal followers that are starting to look over their shoulder and think twice … its the apocalypse! GOODBYE IPHONE!

  • Phone Fan

    For years I’ve been an avid Blackberry user,but this phone is too awesome to bypass. I’ll be an EVO user as soon as it launches!