Rogers Getting Samsung Galaxy Spica In Late March

Call it the Galaxy Spica, Lite or whatever the heck you want – the point is that Rogers in Canada is getting Samsung’s second “Galaxy” branded phone and dummy units have already begun arriving in stores:


It’s looking like a mid-to-late March release for this 3.2-inch Android phone with 3MP camera, 3.5mm headset jack and some other goodies. While I would expect it to launch with Android 1.5 or possibly 1.6, MobileSyrup is saying it could come with Android 2.0 which would be a big benefit for a lot of Canadian robot seekers.

We’ll keep you posted.

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  • hinds

    Wait for the liquid e if your an advanced android user. If not its a decent starter phone for a new user!

  • G

    wow never thought a glossy color like that would look so different, if they sell it in hot pink or blue i am sure they could get some new clients to the Android OS (kids).

  • Dan

    Finally Canada is actually getting a fair amount of Android phones coming in, hopefully we can get the Desire and Legend next.

  • ano

    This thing would need to be a lot cheaper than the Acer Liquid E coming to Rogers to make an impact. Otherwise the Acer has way better specs.

  • Samuel Maskell

    would definitely take either the x10 or the liquid e over this
    but I don’t even want either of those
    hoping I can get a desire eventually

  • Mensahwatts

    I love the way this phone looks…hope it does well

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