Best Buy Pre-Selling EVO 4G In May?


Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G is sure to be a sensation, and when the floodgates open, customers are sure to pour in and plop down their money for first dibs on the device. But question – WHERE will the floodgates open first? That’s still up for debate, but the answer COULD be Best Buy based on some recently rumored happenings.


The above image which leaked via AndroidCentral doesn’t really tell us anything at all… but the tipster who sent it in claims presales of the device will start at Best Buy in May. Apparently you’ll purchase a Gift Card for the value of the phone which can then be redeemed when the device is actually available – not a terrible idea/method at all. But if a PRE-sale is in May, when can we reasonably expect the EVO 4G to go on sale? And will Best Buy have the phone first?

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  1. Can Best Buy work with Sprint family plan and 2yr credit? I always had to walk into a sprint store for phones because it was too complicated for Best Buy to deal with my plan.

  2. I would be all over this phone but 1. Sprint covrage is horrible in houston I didn’t even get service in my house 2. There’s now 4g here so there’s no ponit in getting one if I’m nt gona have good covrage so ill stick it out wit my droid and voyager on verizon till the incedible drops and bye bye voyager

  3. @treefq. Buying a Sprint Phone from Best Buy is now as easy as any Sprint Store. In fact easier since you’re not waiting around to be helped. I’ve got the Everything Data plan ($129.00) for my wife and me for my Hero and her Blackberry Tour and bought both from Best Buy. Easy as pie, and much cheaper up front. There are no mail in rebates with Best Buy. The price they advertise is the price you pay up front. Pretty sad, that Sprint won’t do this in their own stores.

  4. Photoshop

  5. my best guess is we see this sometime middle of June…by then I think they would have rolled out or released a few more 4G markets…in any respect I’m gettin’ me one of these!!

  6. +1 photoshop

  7. when is this coming to Europe, if at all?

  8. best buy did the pre sale with the hero, i put 50.00 down received a gift card and paid the balance in full once the phone was out and on top of that best buy had the phones in stock a week before their actual release date, plus best buy doesnt do all the rebate stuff so you get the phone cheaper than going to a sprint store.

  9. never…. why don’t you people realize this phone is made to show off what 4g can do??????? there is no point in selling it on a network that doesn’t have 4g… sprint has been building it since 2008, i don’t see them letting it out of exclusivity anyyyyy time soon… maybe a year after launch when other markets start to get 4g

  10. This is most likely the next phone I’ll be getting but I’m going to wait and see whats up with the WM7 and it would have to be blown away for me to consider getting a WM7 phone. I doubt WM7 is going to blow my mind but I’ll give it a chance.

  11. @covert
    o2 are already testing 4g connections in the UK.

  12. @greatcasa;
    so you have a data plan for you and your wife that is $129? I am liking Sprint more and more now. With Verizon I have to pay $100 for a family plan with my wife and then have a data plan that costs $35 PER smartphone. Yikes! that would end up being $170 at the least. thats a lot of money to be dropping every month. All phone plans are overpriced IMO, but with the EVO 4G and cheaper plan I might just jump over to Sprint when my contract is up with the big V. In fact the EVO 4G is the very bait I would need to do just that.

  13. @windowlicker you forgot the part where sprint has been designing this phone for 2 years now… i don’t see them making it unexclusive… this is their flagship phone.

    and sprint “tested” 4g connections in 07′ so them testing doesn’t really mean that a 4g network is close

  14. @Abrown not only is it cheaper but the $129 includes text and any mobile minutes. The kicker is there are alot of companies that get discount. I get that same plan on my EVP discount(UCF employee discount 23%) for $100 for me and my wife.

    1500 anytime minutes
    nights and weekends start at 7pm.
    unlimited text
    unlimited web
    unlimited mobile to mobile calling(any carrier)

    You can check to see if your company is on the EVP for a discount at http://www.evpdiscount.com

    Holding my breath for the HTC EVO 4G!!!

  15. I wonder if its real or not.

  16. Covert, an exclusive phone from an american provider really holds no benefit for them if it’s worldwidely exclusive.

    Plus, HTC may do what they did with the Nexus, add a few features, change the name and release it again ;)

  17. I read that this phone will be released on April 16. you can find the article here: http://www.phonearena.com/htmls/April-16th-could-be-the-date-Sprint-releases-the-EVO-4G-article-a_10462.html

  18. @covert

    disagree, livin in San Diego where 4g is not available and not on the current list for uopgrades. I personally would still buy and I’m sure many others will. Give me that processor on a 3g network and I’m I’ll see an improvement over my current phone, not 10x faster but an improvement. And if\when I travel to a 4g area ‘Bonus’. Sprint will offer this to everyone.

  19. @V
    where did i say they shouldn’t release it to non 4g zones? they’d be stupid not to, what i DID say is for all those wishful thinkers that think this phone will go to other carriers are drinking some strong lemonade… they don’t get the whole point of this phone is to show off 4G… sprint designed this phone for the past 2 years, they are not just going to hand it off, let alone to a 3g only carrier… if ANYONE gets this phone i almost guarantee it’ll be a 4g carrier (none as of now) and it won’t be for quiet some time…

    stop wishing and just think about it… no other carriers are ready for this device. it just won’t happen anytime soon, and by the time other carriers have 4g ready, their will be better phones to come out on their 4g networks

  20. I am the new owner the HTC EVO is waiting for. I’m a buyer.

    For your existing Sprint customers — what ETF amount and depreciation structure does Sprint usually have for smartphones?
    And do they offer one year contracts for smartphones, or only two year?

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