AT&T Getting HTC Desire, Sprint Getting Hero 2?


A new rumor that seems probable has hit BGR but we should warn you it’s still just a rumor: AT&T will be getting the HTC Desire in May or June and Sprint will be getting the HTC Hero 2, a revised version of the HTC Legend.


Google would still likely sell the Nexus One with AT&T compatibility on their new phones distribution site, but AT&T would also offer the HTC Desire with some different “finishing touches” in the looks department and of course a different name.

Meanwhile, Sprint will get the HTC Legend but call it the HTC Hero 2, continuing it as the sequel of sorts to their first HTC Hero. And like their first Hero, I’m guessing they’ll bring more brushed metallic modifcations but that’s just my guess – ya never know.

Does this make the AT&T and Sprint fans happy? I’m sure there are some out there who didn’t particularly enjoy the Motorola Backflip form factor glad to see this rumor in the mill.

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  1. I know I’m happy, been waiting for AT&T to deliver the goods for too long…

    now i have to choose between Desire/Nexus

  2. @elijahblake Agreed. Still waiting on Google to deliver Nexus One AT&T 3G… now I’ll actually have to care about the Desire. What a silly world this is :)

  3. NO! where is sprints POWER device?!?!?! wtf give us something that won’t be dead in 3 months… that thing is the same as hero one practically, gimee a break, i want a N1, Desire, SuperSonic, or SOMETHING remotely powerful… the legend won’t update past 2.1 guaranteed

  4. If Sprint won’t bring in a power user phone, I am out. I have family memebers on TMobile and AT&T. I can get into any family plan real easy like.

    I am waiting until March to see what/if Sprint releases

  5. I want a Nexus One (alike) on Sprint. Not liking the Legend!

  6. Verizon needs to get their a$$ in gear quickly. The Droid was a disappointment and left many people looking to the future, myself included. Now they’re dragging their feet with the N1 and in the meantime, somehow they’ve let AT&T swoop in and get and even more powerful phone? I think it may be time to check out AT&T coverage in my area to see if it’s even remotely acceptable….

  7. Supersonic… that is what I want on Sprint. I’d trade in my Hero in Oct. after my year is up for the Supersonic… the Legend, not sure if it’d be worth it.

  8. IF Sprint is releasing the Supersonic around the same time as the Legend, then I can see why they chose the Legend over the Desire. It’s kind of analogous to Verizon releasing the Droid and Eris at the same time; a power device in the Supersonic and a casual, updated one in the Hero 2.
    I just hope they’re released soon, as in by April. My contract is up on Mar. 28 so I’ll be free to go to Verizon if Sprint doesn’t deliver.

  9. I’m itching BAD to buy the Nexus One. If this is true I’ll totally wait for the Desire!

  10. Remember your HTC phone will have to go through the update 2.x “coming soon” (lol motorola)and it never happens. With the nexus one though I’m sure updates are quick and frequent just look at the last few months.

  11. I personally think the Legend is useless. Why would I want something almost exactly like the Hero? What about an upgraded device like the desire? What a joke! I’ll wait for the Supersonic. Just like normal with Sprint. They always wait til everyone else gets something better to come out with something close, but it’s usually too late. If Sprint didnt have by far THE best rate plans I would definately switch to a different carrier. I think that with Sprint having such low plans and such poor device selections, Sprint won’t be in business for too many more years. Suck up the affordable rates while you can and enjoy the yesterdays phone selections before Sprint no longer exists!

  12. I’m curious about how will the Sprint branding of Hero 2 look like.

  13. Relax, the supersonic is still coming. No worries. But as the first Wimax phone they still have some bugs to work out. But good things come to those who wait.

  14. @TIM

    because the Legend/Hero 2 will msot likely be cheaper out the box … in summer ’10 phones like that will probably cost $100 on contract .. while “Superphones” like the Desire will cost $200 on contract or $179 like most android phones seem to be these days ..

  15. @Tim… the legend is not ‘almost exactly like the Hero’ … it has an updated processor (not just the clock speed, but the chipset is supposedly better), AMOLED display, optical trackpad, unibody construction… there is definitely a market for a mid-level, smaller Android phone.. not everyone is going to want a beast of a phone like the Supersonic (although I do!)…

  16. Damn I’m pissedbecuase I’m tmobile user and I’ve been using a g1 since it came out sept. 2008. Tmobile has nothing new or worth buying with the android os. The hd2 is not worth it because of the windows processor point blank.I’m not going back to paying $6.99 for apps. Htc please save tbmobile.

  17. I think its interesting that Dan Hesse CEO of Sprint and William Morrow are both keynote speakers at CTIA on the same day next month. I think Sprint at the very least will be announcing something substantial. Sprint has a history of using CTIA to inro new handsets…We may see something big

  18. I think its interesting that Dan Hesse CEO of Sprint and William Morrow are both keynote speakers at CTIA on the same day next month. I think Sprint at the very least will be announcing something substantial. Sprint has a history of using CTIA to intro new handsets…We may see something bi

  19. Damnit i wanted sprint to get the desire! Well, guess i’ll wait and see what the supersonic is like and if its not awesome i’m dropping sprint and going to verizon

  20. @coolmandingo
    Dude! T-mob has more phones available, Including the N1, then anyone else. With more to come. Why are you not upgrading that G1 to the N1?

  21. @coolmandingo if you’re a T-Mobile user why don’t you go get the best phone on the market? Plus the nexus will be relevant for a long while with its overly powerful hardware and presumably first place in the line for google ota updates…I Dont know how you can control yourself and keep the g1 with te nexus so readily available. I was so damn excited i bought three nexi the day they became available

  22. He can probably contain himself because its still T-mobile network. Not exactly something to brag about.

  23. If AT&T does get the HTC desire it would be so awesome.

  24. Sprint needs to get nexus 1 or supersonic soon. I don’t understand wht they are always a 4-6 months behind with their phone releases, with their rates all they need is one great phone & a couple of decent phones too put themselves up there with verizon.

  25. Now AT&T is having me wondering to decide what Android phone to get?

    Now I have to choose wisely:

    Nexus One
    Mini 5
    (Motoroi anyone?)

    This past month has been pretty hellish with so much AT&T news with Android

  26. A little hesitant on the idea of AT&T getting the HTC Desire, I mean, come on, they’ve got the iPhone — shouldn’t that be enough?

  27. @Tim – You don’t really know what you are talking about. Sprint was the first to release the Treo 650 which was a game changing phone 5 years ago… it was the original real smartphone which people are still using to this day. The centro which is a very popular phone is basically just a mini version of that phone with more memory. ->They also were the first to release the Pre which Palm claimed was a big answer to the Iphone. WebOS is great, but the hardware is garbage. Sprint is very innovative. Once the SuperSonic is out this summer, EVERYONE will be playing catch up to Sprint.

  28. AT&T should have come out with a power phone like the nexus one or the desire first. i was thinking about the backflip cuz the specs are ok. but who would buy that phone when the other 2 are a few months away. damn AT&T for making us wait so damn long.

  29. This is good news about At&t getting the desire. I’m so ready to ditch my iphone. I really want the Supersonic with Sprint but I’ll go with whichever comes out first.

  30. Coolmandingo has a point with T-Mobile. Yes the N1 has great features, but it is lacking a huge feature that the G1 has. It is the keyboard. T-Mobile needs a Droid device. Also, as a T-Mobile customer in a family plan, I can not get an N1 without either paying $550 or jumping through hoops for the privilege of paying $250.

  31. Man I hate rumors, why O why would ATT put a high end smart phone on their network which would not work with their 3G service (and with the current specs it won’t). You know I really like this site but you guys should definitely cut down on the amount of nonsense that is being posted here.

  32. I’m leaving t-mobile for at&t if desire rumor is true!!!costsnotafactor!!!!

  33. Bye bye tmo hello att desire!!!

  34. UGGGGHHH, I just bought the (admittedly, underpowered) Hero five months ago, and they are already going to release an upgraded one!!! Normal people can’t afford a five hundred dollar phone unless it’s subsidized, and we can only subsidize every two years. I wish they would just release a phone that will be able to keep up for two years, then when we can get a new subsidized phone release another one!!!!

  35. Noooooo!!!! i just upgraded to the hero last weeek and now theres another one coming out??????? FML!!

  36. brannon, take it back, it’s within 30 days tell em you hate the thing and stick it out with your old one.

    and Kyle, not everyone upgrades on the same exact day…. soo waiting every two years to release a new powerful phone is dumb as hell, i say 6 months is a good time span to start rolling out new phones, i’m available now but not caving to hero or moment, but i sure as hell won’t be waiting another year and a half for a new powerful device!

  37. Sprint Supersonic in May!
    I’ve got a Hero and have been anxiously waiting to switch to a more powerful device after using the Droid.

    Supersonic = HTC HD2, 4g, w/ android?! It’s the only reason I’m staying with sprint. They need to bring it on!

  38. So happy AT&T is getting the Desire I do not know what to do. I would like to have a phone with an actual keyboard, but until then the Desire will do.

  39. Sprint just said last week that they would have a 4g/WiMax phone by this summer. This is a filler announcement, not their next flagship. Relax guys. I’m on the Hero so I know how everyone feels. Need a much better system and phone to make it worth changing phones. Want a massive processor upgrade and WiMax, then we’ll talk.

  40. and what about the customers who want a GOOD phone but not a 4g pricetag, cus 4g data is gonna jack it UP, i want a N1 equivilent phone on sprint now

  41. Kyle : Sprint lets you upgrade every year.

  42. AT&T doesn’t deserve the HTC Desire. They have the iPhone. T-Mobile doesn’t have any phones that has a bigger than a 3.2″ screen that is less than $250… T-Mo only has the Nexus One that is not compatible with a family plan unless you buy it for $520…


  43. I want AT&T to get the Desire. I don’t care that AT&T has the iPhone. I don’t want an iPhone. I especially do not want to DEVELOP for an iPhone. Since I personally believe Android will eventually win over iPhone, I wouldn’t care if AT&T got rid of the iPhone (not that it would happen, but I simply would not care either way).

    The iPhone is no substitute for the Desire. I was all but ready to leave AT&T due to lack of Android phones.

    If I wanted an iPhone, and if I wanted to jump through all of the hoops (and costs) to develop for iPhone, I would already have one.

    AT&T having the iPhone is simply irrelevant to whether AT&T should get the Desire. At long last AT&T is getting a cool phone. (No, IMO, iPhone is not cool, but YMMV.)

    iPhone developer:
    * must pay apple for privilege of developing (arrogance!)
    * must buy a Mac
    * must use Xcode development tools
    * must learn obscure language (Objective C)
    * cross fingers, hope and pray that Apple doesn’t arbitrarily reject your app with no reason given and no recourse of action
    * no competitive App store for iPhone, so no recourse
    * no alternate way for end user to easily install app onto device
    (Yes, I know there are alternate ways to develop for iPhone.)

    Android developer:
    * everything open source and free as well as FREE
    * Industry standard Eclipse development tool
    * Industry standard Java source code language
    * Dev tools run on any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac)

  44. I stand by everything DannyB said. I work for AT&T, and have owned all, the 2g, 3g, and 3gs. Iphones are outdate and will fall. Android ftw.

  45. hell no AT&T better not get the desire they dont deserve it. the pone is to superior to their crappy service. it better go to T-mobile if its going to a gsm network.

  46. no they dont deserve it, as of today tmobile must have the best android phones, they took the risk at first with the g1, att has the iphone and they should stick with it till next iphone release. I believe Tmobile will get HTC desire, its already for preorder at Tmobile UK its just a matter of time till it gets here in the US.

  47. hopefully at&t doesn’t mess up this android by giving it yahoo search

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