Don’t Be Fooled: General Mobile’s Touch Stone Runs Android (Not WebOS)


I appreciate that General Mobile decided to go a more refined route when naming their second Android handset. Their first was called the DSTL1 and it didn’t exactly “stick” – but the 2nd attempt does a little bit of piggybacking on another mobile-tech device by calling itself the Touch Stone.


The company had this on display at MWC but sadly, Engadget claim it was only a dummy/demo unit. Some anticipated specs include:

  • 5 megapixel camera
  • 4.3-inch capacitive WVGA display
  • analog TV tuner
  • Android 2.0
  • ARM9-based PXA935 core

They claim the phone will be available for purchase toward the end of the year, but by then we have to wonder if it will be buried by the dozens of other Android phones already announced and to be announced in the future. One thing’s for sure – it looks pretty good from this vantage point.

Rob Jackson
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  1. if it is going to come out LATER this year, why 2.0? that is just as bad as a new phone on 1.5 these days, get the new OS, implement it, THEN sell it

  2. looks like there is a front facing camera on this puppy.

  3. with front facing camera and Skype integration it’ll a good choice :) any ideas what CPU?

  4. Not a front facing camera. those are the sensors. proximity, light, ect. All android phone have them

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