Vodafone UK Discontinue HTC Magic

Unfortunate news for some in the UK: Vodafone has decided to drop the HTC Magic from it’s range of Android devices, leaving only the HTC Tattoo for now.

htc-magic-whiteA moderator from the Vodafone eForum said:

I just wanted to pop on and say the Magic hasn’t officially been discontinued yet, but is coming towards the end of its life with us.

To be completely honest, I don’t remember a single phone in the last few years that’s been sold for more than 12 months. Mobile technology changes so rapidly that we’re constantly releasing new devices, and realistically older ones sell less well when the newer ones come out. The HTC Magic is one of the longest running devices in our entire range, in fact I think only the Nokia 5800 has been on sale longer.

Though Voda will no longer sell the handset they have an awesome range of Android handsets due to be added to the Android Line-up including the Sony Ericsson X10, the Nexus One and the HTC Legend!

[Via Vodafone eForum]

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  • DaRage

    >>To be completely honest, I don’t remember a single phone in the last few years that’s been sold for more than 12 months.

    BS. The iPhone is and for much longer than that. You have to admit the iPhone is hard to beat.

  • Darrell

    Two points, firstly they are right, this is now a rather outdated phone and will be replaced by the Legend, Desire and nexus one Next month. Why would you bother getting the magic if you could get one of those.

    Secondly, to DaRage. The iPhone is upgraded each year so, in effect it is not the same phone.

  • Mychal

    @DaRage yeah thats with what 3 different verisons of it? Now you look at HTC Magic, oh its just 1 of them, not Magic, Magic 3g, Magic 3gs.

  • http://ukstokes.com/blog Ben

    That makes any further OTA updates unlikely which is very sad for anyone who just bought one. Why is it taking so long to get the Nexus One in the UK though? It’s been 3 months since the US launch already!

  • bill

    Voda … we are very to keep taking your $69 per month but dont expect upgrades … ( or coverage )

  • http://www.monbeausapin.org/ Claire Benoit

    I agree with you Darrell. Iphone has different versions that is why it is not considered the same phone that stayed in the market for more than 12 months.

  • http://www.omgandroid.com Luke Beales Android App Reviews

    Well it makes room for all the new Android devices :D

  • Mensahwatts

    Well that’s coolish!

  • Calvin

    Hmm, aren’t they still selling last generation’s 3G at the low budget in addition to the 3GS?