Nexus One Shouldn’t Go In Your Pocket


This story reads like Episode One of “Crave UK and the Adventures of Lame Tech Support People“. Awhile back the folks at Crave UK had a Nexus One screen mysteriously crack while sitting on a desk doing absolutely nothing. Of course there could be a coverup somewhere but no matter what there are two things you absolutely WON’T believe:

(1) Despite being cracked and ruined forever, I kind of like the picture of it – artistic and intriguing:


(2) Google support suggested they call HTC support who told him this:

“Putting a phone in a tight pair of jeans and sitting down would usually cause the kind of damage,”


“People sometimes forget that they don’t go in pockets,”

Are. You. Kidding. Me? One of the typical “do I want this phone” tests/discussions is on pocketability! I’ll just dismiss this as a case of an HTC Support tech trying to avoid replacing the device – and collecting the £180 screen replacement fee (that’s a lot). While I don’t BLAME HTC for not reimbursing someone for a phone that looks like it was certainly broken by user error, I don’t see how their response is remotely okay.

Unless of course they were talking about the back pocket of your jeans… and you sat on it.

Rob Jackson
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  1. they probably meant BACK pocket

  2. clearly I didnt read until the end

  3. And people thinking the Droid being a ‘hummer’ is a bad thing.

  4. That really was a bad response from HTC Customer Service. Especially since they made this video…


  5. Obviously the tech didn’t watch the Google videos of the Nexus testing.. I find all of this as hearsay and suspicious.. I could say that a tech told me anything.. doesn’t make it so.. and spontaneous cracking is about as likely as spontaneous combustion.. making the “tech said this..” even more unbelievable.

  6. Just like Apple doesn’t sell laptops they sell notebooks. Notebooks are only meant to be used on a smooth flat surface not laps!

  7. in one of the episode for nexus one didnt they have a flex test of some sort? i remember it being pretty durable in the test.

  8. Wanna send it to me? I can still use it!

  9. They are not meant to go on pockets. That’s BS. Even in http://www.google.com/phone, in the tour section, when testing how the phone will look on your hand, the animation puts the N1 in the pocket!

  10. Before everyone goes on a nasty tirade against HTC’s tech support…think about it rationally. If you’re wearing a tight pair of jeans, and put them in one of your front pockets and then do some sort of bending, there’s tension going through the threads of the jeans forcing the phone against your body. An excessive amount can cause the phone to bend ever so slightly but enough to cause damage to the glass screen. It can happen to all devices, so exercise caution when placing these devices in your pockets. (I don’t put my Droid in my pants very much)

  11. of course they’re going to say its not meant to go in your pocket. that gives them reason to deny claims by morons who put a $500 computer in their pocket and think it can handle the same treatment as a nokia 3390. . . (remember those things?)

  12. Does HTC expect us to wear a fanny pack or a man purse? I’m not sure where else to put my phone besides my pocket. I definitely won’t wear it on a holster, I don’t really want my phone hanging out in the open. I’m not too worried. So far my Droid seems quite rugged, apart from some paint chipping off.

  13. thats why I keep my phone in my gun holster. for some reason when ever I reach for my phone, people scream?

  14. @ Droidphan

    shut up dude

  15. Absolutely okay. If you put your phone in a tight pair of Jeans, you should have known that this might happen.
    Common, this thing has a large screen, if you sit down, there are a lot of force hitting the phone on a small spot.

    Go and grab a $5 case for outside your jeans and problem solved.

  16. extremes
    tight jeans man purse

    I wonder which one is more gay?


  17. This is dumb. Have you guys seen the Samsung AMOLED video demos, they freaking hammer the thing and nothing happens. That wasn’t done by a pair of jeans!
    And yes, the N1’s screen is made by samsung

  18. @velazcod: You know what’s gayer than tight jeans AND man purses? Me (a very masculine male) and my very masculine boyfriend ;) Don’t be an idiot.

    @ Dennis: spontaneous screen cracking is not that uncommon my friend.

  19. Too bad SE did agree to build the Nexus. It would probably had taken them 2 months longer than HTC but it would have been worth it.

  20. my HTC hero fell 2 floors down the stairs…

    the back went of, and battery fell out…
    but once i put everything back together it worked like new…
    though it did had a few scratches (but not on the screen :) )… and the screen part did land on something soft… guess i was really lucky there :)

  21. I dropped my SE X1 a few times, the corners look kinda crumpled (i guess from landing on stones on a road surface), the back case has cracked a bit, and the auto focus doesn’t work anymore.. I only dropped it twice!!!!!

  22. @damn it – Lol.

    Unless it happens a lot then its not really that big an issue (apart from to the user of that mobile).

  23. @ WTFMoses

    awwww, did some one disagree with hims and make hims all grumpys???

  24. Maybe he had the screen facing out in his jeans? Since in the. Videos they only bend the phone inwards and not out the screen probably expanded too much

  25. @Steveo: judging b the speed they delivered the x10 i’m sure you ment 2 years, not months.

  26. Solution: wear baggy pants.

  27. @silver
    Took the words ouy of my mouth!Gave up waiting on the x10 so long ago!Maybe q3 2035?

  28. @ Silver.

    I have no idea what you are talking about.
    The X10 was announced in November with a release date in Q1 2010. My black X10 will arrive in 3 weeks time.

  29. 4″ display
    1GHz snapdragon
    384MB ram + 128MB dedicated graphic ram + 1GB storage (expandable to 32GB).
    Updated to Android 2.1 at the end of May.

    Id say that is worth waiting for. =)

  30. Well 1 I don’t wear skinny jeans. That’s a no no for a man. And two I keep my phone out of my pocket as much as possible for this exact reason. I carry my phone in my hand or jacket pocket if its cold. If I do have it my pocket I always take it out before I sit down.

  31. Maybe Apple patented phones that go in your pocket.

  32. I think what’s really important here is that that phone pictured shows the internet history and one search was for fingeringhoe

  33. @Davis. Nice catch dude! That’s funny as hell. BTW 10 points to anyone who knows what that is

  34. Back to the subject of this post… Having both an HTC Hero and a Nexus One, the Hero is by far more pocketable. The N1 has a more fragile feel, all round. It would be a fool who put their N1 in a back pocket and sat down… but even a front pocket in tight jeans would be risky. The Hero’s chin allows it to stay close to your body, thus avoiding a bridging effect that could cause breakage. HTC seem to realize the benefits of the chin design and have continued it the Legend. Besides, it’s a nice brand signature for them. Certainly not iPhone clones.

  35. btw, @Davis and @Droidphan, Fingringhoe is a village in Essex, UK.



  36. Is this the right thread to request a better buttdialing app? Mine always redials the most recent call.

  37. Tempered glass. I know this is a fact. I had a $300.00 video center made by Techcraft Mfg and purchased at AmericanTV in April of 2009 totally disintegrate and cost me over two thousand dollars worth of clean up and carpet replacement. They said it must have been hit or scratched.
    It was 6 AM in the morning! No one around! As the screens get larger, more of these will fracture with no help from outside forces.



  38. @MOS95B

    Droidphan did not disagree with me. i disagree with him. you can shut up too.

  39. If you’re wearing super tight jeans, chances are more likely you’re sporting an iPhone and not a Nexus One. Also, I’m guessing they probably meant that it shouldn’t go in the back pocket, you know, in case you sit down and you’re a total fatass.

  40. This is obviously a conspiracy to stop the Skinny-Jeans movement. It’s about time someone takes a stand against muffin top making, camel toe creating Skinny Jeans!

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