Japan Getting HTC Desire Through Softbank Mobile In Late April

Hey HTC Desire… 日本へようこそ!


That’s “Welcome to Japan” for those that can’t read Japanese or didn’t Google Transloogle the phrase. Thanks to Softbank Mobile, Japanese Android lovers will get to experience one of the hottest HTC handsets available sometime in late April.

[Via Press Release (translated)]

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  • sato

    I believe this year will be the “First Year of Android” in Japan.
    (HT-03A was released in 2009, but that was… umm…)

  • hotel19

    Yessssss!!!!!! I might even consider handing over my iPhone for this babe. I love you softbank!!!!!

  • Rizky


  • http://www.omgandroid.com OMG Android App Reviews

    I think its good for Japan :D

  • rkaid

    wow, with the numbers of people in Japan using the phone hopefully it gets rooted.

  • Anchann

    I am surprised it wasn’t mentioned already, but the Xperia is coming to Docomo next month as well. Docomo is who received the HTC Magic last year and the only company to have Android devices thus far, until April of course.

  • Mr. Dalliard

    Yes, If Softbank come out with an iPhone-like reasonable data plan (their other smartphone plans are too pricy), then I’m switching from docomo for this baby – the Xperia does nothing for me.