Feb 18th, 2010

Even some of the geekiest geeks can’t explain how the innards of your mobile phone circuitry combine, integrate and synergize to perform the tasks, run the apps, and play the games we so supremely love. But nevermind that – we all know math and love results and that’s all you need to know to appreciate this story! Last week the Dalvik Turbo was announced by Myriad, the company producing virtual machines in over 2 billion phones, and they said it could speed up applications 3 times while saving battery.

With a booth at MWC, Engadget was able to hold them to their word. The video below shows them running a simple 3D rendered cube animation and it’s only 2.2 times faster, but that’s still a marked improvement that we’ll gladly take.

Perhaps most exciting of all… the company said they’ll have these in products that hit the shelves before the year is over.