Indian Androids Incoming: Milestone, X10, Dext, Backflip

The Indian market is about to swallow up some Android opportunity, with the Motorola Milestone coming March 22nd and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 launching in the next week as well. And it won’t stop there – the Motorola Backflip and Motorola Dext are both expected to reach India by June.


Both the Milestone and X10 should be around or above $660 straight up on launch.

Developing countries represent a HUGE opportunity for mobile companies and Google stands to gain a lot by having Android in one of the world’s most populated countries. Good thing the Indian government is a little more stable than China… because Google has proven they value certain things more than “opportunity” – just ask China.

[Via Cell Passion]

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  • OMG Android App Reviews

    Android needs to get in there before others do.

  • sudhaman

    its a great news for the indian market since motorola left india year ago. but the prices need to be good and available. sony ericsson is good and it will also swallow some market

  • critic

    its a shame really…. they are pricing it too high to make inroads into the indian market. Android is really good, but it has to be affordable and so far only Samsung has done that with its latest offering here i.e. Spica i5700. Apparently that would also get a 2.1 OS update soon enough, so why would anyone pay thrice as much for say a Motorola Milestone??

  • Alan

    sent you info about a phone release here in Canada and theirs nothing here
    you guys suck

  • Rohit

    I don’t see why they should price the Android phones on the higher side, especially when the Android OS and SDK are open source and any mobile phone maker can integrate it in their phones. Most of the really cool apps from the Android market are free.

    Android phones will do well when they are moderately priced but offer super features and apps.

  • sudhaman

    man. there isnt official release of the milestone and it is goanna be tuesday and still no news of any motorola or sny erricson phone