Nexus One, HTC Legend & HTC Desire Appear on Vodafone’s “Coming Soon” Section


The code monkeys at Vodafone look like they’ve been rather busy today! The usually rather vacant ‘coming soon’ section of Vodafone’s UK website has just today added 3 of the latest handsets including the HTC Legend and HTC Desire clearly pointing out they’re coming in “April” with the Nexus one still “coming soon” – however we do expect the Nexus One to also be available in April. Why not have some screen-shots to gaze over:

HTC Legend - Vodafone

HTC Desire - Vodafone

Nexus One - vodafone

Vodafone sure are jumping on the Android bandwagon! Offering the Legend, Desire, X10, Nexus one and possibly even making there own Android based device.

Their ‘coming soon‘ section has never looked so nice – oozing with Android offerings! :D

HTC Incredible – New Pictures!

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  1. does anyone anywhere have any information about these coming to Canada?!?

  2. good news guys we will be waiting

  3. I just noticed that myself when looking for deals :D

  4. Don’t give a crap about the Legend or Desire. The Nexus One is the one to get.

    Blows every other cellphone on the market away.

  5. But Desire is Nexus with Sense, so It’s better to me :)

  6. Now has May/June launch for Nexus One.

    The best phone created to date will be obsolete before it’s even launched in the UK.

  7. I am waiting to see the Legend hit the American shores. The Google phone is made by HTC, the Desire also has the snapdragon processor with the Sense UI, but the Legend is the one getting all the press for its design and use. I cant wait to try these side by side. One of them will be mine in the end. I just have to wait for them to tire in Europe so I can get one here!

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