Verizon Launching the HTC Incredible at End of April?


A post over at AndroidForums has an image suggesting Verizon will be launching “New devices ‘really’ soon.” Could this be the beginnings of what will eventually end with the roll out of the much-awaited HTC Incredible? Word on the street is the Incredible will drop on April 29th (or the 25th depending on your sources).

Below you can find the image in question:

HTC Incredible Launch

Have to admit, we were a little skeptical at first when seeing the image (having seen a few shops in our day), but a source confided to Android and Me that the Incredible will arrive on the 29th. The conflicting (but earlier date) of the 25th is also being tossed around over in a lengthy HTC Incredible thread at AndroidForum, and this makes sense when considering Verizon’s tendency to release devices on Sundays. A corporate e-mail seems to corroborate this earlier date, something worth getting excited about.

This is great news for Android fans looking for more choices on Verizon’s network. Even in spite of rumors that Verizon may be getting some version of the iPhone, if the Incredible and Nexus One show up on Big Red any time soon it will have some pretty hefty competition.

[via AndroidForums]

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  1. this could be anything

  2. It’s about freaking time Verizon comes out with this phone. When it was first rumored it was a big deal. Now? It’s the Un-Credible, a decent speced phone.

    As much as I wanted this phone 2 months ago, I may wait for the Moto Shadow or even the HTC Evo.

  3. I think the caret-ed “really” should be in front of, not behind, “Launching.” Given VZW’s history it might help lend credibility to the ad.

  4. It could be anything AND I don’t consider April 29 “Really Soon.” But they did a lot of pre-launch hype for the Droid — I never really expected the Incredible to just show up on shelves. The Nexus One just popping up on the Web? Maybe.

  5. Screw waiting. I just got my iPhone @ AT&T. LUV IT. I waited like an idiot for far too long now.

  6. Poor Benny. You waited and got an iPhone? That’s kinda like waiting for and settling for Roseanne Barr. Look at the bright side. When the Incredible, N1, EVO 4G and Galaxy S drop you will still be rockin’ it old school!

  7. hahah yeah that sucks you waited all this time and still got an iphone bet you will be real happy once these phones come out.

  8. Let’s try that again…

    That’s kinda like waiting for Alessandra Ambrosio and settling for Roseanne Barr.

  9. This is just annoying. Everyday it seems it’s pushed back another week.

  10. Benny: Yet you didnt even wait for a new iphone which is bound to come out in 2 or 3 months? you really got the shaft. Settled for and old phone one a crap network.

    Im very sorry for your misfortune.

  11. A month before I can upgrade. Sweet. Reviews should be a plenty by then to ensure that I want this thing

  12. Paraphrasing some internet denizen

    “The iPhone is for metro-sexuals that want to be in the “IN” crowd”

  13. Freakin Finally!!! Verizon’s rates SUCK and I’m so fed up with waiting for this phone that I might as well wait some more for the EVO and switch to a cheaper plan. Verizon has been my only carrier for almost ten years now but I’m tired of high rates and another $30 for data is stupid.

  14. By the time Verizon releases this phone, they will need to call it the HTC Average. They think just because it was a high end phone when they leak the info, that it is still high end months later. The EVO makes the incredible look like a toy. Verizon should be ashamed at how far behind the times they are.

  15. I really wanted this phone but got tired of waiting so a bought a droid from someone who got the BOGO and didnt need the extra one. my upgrade is in a few months so I guess well see if the incredible is top dog by then.

  16. I’m calling BS on this graphic. Horrendous art, ridiculous copy, and a suspect copyright line. Bee. Ess.

  17. Just want to continue to clarify: it’s 25th for VZW stores, 29th for BB.

  18. what are your thoughts on the incredible vs the Evo from sprint?

  19. A buddy of mine at work just bought a Droid this past Saturday. I sure hope the Incredible gets released before the end of this month, because if it does, I’m going to tell him to take it back and the get the Incredible. Snapdragon + HTC Sense FTW!!!

  20. Nice picture.

    Can’t wait to see what it is :D

  21. hi guyz its me benny again, i only come here to see how much better android is but im very impatient so i get a horrible device with a horrible carrier then i post from it on a site that hates this phone cuz i got nothing better to do

  22. “News: on Verizon to give solid information on a new Android phone (N1, Incredible, whatever…) is like UFO news. Or the biggest tease of alltime. Just give us some solid information already or let us move on. This has become a joke. Eat it Verizon.

  23. So, what is the significance of “Code Name: 6”?

  24. That is a photoshop image.

  25. kinda, convenient to let this slip out, the day before they probably announce an iphone for verizon…choices, choices. I think I’ll go for the incredible

  26. The Incredible will for sure launch on April 29th. I sent an email last night to Verizon Customer Service regarding the Incredible and here was the reply that I received early this morning:

    “Good morning. My name is Jerry and I will be happy to assist you regarding the HTC Incredible. As you mentioned, this device is due to launch on April 29 th in the stores. At this time, we do not have any pricing.

    As a reflection of my commitment to you, I attempted to contact you via telephone. i regret that I was unable to speak with you directly. I left a voicemail message as confirmation of my call.

    I needed to verify the last four digits of the Social Security Number on your account. However, due to the content of your inquiry, I have responded in general terms.

    Please continue to check our website at http://www.verizonwireless.com for more information.

    Thank you again for your email regarding the HTC Incredible. We appreciate your business and thank you for being a valued Verizon Wireless customer.


    Jerry A.

    Verizon Wireless

    Customer Service”

  27. You guys crack me up. “Average”? How exactly does the Evo make this look like a toy? 1ghz proc, 576mb ram, 8mp camera?? A toy? Not quite.

  28. The incredible will be launched at best buy locations on april 25th and will be available thru Verizon wireless direct on april 29th, this was confirmed by my own two eys when I saw the April promotions guide for bestbuy. No prices tho :( I don’t care I’m getting it!!!

  29. and last I checked the evo wasn’t out yet either….. summer 2010 have fun waiting!

  30. I am so tired of waiting for Verizon to get off their butts and start doing something. I’m plan to cancel my contract pay the fee and move to AT&T. Soooo tired of waiting. I’ll let you know how I like the iphone 4G soon!!!! I can’t wait!!!!

  31. from latest internal email, it says its coming on Monday!!! not sure if the announcement coming or Monday or the device coming on Monday.

  32. The supposed date of the 29th of April for the release of the incredible is correct. Per VZW internal PDF file covering promotions for best buy. This document states Best Buy will receive their promotional information on the 24th of April so it can be covered in their weekly ad that is released then, and the phone will go on sale at all locations on April 29th 2010.

  33. Bullshit, bullshit, BULLSHIT. My Verizon store says no Incredible will be released at the end of this month. They did confirm that an iphone could be released this summer.

  34. Oh yeah, and in response to someone who claims to have gotten an email response from Verizon about the Incredible, claiming no pricing is yet available. If this was to be released at the end of this month pricing WOULD be available. When I showed this response to the Verizon reps at my store they just laughed. Pricing is set well in advanced.

  35. Who cares about the 1024 rom that the EVO claims to have. You can access apps or music or video from the 8GB internal memory on the Incredible. Or from the expansive microSD memory slot. 8GB of internal memory is still way more than the EVO has.

    And to all of Ralphie’s Verizon reps that laughed at the fact that someone from Verizon said that pricing wasn’t available…uhm, seriously, verizon hasn’t sad anything about this phone to anyone. So, of course, they would say that pricing wasn’t available. Thats why it was breaking news that the guy even confirmed a launch date with Best Buy. Sometimes I just struggle to accept the fact that there truly are people in this world that shouldn’t procreate.

  36. 150k units spread across a few thousand verizon stores, verizon’s on line store and some held aside for warranty swap outs. You’ll be lucky if your local store gets two and even luckier if the employees don’t buy it first.
    No one you know is getting this until second or third wave. You can all forget about April even if it does come out.

  37. All you idiots waiting for a 4G network from AT&T can keep waiting!! At&t will be sooo far behind Verizon’s 4G rollout it is sad. Plus Verizon will be upgrading their already far superior 3G network into their 4G network which means 5X more 4G coverage than At&t!! Suck it you smug iphone users!

  38. how many sites even support 4G so does it really matter at this point. When it does you will want a new phone by then.

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