Adobe Allows Devs To Integrate Photoshop Mobile In Their Apps


Have you used the Photshop Android App that was released recently, allowing you to do some advanced picture editing directly on your phone? If you have, and if you’ve liked it, then you’ll be happy to know that you MIGHT just enjoy that same functionality in a bunch of 3rd party apps. Adobe has just announced a special programs where developers can use the mobile editor in their own application.


Why would a developer want to embed Photoshop Mobile? Their recent blog post explains:

“…take for example a “sell-your-home-fast” application that allowed you to upload pictures and descriptions of your home to some web site that will advertise your home to millions of people all over the planet. Now imagine that this “sell-your-home-fast” application allowed you to not only snap and upload pictures – but also edit those pictures so that your home looks its very, very best. Well now that scenario is possible – all the “sell-your-home-fast” developer needs to do is use standard Android APIs to incorporate the Mobile editor into their application.”

And just for our delightment, MobileCrunch found a quote from VP of a-really-long-title at Adobe Dough Mack:

“Unlike iPhone, the Android platform allows us to make the editor broadly available to developers so they can provide it within any application they are working on.

Cherry on top.

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  2. I would say that sounds like a very good development, especially the last quote :)

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