Samsung Galaxy S Android Phone To Be Announced Tomorrow?


samsung-s-life-banner-ctiaCTIA kicks off tomorrow and Samsung is poised to announce the Samsung Galaxy S, says Engadget, who claim it’ll be the first phone following the company’s new “Smart Life” philosophy. They’ll announce this new initiative with mostly vague details, including a 1GHz minimum for their smartphones along with custom content and distribution deals that will take advantage of Sammy’s SUPER-AMOLED screens.

With a keynote and event tomorrow morning at CTIA, we don’t have long to find out all the precious details. Any guesses on what the Samsung Galaxy S include?

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  1. 1Ghz minimum? this mean the moment 2 with DTV antenna will ALSO pack a 1Ghz proc? NICE!

  2. All im waiting for is for an android phone with Super Amoled without that pico projector so it will be slim. And HD recording.

  3. Well, Samsung failed so miserably at the first Galaxy that I don’t even remotely think they do any good this time.

    BTW, o2 Germany takes back the Samsung Galaxy phones they sold cause it could not hold up to the specs.

  4. They need to make a really good device to catch up :)

  5. @fexpop is right. Samsung’s first Galaxy was so poorly supported it will be my last Samsung for a long, long time. They abandoned that phone almost immediately and that was less than 5 months ago. I seriously doubt they have changed their ways yet.

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