Verizon, Vodafone Nexus One Shipments Beginning?


verizon logoAccording to Digitimes (via Economic Daily News), HTC has begun shipping the CDMA-version of the Nexus One to Verizon Wireless. Furthermore, HTC will soon begin shipments of the Nexus One to Vodafone. These two partners were announced to be Nexus One carriers with the phone itself were announced, but rumors the carriers will sell them directly have been met with criticism – it is more likely they’ll only be sold through Google.com/phone.

So does DigiTimes have it wrong? I wouldn’t doubt the Nexus Ones planned for Verizon and Vodafone are being shipped – but probably just not to retail locations. They’re more likely landing in warehouses where they’ll be sent to customers after they purchase through Google’s website.

It won’t be too long until we find out what the distribution policy turns out to be – how do you think it’ll end up?

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  1. I have seen reports that this phone is in Verizon’s inventory system it would not be in there inventory system if they weren’t going to carry it in the store or at least online at VZW.com

  2. When I bought my N1, I took it into my local T-Mobile store to get my data plan switched over to whatever I needed for 3G(coming from an old BB 8320). They woman in the store mentioned that they wouldn’t be getting any N1s in-store until March. That may not be credible, but it may be that the google.com/phone exclusivity is only a window, and that we’re about to move out of it for all carries that support the phone.

  3. Why would HTC ship the phones to Verizon Wireless, when Google is selling the phone? Did T-Mobile ship my Nexus One for Google?

  4. I would think that Verizon would want the Value add of allowing customers to touch the phone and the opportunity to push/sell any additional items (cases, headsets, batteries) and insurance.

  5. Online, in a store, wherever… Just release the darn device so I can buy it already!!!!

  6. Will the google store version be unlocked?
    Would be nice to have a choice here in the States…Verizon, Sprint, Metro PCS.

  7. I think Google will continue to sell it online but it would be nice if you go just go to the store and pick one up.

  8. @ knowdither

    and cellular south

  9. I dont think it would be fare for Verizon to have them available at the store. Its a google phone. Unless the phone comes locked for verizon cusomers only but that would suck! then againg thats the way verizon works!

  10. According to a verizon rep this weekend, the N1 for verizon will only be sold on the google website. Not sure if he knew what he was talking about, but on Saturday he said it will be more than 5 days before it will launch, but very soon after that.

  11. Don’t think the Verizon store version will be unlocked, it’s hard enough to get them to unlock the doors on time. Even if you purchase an unlocked version direct from Google and want to activate it on Verizon, they most likely will have to put their software on it. Once Verizon software is on your phone you need to start hacking it to make it do what it should do anyway.

  12. If the N1 finally comes to T-Mo stores, I will buy it. I’m not getting pigeon holed into buying it unlocked because I have a family plan, screw that.

  13. Couldn’t it be that Verizon will have phones in their store so people can come in and play with them, BUT that you would have to purchase them online through Google?

    That way, the sales reps could even walk people through the online purchase in-store.

  14. DE,

    Why not just buy it online..

  15. Does anyone think that the Verizon version might have different coloring? Perhaps a black nexus 1?

  16. Are there any Android World +CDMA phones? ie: a CDMA phone that works on Verizon network here in US, but has access to Vodafone or other GSM providers worldwide ???

  17. Online isn’t good enough. Obviously, the Nexus 1 would have sold more if it was available to see at the stores.

  18. maybe verizon will sell the nexus one in their store or online for upgrade and new wireless customers only and google will sell the unlocked version on their website for anyone to buy and put it on their plan whether it be sprint or verizon. that would be the best way. my new every two is coming up real soon and I just hope the have subsidized pricing for the verizon nexus one.

  19. The Verizon N1 will be locked. Verizon does not sell unlocked devices. There are no android phones with cdma and gsm capabilities yet, but i would expect to see some in the near future. And Verizon does not put any software on the android devices except for visual voicemail. The software is all google.

  20. JUST GIMME GIMME! Me + N1 + Big Red = Phone Boner!

  21. I asked my corp rep who visits my retail store. He said verizon was going to let google sell the phone like an authorized agent. No word about the software but they want to demonstrate a device to customers which will get them money by generating more data customers , and they won’t lose much since they won’t have to purchase and get the customer to sign a contract in order to subsidize a phone’s cost thus generating revenue.

    makes sense to me

  22. Been waiting and waiting…

  23. A friend of mine is a Verizon store manager. He says the Nexus will be in stores for display only to help sell the phone, but that it must be purchased online from Google.

    He says the announcement is soon, but that the Nexus One has been delayed until late April or early May. He says the Verizon version of the Nexus One will be black in color.

    The HTC Incredible has been shown in the last few days to store employees in advance of release. It may be released before the Nexus One.

  24. My Verizon business Rep, said the N1 wont be out until May….

  25. I talked to a verizon rep today and he said the phone would be on 4G and they were having issues with some things so it had been delayed and he said it was a rough estimate, but said it looked like it would be fall before it was released. I’m not really sure what to make of that b/c I can’t imagine it being delayed THAT long and he tried to sell me a Motorola Droid after that. Not sure if he was just trying to sell me a different phone then or what. I hope it comes out soon though. Anyone else heard anything?

  26. I have been a ‘satisfied’ Verizon wireless customer for approx 10 yrs now. I am qualified for the new after 2 or whatever its called … wanting the Nexus 1… for Verizon to NOT offer it suggests they think a widespread buy of the smartphone will cripple their network with all the data and internet use that will follow… i.e. the AT&T problems encountered with the Iphone introduction… hmmmmm.

    Two counter thoughts here… IF you (Verizon) cannot handle the anticipated traffic on your network, just be honest, and tell us so… you are driving away purchases of hardware and “plans” to inferior networks now… duhh folks are signing up for min 2 yr plans just to have the state of the art phones.
    Other side of the coin… get “it” all right and sound, firmly believing you CAN, and more importantly WILL supply your customers with the excellent service they are and will continue to have… $70/month is a BIG HURT in today’s economy… falling into AT&T’s degradation of customer satisfaction truly will kill you !… but that is my thought as to why you are proceeding as you are.

    Whatever… the little I use the phone for personal contacts, the computer aspects will come into play in the next 30-60days (my contract expires)… your call
    Verizon ! (pun intended)

  27. I’ve been with Verizon a long time and am getting tired of not being able to buy a cool And global capable phone. They sell BlackBerrys that are world capable, I will be rather peeved if the N1 is GSM only.

    I’m up for my new every 2 in the next month. I’m already sad that I can’t get a global Droid. While I’m happy with my current Berry I’d Really like to move on to the N1. I’ve been with Verizon for a very long time but I’m starting to think about moving on. Then again what are my options? AT&T?

    I feel like Verizon’s counting on that fact that people hate AT&T rather than banking on their own service being better. Boo Verizon, stop POing all your loyal customers.

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