HTC Incredible – New Pictures!


We told you to keep an eye out on androidforums ‘Official HTC Incredible thread’ now more pics have surfaced of the snapdragon powered incredible thanks to AF member NKT!



With the pictures come interesting specs. Reportedly, the Incredible measures 17.5 x 58.5 x 11.9 mm – almost the same as the Nexus one, comes with an 8MP camera with auto focus and with Dual-flash and 512mb of RAM & ROM. Interestingly it seems the 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor has been under-clocked to run at 768MHz – presumably to save battery but without effecting the performance.

Don’t forget this incredible phone should come loaded with Android 2.1,  HTC’s Sense UI, a 3.7″ AMOLED screen, an optical trackpad, an FM receiver and Wi-fi, bluetooth and GPS.

I’m really digging the look of the handset but I do think this could potentially be a final design as it has altered from that bright, red glossy cover to a soft feel black one while keeping the unique shape design & ofcourse this one brandishes Verizons logo. Though I really like the red thing going on theres no info it will still be this color at release. What do you think of the bold red design?

The Incredible has already appeared on Verizons inventory so lets hope for an official announcement real soon!

[Via Androidforums]

(Thanks to NKT & everyone that sent this in/tipped this!)

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  1. I’m confused – is this not coming to AT&T anymore? I’ve read reports that it’d be available in May/June.

  2. it was never att bound, always verizon, that phone looks beastly i hope it’s possible for sprint to pick up later… i wants it and the SS

  3. What are the 2 holes next to the camera lens?

  4. I also read that the specs got bumped up again to 6gb ROM and 1GB RAM and is running at 1ghz but speed fluctuates like every other Android phone. Also has FM tuner, optical trackpad, and of course Android 2.1 with Sense, battery is 1300mAH, and 8gb MicroSD card.

  5. The phone just looks better and better each time :)

  6. So here’s a post from a user over at Engadget.
    “768MHz is NOT underclocked. Qualcomm’s source clearly says there is a 768MHz part, presumably available to OEMs at a lower cost.

    For the technically inclined: https://www.codeaurora.org/gitweb/quic/la/?p=kernel/msm.git;a=blob;f=arch/arm/mach-msm/acpuclock-8×50.c;h=4f2847583274bcca7966c626f50cabe4dfe9819c;hb=eclair_rum

    According to the source, there’s three versions of the QSD8x50 chip: a 768MHz part, a 998MHz part (in the Nexus One), and a 1.267GHz part.

    Acer Liquid users have trouble reaching 1GHz with custom kernels without overvolting beyond what the Nexus One has its Snapdragon set at.

    Of course, HTC could have bought the 1GHz part and underclocked it – but that would be a waste of money. The Liquid/Incredible Snapdragon is a slower, lower cost part. End of story.”
    Some other users agreed and confirmed this was all true and that the Incredible is rocking the low end processor. I’m still gonna keep my hopes up… but I have a bad feeling…

  7. FINALLY! I have been google searching this phone everyday and now there is a lovely glimpse of home. I can get a new phone with verizon next month and I really hope the incredible will be out by then. This will replace the droid eris, that will be gne after march 23rd, and it seems like the phone will be out shortly after.

  8. This looks awesome. Looking forward to it. Does anyone know if it still coming with dual flash for the camera?

  9. Those two holes to the right of the camera is the dual flash!!

  10. I really hope this phone is coming soon. My contract was up last June and my battery is not holding up very well. I have been waiting for a decent android phone for a long time. This looks like it could be it! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  11. Don’t some of you guys think you might be a little over-reactive to the processor speed? Sure, it might not be the fastest version Qualcomm offers, but that doesn’t immediately make it a slug. I’ve been watching the rumors on this phone as long as the rest as I’m dying to get in on some Android loving with Verizon, so maybe we should give the phone a chance before instantly saying it’s not good enough because it doesn’t have the same processor. Just a thought.

  12. Actually the processor was confirmed to be 1 GHz (998 MHz)and not underclocked. It just fluctuates with usage.

  13. im liking verizon less and less. at first they all but hide any hint of android(even as the commercials were coming out it was a near impossible task to get any info from a rep) now they seem to want to lock up exclusives on everything android related. i’d like to see some new phones headed to sprint and t-mobile, and i would LOVE to see skype exclusivity fall through, or some mobile skype-killer to rain on their parade.

  14. Wah wah wah. There are plenty of phones on T-Mobile sure they are old and slow but there are plenty on the horizon the specs I have seen on the incredible minus the screen size looks like its a variant of the upcoming Supersonic on Sprint.

  15. I’m liking the Sense UI too! :) Its like the Nexus One with a face lift and rockin’ specs. Too bad my contract isn’t up for another year :( But by then Verizon’s 4G LTE network should be up and running in more cities, so I will at least be able to partake of that goodness!

  16. HTC has really delivered

  17. so my guess is that

    sprint gets supersonic
    verizon gets Incredible
    ATT gets Desire

    hey i call that a win for everyone…

  18. called verizon on friday afternoon and asked about the phone. rep told me “on the record” “i dont have any information on that phone.” but “off the record” there has been alot of talk about it in customer service and they are getting training on it right now. could not give an exact release date or pricing though. but he said that 2 weeks sounds about right.

  19. I really can’t wait for this phone to come out… I just wonder how much it’s going to cost though.

  20. An arm and a leg obviously :)

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