Feb 18th, 2010

People in the UK would be glad to hear that the BBC plans on releasing an official app for Android to deliver their core services such as BBC news and BBC sport, possibly even their interactive ‘catch up’  TV service – the iplayer.

BBCnewssmallAccording to their press release the BBC will first initially release an app for the iPhone in April, followed by Blackberry and Android apps “later in the year”. The BBC news app will have all the content available on their website and feature:

  • Breaking news, updated throughout the day
  • Personalisation, the ability to create a personal news experience
  • User-generated content, the ability to send comments and pictures direct to the newsroom
  • Blogs, analysis and commentary with the distinct BBC voice
  • Video and audio content from the BBC News channel and other BBC sources

imagesThe BBC Sport app – due for release on the iPhone in May and yet again for Android and Blackberry later in the year, is to feature :

  • Live text commentary with distinct BBC voice
  • Listen live to Radio 5 Live commentary
  • Receive up-to-the-minute scores and league information
  • Participation: integration with 606, and the BBC sport blogs
  • User-generated content, submission of comments via SMS
  • Video and audio content: integration with Radio 5 Live, plus video clips (subject to rights availability)
  • Personalisation: selection of your teams and clubs

The first version will focus on the World Cup 2010 but will be updated to support Formula 1 season and the 2010/2011 football season. Users will also be able to view video-on-demand clips of every goal scored of the World Cup 2010.

bbc iplayerThe BBC’s online content player , The iplayer (only available in the UK)  also plans to come to a mobile application. Though their is already a  good client app for the service known as Beebplayer (Free on the Android Market) which also offers watching previously broadcasted programs,  live TV & radio – this will be an officially supported app.

Of-course, the app will be free of charge too, funded by a licence fee. Are you looking forward to the BBC app on Android?

[Via the BBC]

P.S Sky News has also Officially released their news app free on the Android Market which keeps you up to date with the latest news and also features a nice looking widget.

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