Eric Schmidt Q&A Discusses Google’s Mobile-centric Policy


At the Abu Dhabi Media Summit 2010, Google CEO Eric Schmidt gave a 25-minute keynote topped with a 20-minute Q&A that was interesting to say the least. While his discussion didn’t reveal anything groundbreaking, he continues to push his view that the company’s outlook is mobile-centric and being the CEO… he should know. The Q&A that followed was filled with hard hitting questions about the pervasiveness of Google’s clout:

One of my favorite exchanges:

Q: “All this information… that you have… about us… (intentional dramatic silence mixed with eye roll) – where does it go?”

Eric Schmidt: Google Servers

Q: “Who has access to that?”

Eric Schmidt: Google employees… under very, careful, rules.

Q: “Does that scare everyone in this room?”

*Mixed laughter/applause*

Q: “And the other thing is-”

Eric Schmidt: Would you prefer someone else?

Tremendous response from Schmidt. Technology is opening these doors and Google is just walking through them. To be honest – I wouldn’t prefer someone else other than Google having this much access. And it isn’t like other people are blocked from having access, Google has just managed to build the means to collect it better than its competitors. Kudos to them.

If you hadn’t planned on watching the whole video, I AT LEAST recommend you skip to 25 minutes in and watch the Q&A. Very cool and Eric Schmidt delivers an informative and entertaining session.

[Via MocoNews]

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  1. @Al
    I have no expectations that anything I do on the net is safe from prying eyes, Google or otherwise, except when I am at a secure site such as a bank.. even my webmail is not showing a lock icon, and it doesn’t say https, it says http.. so I have no illusions that it is safe.. anybody that does is fooling themselves. The comment from your link is actually dead on.. Strangely, people put their whole life out there on the net with their MySpace and Facebook crap, and still expect privacy.. So yeah, I put nothing out there that I am worried about anyone else seeing.. it’s a fact of life on the net.

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