Verizon Nexus One Coming With HTC Sense?


The Nexus One sold through Google’s website is a Google Experience phone. That is – it runs a stock version of Android with no customizations out of the box. That makes perfect sense since it isn’t branded as an HTC device. But something else makes sense in a different way: Verizon’s Nexus One, still sold through the Google website, might come pre-packaged with HTC Sense.


The above screenshot is supposedly a leaked screenshot of Verizon’s Equipment Guide. You can clearly see:

  • Top line indicates ONLY sold at google.com/phones (should be “phone” singular)
  • 4 bullets from the bottom left it says “Sense UI (User Interface)”

Whether this is legit, typ0-free document we don’t know, but hopefully we’ll find out soon. I’m guessing a LOT of people have been waiting for the Nexus One to hit VZW and Voda since they were announced as eventual partners the first day.

[Via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Release date pleeeasssee! :)

  2. sprint

  3. Sense UI for Nexus?

    Seems unlikely as Google likes it Stock version.

  4. There isn’t any chance in hell that Google is going to sell the N1 with Sense or that Verizon will sell them in store. What are my sources? Common damn sense. Google has made it perfectly clear that they are going to sell “their” phones themselves and HTC isn’t about to slap sense on someone else’s phone, even though they do manufacture the N1, as this could lead to cannibalization of the sales of it’s own phones.

  5. @Luke Unless they are doing this as a shot at Apple to say “we’ve got HTC’s back” and if it is .. wouldn’t it rock to see an OTA update for the TMO N1 with Sense 2.1 in it. :D

  6. Come on sprint! Please! I’m glad its going to be on more than just TMO though.

  7. Looking all through the equipment guide cant find it! I wanna see!!!

  8. I had a Sprint HTC Hero with Sense.

    Now I have a Nexus One.

    The one real, actual, benefit of Sense over the stock Nexus One is the “Phone” button that stays in the same place on every screen.

  9. It should probably be phones as when this comes out there will be more than one phone.

  10. Please, please, please – no sense UI! The stock Google UI is great and enables upgrades, etc. The carriers are all afraid of becoming commodities (e.g. dumb pipes) and add these silly things like Sense UI to differentiate themselves. Please stop!!! Does anyone really care what Dell, HP, etc. adds to a computer? NO! It’s Windows. Same goes for Android – just let it be.

  11. Could it be the HTC Desire and not the Nexus one? My guess is a typo, or fake. Why would they refer to the Nexus One as an HTC phone? Google has no branding on it other than Google.

  12. Gizmodo reporting it’s a typo, no more HTC sense UI :(

  13. @ bob – obviously you not experienced sense UI. your loss

  14. @ Dbest180, I have, and I agree with Bob. N1 is about options, leave the senseUI BS for the HTC fanboi’s.

  15. Sense UI on Android 1.5 or 1.6 makes a lot of “sense”. Android 1.x was missing a lot of functionality that Sense UI filled. Like social networking, widgets.

    But, Andorid 2.x does almost all that Sense used to do and does. With 2.1 Sense UI is not much if any improvement IMHO. I would much prefer stock 2.1 and not have to wait a year for updates from HTC.

  16. Agreed… sense ui is OK but on 2.1 I’d rather have stock android and yes I am a current nexus owner and former sprint hero user

  17. I wouldn’t mind some sense UI, I don’t find it crippling to the Android OS, and you can still have all the great options and freedom of Android. I personally like the sense UI but I doubt it will be shipping on the Nexus One. But Since I have a while till my current contract is up I can just wait to see what Android goodness is on Verizon in a few months… Like HTC Incredible?!?! get me some of that!

  18. This could be coolish…I may even give up my good ol DROOOID! For the Vs nexus…

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