DropBox For Android Coming Soon!


How many folks out there use Dropbox? If you do, there is a good chance you wish they had an Android application, expressed that to the company, and the folks at Dropbox have heard you loud and clear – an Android App is coming in a few months. Here are some screenshots from their current beta:


For those unfamiliar with DropBox, it is service that syncs all your files on your computer/devices and in the cloud. You can take the tour for more information… but be warned you might get hooked and you still have a few months to wait for an Android Market release.

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  1. This is a great tool! Even without the app the web version works perfectly with any smartphone I’ve ever tried!

  2. I have been using dropbox on my Droid for months, this is old news. Droidbox looks exactly the same as this and I have it now.

  3. I use dropbox every day. this is the best thing ever!

  4. Drop box good.

    Make me happy.

  5. Good news, I use dropbox and it’s nice to see them supporting their users.

  6. Sweet :D

  7. what is the one that is available now? is that a knock off not made by the company?

  8. Very good news. The version currently available in the market only allows you to download files, so you can’t manage them from your phone.

  9. I will start using it, when the Android app is made.

  10. I really really really really hate that dropbox video guy’s voice and the way he says “folder” haha

  11. Dropbox is legendary. Probably the single most multiplatform application/service. Ever!

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