Vodafone Gets HTC Legend Exclusive


The HTC Legend has been praised for its rock-solid and sexy unibody form factor in addition to its overall Android appeal. But if you’re in the UK and want the device, you’ll have to be a Vodafone customer. Tracy&Matt seem to have uncovered a graphic on the Vodafone website that says it all:


I’m sure this will disappoint a lot of UKers tied to a specific carrier… but that’s how it goes these days.

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  1. Its a shame as Vodafone isn’t very good with their data plans compared to T-Mobile.

  2. I wish all this exclusivity stuff would stop. Phone companies should concentrate on providing a really good service at a competitive rate so their customers are actually with them for their service and not just because they have a certain phone.

    They will lose their customer, no matter what they do with little freebies here and there, as soon as their competitors get the next exclusive or the customers contract ends.

  3. Based on the degradation of the red part of the image only (Vodafone portion) makes me believe this is a fake. Looks like the red notice was optimized excessively in a graphics application. Since its only a red background with white text, there really would be anything to optimize other than the anti-aliasing of the text…minimal.

  4. @Chris Brown: its not a fake, its on the vodafone site – http://shop.vodafone.co.uk/shop/coming-soon/mobile-phones

  5. @Chris…..have you actually looked on the Vodafone UK website, obviously not?

  6. Did you notice that all the phones ‘Coming Soon’ on Vodafone UK are Android models? Desire, Legend, X10 and N1. Is this a sign that Vodafone are getting serious about Android?

  7. I’m not sure why vodafone are saying that its exclusive to vodafone in the UK, because you can buy both the Legend and the Desire from Amazon UK from the 1st of April albeit SIM free http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/search/ref=pe_31951_18822971_pe_15/?ie=UTF8&search-alias=electronics&hidden-keywords=B0035ER8OY|B0035ER8OO

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