2 Cool: Teaser Cheeses-Out the EVO 4G [VIDEO]


I’m really at a loss for words after watching this. Not only does the phone showcased seem oddly disproportionate to the real EVO 4G, but the totally radical guitar music sounds like it could have been plucked straight from Road Rash. Check out the “2 cool cameras” and ‘HUGE 4.3″ multi-touch display’ below:

Is it just me, or does this one just miss the mark?

[As a note: I have no idea if this video is official or not, I just wanted to point it out because it sincerely made me laugh.]

[YouTube via UnwiredView]

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  1. That evo does look fat… maybe the camera adds some pounds?

  2. This cannot be legit! Fanboy made or something right? OMG that is ridiculous. I dont even want the thing after watching this. LOL

  3. Yea if this is sprints actually marketing they are in trouble lol. Reminds me of the HTC FAIL at the G1 marketing with “smarterer” and “funnerer”. My we’ve come a long way since those days lol.

  4. It said that android market had 30,000 aps, doesn’t it have over 50k now? I wont believe this is a real video until it is on sprint’s site or TV.

  5. It looks like something Sprint would show its employees for training, or in a “State of the Company” presentation. But yeah, that phone looks short and stout actually.

  6. What. The. Hell… That is one awful spot.

  7. the ad would look better if they just put a pic of the phone and list all specs in text …

    this was horrible

  8. Looks like a short fat Incredible with a smooth battery cover.

  9. that has been around for a while, and it says only 30k apps, which there are 50k of now.

    this is a homemade comercial made a few days after CTIA

  10. This is obviously someones college project.

  11. It just looks weird because of the way it was encoded, looks like it was recorded in 4:3 but re-encoded in 16:9 incorrectly.

  12. Its pretty obvious thats just a fanboy video. Not post worthy IMO.

  13. Hahah this is Steve Jobs work! He is trying to sabotaage!!

  14. Wow, that is one terrible ad. The most obvious flaw is that the phone image is wrong – it is ridiculously pinched in. Sprint really needs to pay more attention to their ads – one has to wonder if those executives who approved the ad, actually knew their product.

  15. someone screwed up in the video production. Sprint should yank this video as bloggers are already picking up on it and calling it bulky, fat and “un-desire-able.” this is too important an investment for sprint to allow it to be exposed to poor product marketing. Sprint should really be pumping a good amount of $$ into a major ad campaign like VZW’s droid series, which are awesome and clearly targeted at the male audience but also effective. Getting early adopters excited will be the key to increasing the product sales and interest in Sprint’s network. Do it right the first time!

  16. That video was pretty good… all it was missing was a blonde with big hair and fake boobs, sporting a waist-high thong and draped over a 1983 camaro.

  17. Parts bin!!!

    Couldn’t they leave the Incredible’s camera ring to Big Red and give the EVO a yellow camera ring?

  18. haha road rash

  19. and yeah this is stupid. If i was not completely obsessed with this phone, and didn’t check for news about it every day..I would think this phone was a joke. Lets just hope this is just something internal or an amateur job. If a fanboy did create this, he should be ashamed. Hurting the product already before it even gets a release date.

  20. calling it fake (not made by Sprint). If Sprint can get the EVO in Oprah’s hands they wouldn’t release this trash to the public. Now if you can Orpah to say “buy an EVO” Sprint wouldn’t need to spend anything on commercials.

  21. You all are retarded this commercial has been out for a whillle now

  22. Also, every time the browser is on the phone, it is horribly off center and obviously not actually on the phone.

  23. Regardless when is AT&T going to get an HTC phone with the same background?

  24. Wack-ass video dude!!
    It remind me of a cheerleader competition with all the spinning, flipping, formation movements..
    Not to mention the noise that was playing through out the commercial.
    That almost made me not want the Evo anymore……”ALMOST”

  25. It’s posted on the official Sprint channel… sadly, this looks legit, which is a total disgrace to the phone.

  26. You guys are retarded, this video has been out for almost 2 months.
    Jeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Here, chew on this and forget about what you just saw…


    Thank you and have an awesome day!

  28. That video was horrible but my source says it is real:(

  29. Old news. This video appeared way back the the EVO was first officially announced.

  30. this video was shown at the announcement for the pone. unfortunately, sprint is super cereal about this ad.

  31. Are you fuckin stupid?

    This is fan made crap. They took a rotation off the fucking website and added some shitty iMovie effects.

    Check your fucking sources before you pimp this shit as news

  32. looks like it will feel like crap in the hand. Overrated anyway.

  33. You guys missed the mark on this one. This video was on display at CTIA Wireless when the Evo 4G was announced. Sprint never intended for it be a “commercial” it was just played on a loop their booth. Please do more research before creating post like this you’re losing credibility with me. As for the readers and their ridiculous comments ridiculing a mistaken show booth video for an actual TV Spot — you haven’t seen anything yet. May 15th…

    – out

  34. maybe.. apple did this. lol

  35. 1.3 MP in the front, 8 MP in the back…

    …can we call this a camullet?

  36. Still way overrated in my opinion, its no better than the Incredible or Nexus One, just has a few different features like two cameras and an over sized screen.

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