Sprint Announcing HTC Supersonic Tomorrow?


A Sprint premiere account holder got an interesting EMail about a special handset to be announced tomorrow, connected to Sprint Live Chat with a customer service rep, and they confirmed tomorrow will mark the announcement of the HTC Supersonic. They also said it will be “available soon” but who knows what that truly means:


If the HTC Supersonic is indeed announced, we’ll be hoping it comes with 4G as we’ve heard it does. Tomorrow should be a big day in the Android World!

[Via Engadget]

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  1. I’m a current Sprint Premier account holder. I haven’t seen this email. I am anxiously awaiting this phone though.

  2. jp: log in to your sprint online account. You’ll see the announcement at the top of your Sprint account page. :)

  3. I’m a Premier customer and see no announcement at the top of my Sprint account page.

  4. I see it, and can’t wait! I’ll order it with or without contract as soon as they are taking orders. Finally all the years with Sprint will pay off if the Supersonic lives up to it’s rumored specs–I have no doubt in the quality of HTC’s devices. If so, this will be the first of a truly new generation of devices.

  5. Yep, it was taken off a few hours ago. Speculation is that it’s been taken off because tomorrow is now today… and the announcement would be redundant. Follow our discussion and speculation here:


  6. I’m very excited for the announcement. I’ve been waiting for a new Android phone from Sprint for a long time now since my upgrade will be available on the first of May. I’m currently stuck in the dark ages with a Motorola Blend (ic402) that can barely hold a charge for 20 hours on standby :( I don’t even have a Nextel plan with PTT!

  7. It was pulled. I saw it on mine for a little while. No email for me tho

  8. i guess you guys ain’t feelin so ‘premiere’ anymore, huh?

  9. I am eagerly awaiting this announcement…but…I’m a little uneasy b/c Sprint does not have 4G in my area yet. And yesterday I looked and looked and LOOKED all over the internet for a schedule to try and find out when it will be coming to my area and could NOT find anything! So…if anyone out there knows where I can find the rollout schedule OR if anyone knows when it 4G might be coming to Orlanod, PLEASE let me know! :)

  10. wtfis this bs?

    that some crazy azz broken Inglush. I think it is a fake!

  11. @josh: N1 also coming to sprint.
    supersonic coming to me, I live in 4G market :D

  12. Josh
    I’m also in Orlando… currently our little town is not on the rollout yet. I wouldn’t expect Orlando to get it until late Q4 at the earliest. I would imagine it will depend on just how many people jump on the 4G bandwagon so that Sprint actually has money comming in the door to pay for it. I do however plam on getting the supersonic regardless, At least I will be ready for when it gets here.

  13. I’m a Sprint Premier customer and the message was displayed on my dashboard all day yesterday.

    I’m waiting with huge enthusiasm for this announcement today!!!

  14. This will be cool.
    Anyone know if it was announced yet?

  15. looks like we wont get any definitive info until 9 AM PST tomorrow.

    Wednesday, March 24th @ 9AM PST

    * Dan Hesse, CEO, Sprint Nextel Corp.
    * William Morrow, CEO, Clearwire

  16. Maybe the only premier customers that got the message are those that already have 4G in their area? I never got the email, and it wasnt on my sprint premier account either. I live in San Diego, CA.

  17. So are you guys saying that if you live in an area that doesn’t have 4G yet, that the phone can’t be used at all? Or does it just run on 3G until your area is upgraded?

  18. It must suck not having 4G in your area yet and not knowing when you will get it. I live in NW Washington way the hell up by the border and have 4G coverage going to waste already :)

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